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    Time for a new video card....suggestions?

    Well after alot of back and forth troubleshooting between two mb's and also thinking it was my mb or powersupply, i determined that my video card is bad. I just got a Radeon 9200 for 100 bucks locally but i know i can do better than that. My previous card was a GeForce 4 TI 4400 128mb and i am...
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    Any XBOX controller extensions that dont use the breakaway?

    Any XBOX controller extensions that dont use the breakaway? i have a fighter stick that works for all 3 systems... it doesnt have a breakaway on the xbox cable so i was wondering if there were any extension cables that DONT connect with the breakaway.. Thanks in advance
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    Splitter solution for Xbox live headset

    http://www.xbox365.com/news/zcomment...EykVlFiAXxAzYV This is almost common sense, and i would have had to test it myself, but these guys already did!
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    Gamecube multiplayer question

    I was wondering if you can notice any degredation in any of the games when playing 4 player splitscreen... i played monkeyball and didnt seem to notice the graphics quality being lowered like on n64, etc...
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    Gamecube DVD disc question

    Ok, now i know that the disc is not the same size as dvd discs are. Would it be possible for nintendo to make a dual layered disc? Would the hardware support it? Also what about a dual sided disc? Now i know most games have artwork silkscreened on one side of the discs and also that luigi's...