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  1. Russ Felton

    Problems with X-Files Season One

    I was wondering id anyone else on here has had any problems with disc 2 of the X-Files Season One Box Set. I tried playing mine and my Pioneer DV 45A just spits it out or turns itself off. Then I tried it in my Apex AD-1100W and it can't seem to read it at all. Russ Felton
  2. Russ Felton

    Has anyone received their John Waters Bomus Disc Yet

    I was wonderig if anyone has received their John Waters Bonus Disc yet from New Line Home Video? It is past the eight to ten weeks waiting period for me now and I've got nothing from them. Anyone????
  3. Russ Felton

    Twin Peaks: The First Season Easter Eggs

    I just found the easter eggs on the Twin Peaks DVD set. If you would rather look for them yourself then don't read any further. Go into any of the episodes individual menus and select "episode features" then press up until a flame logo appears next to the episode number at the top of the menu...
  4. Russ Felton

    Fritz the Cat on DVD!!!

    I just got an e-mail from Amazon.com saying that MGM is releasing an unrated version of Fritz the Cat under their Avant Garde Cinema banner. I am happy to see this since I only have a crappy copy of Fritz on VHS. Now I can get rid of another videotape. Russ