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  1. John Miles

    Consumer Electronics Show in LV Jan 9-12 -- anyone going?

    I'm planning to drive down from Seattle if the weather looks survivable. Are any (pseudo-)organized HTF meetings/activities planned?
  2. John Miles

    Feature suggestion re: "Clear Form" button

    When posting a reply, it would be nice if the "Clear Form" button would pop up a confirmation dialog before wiping out all your text. It's easy to hit it by accident since it's right next to the "Submit" button. This just happened to me after typing in a couple-dozen-line-long review in the...
  3. John Miles

    Where to buy Malata N996 player?

    I'm looking to ditch my old Apex AD-600 in favor of a Malata N996 for multiregion use. What's the best place to order one from?
  4. John Miles

    Sony EP9ES decoder replacement?

    My old EP9ES AC-3 decoder has been acting flaky lately, and I'm looking at replacing it with something newer. Here's my list of desired features: - A standalone AC3 decoder/preamp with discrete 5.1 outputs to my existing power amp - Excellent audio quality (low noise floor) - Speaker...
  5. John Miles

    Oscar '71: What does "Best Picture" mean?

    The recent HTF http://www.hometheaterforum.com/uub/Forum9/HTML/007896.html What do you think?