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    Do you wish you could live in the past?

    Yes. That is why I checked to see if this forum account was still active. :D
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    What kind of snake is this?

    Thassa baby black rat snake right thar *spit*
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    Help Building Sub..

    We just have the crappy thin forms at our Home Depot. Must be a regional thing. What's crazy is that my dad tests concrete on jobsites, and I put him on the lookout for some sonotube, and even he has yet to find me any. Or maybe he's just holding out on me :D
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    Ported Tumult Build

    To answer your question Mattak, I'll refer you to my good friends at Woodnet: Veneer Discussion 1 Veneer Discussion 2 Veneer Discussion 3 Veneer Discussion 4 I'm not an a$$, we just have a different way of communicating ourselves at Woodnet, without fear of being jumped on. I truly...
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    Ported Tumult Build

    High five guys! You got me! :emoji_thumbsup: :emoji_thumbsup: :emoji_thumbsup:
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    Ported Tumult Build

    OK then, have fun with your bubbles. Truth be told, contact cement is a terrible choice for veneer. Titebond cold press is the ticket.
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    Help Building Sub..

    I've built 2 subs using Adire drivers and specs from their website. Like you, I wanted to build a sonotube sub, but I couldn't find any sonotube. :angry: MDF, however, is the ubiquitous building material of our time. Here's an example of what's out there... Vented Tempest Applications
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    Ported Tumult Build

    A wood block isn't going to give you the kind of pressure you want to get your veneer to stick and all of the air pockets out. I suspect this is your problem. Applying it too thick is also a problem. Just a thin coat on each surface, let it dry to a tacky state, then use a roller from the...
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    Rescheduling Halloween?

    Hey, mine too! wait a minute...
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    Cool car clip.

    That's cool. Check out how skinny those back tires are!
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    Simply amazing (video)

    Well it isn't a GBA game, and it hasn't been posted before, so you can stop looking for your link...
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    Difference between amps?

    This is all I could squeeze out of the membership when I asked a while back (towards the bottom). The MCM went out of stock when I started my first sub project, but I see that there are plenty in stock. I've now installed 2 of the PE amps and I think they are rock solid.
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    eBay misinformation at its best...

    I dunno, the (cardboard) box looks VERY similar to the Dogg Digital boxes I've seen on the web. Maybe some kind of special digitally enhanced supracorrugated polymonofibre shipping carton.
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    Is it possible to change the battery in an old NORELCO?

    Even if you can change the batteries, are the blades in good shape? Or at least, are they readily replaceable?
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    Pics of DIY PB1 I built...

    Hey guys, sorry for the delay, I just got back from a little vacation... Well, I'm done, and I can't begin to explain what this thing can do. It can literally take your breath away! Thanks for all of the compliments, I put a good bit of work into this sub.
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    boosting below tuneing freq.?

    It's a good way to unload and possibly damage your driver.
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    Flexy rack for 160 pound TV - doubled 3/4" shelves and 3/4" rods?

    Michael, sorry for the late reply.... To get the holes aligned perfectly, I used a marking guage and scratched a line 1 1/2 inches or so from each edge, and where they meet is where you drill. The middle rod does not go through, because a nut would block access to the front controls, it is...
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    PE sub amp scratch and dent

    CRAP! :angry: I just paid retail last week for one, after having waited patiently for 3 weeks! Oh well, someone will enjoy them.
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    Best $50 DIY sub?

    Yes, be patient and wait for a used original SVS driver. They show up here for ~50 bucks shipped all the time, I just got one for a friend. They are very similar to an Adire Shiva, you won't be disappointed.
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    Flexy rack for 160 pound TV - doubled 3/4" shelves and 3/4" rods?

    I used 3/4 MDF and 5/8 allthread, and there is no sign of warping or sagging. My TV is every bit as heavy as yours, plus when my 230lb stepdad saw it he SAT on it, and said "hmm, this is pretty sturdy". See the link in my signature.
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    Port question for 85 Liter Shiva

    Not if the extra piece of MDF is attached "outside" of the box. Making it 3/4" taller, rather than recessing it 3/4 into the box. He'd actually gain a small amount of volume this way since he's effectively pulling the port out of the box another 3/4", but I think it would be negligible.
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    Another eBay Nut (Alien Encounter Video)

    Huh? :) I wonder how many lines he thinks DVDs have?
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    Pics of DIY PB1 I built...

    Heavy! I can't move the thing and it is just the cabinet minus legs right now. UPS says the driver gets here today, and everything else is ready to install. The wait is killing me.
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    Pics of DIY PB1 I built...

    Thanks Wayne, It's 85 liters
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    Pics of DIY PB1 I built...

    Here are some pics of a PB1 clone I built for a friend using an original SVS driver and the Parts Express 250w amp. It is finished with truck bedliner paint as suggested here. This thing pounds! Also, I'm currently building the Adire alignment Tempest for myself. Pics soon. pic1 pic2...
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    WTB - Projection screen for Infocus X-1

    Is building your own an option? An 80" screen can be had for ~20 bucks. I built one for my friend, I'd be glad to help you if you want.
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    feet for flexi rack

    Look at my flexy in my signature. I used rubber feet from Home Depot, sold near the casters and whatnot. Ah, just click here if you don't want to browse my lame site