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  1. Rick Radford

    Axiom M50 vs M60 review

    For anyone interested, there is a user review up on the Axiom board regarding the M50 vs M60. Click here.
  2. Rick Radford

    Can the upgraded SVS driver

    change the output level on my BFD? I don't see how that could be. But unless I've changed something and don't remember doing it, my BFD output levels are definitely up from where I remember seeing them. I *never* got the BFD clip light to illuminate before with ref level MV setting. But after...
  3. Rick Radford

    How to get msg number?

    Vince, You might have missed my follow-on question (in another section), but when linking to a thread, you said to get a specific msg within a thread to pop-up, you have to know the msg number. How does one obtain that info? Thanks.
  4. Rick Radford

    Axiom CC questions?

    I feel I should clarify my "weakest" comment regarding the Axiom VP100 I made in another thread. I've not had any other CC with which to compare. My complaint is that occasionally, I think the CC is a bit on the nasal side.. but that could be because of the location (on top of a 32" TV inside...
  5. Rick Radford

    Whassup with HTF?

    I've been having problems all afternoon with HTF. It loses my user id and p/w, replies get lost, screens take forever to load, etc. Whassup?
  6. Rick Radford

    dual 20-39cs vs single cs upgrade

    Well.. I just read about the driver upgrade for the cs/pc line. I like what I hear.:) I considered posting this privately to SVS but thought others may have the same question. Here's my dilemma: My current 20-39cs/s700 is terrific. However, I recently had another 20-39cs in my HT for a half...
  7. Rick Radford

    BFD results with filter info

    Gang, I thought Jeffrey did a nice job showing what he accomplished with his BFD. I thought I'd expand a bit with my results and show graphs made with both ETF and Excel and include the filter info I used to get the results. Hope someone struggling with this finds it useful. Note: You may...
  8. Rick Radford

    Dual sub pre-outs from receiver?

    My Onkyo 989 has dual pre-outs for the sub. If I get lucky and am able to pick up a 2nd SVS, what benefit, if any would I see by using this? My current setup is: Onkyo sub pre-out1 into BFD1124p left channel (input #1) into Samson input #2 (stereo mode). If there's no benefit to using the...
  9. Rick Radford

    20-39cs: 1 or 2?

    Man, I'm ruined. Ruined, I tell you. Today I had the chance to hear what a 2nd 20-39cs sounded like in my HT. Unbeeeelievable. I didn't think it could get much better, but I was wrong. I'm gonna have to figure out a 2 fold plan: 1) come up with the $$ for a 2nd SVS 2) come up with a...
  10. Rick Radford

    CARA software?

    Anyone using CARA here? I did a search and got NO hits for the s/w. I saw it mentioned on another site and thought some of you guys might really be into this. CARA Computer Aided Room Acoustics.
  11. Rick Radford

    How am I doing with my BFD?

    I'd appreciate some feedback from you folks who've done this before. I feel a bit uncertain setting the bandwidth parameter. I find the peak of the freq. (dB), then see how wide the peak is (Hz), then convert from Hz to fractional octaves for the width. For instance: a peak at 46 hz with the...
  12. Rick Radford

    sub hum from cable TV coax redux

    I have a distinct subwoofer hum when I crank my Samson 700 to max. This is caused by the cable TV coax.. verified by pulling the cable to the TV from the CATV surge protector and the hum goes away. I did a search here and found info that referenced using a couple of Radio Shack 75 to 300 ohm...
  13. Rick Radford

    img test

    image deleted
  14. Rick Radford

    Which corner for the sub?

    Guys, this is one of the first times I've tried this. So if the image doesn't load.. or is too big to d/l, etc. my apologies. I took a screen shot of an overlay from ETF of some low freq response tests I ran today. I pasted it in Paint and saved it so I could upload it to a web page for posting...
  15. Rick Radford

    Connecting to the BFD 1124p

    I just got my BFD 1124p in yesterday. I had to take off the rack mount tabs because it wouldn't fit in my audio rack with them on. Any good ideas for plugs for the holes that were left? But on to my main question. The greatly helpful webpage that Jon put together shows a mono 1/4" adapter...
  16. Rick Radford

    Wall mount recommendations?

    Currently, my surrounds are on 26" stands. One is in a 4 ft wide opening into another room.. and my 2 year old knocked it over the other day. (just cosmetic damage). I'm considering putting them up on the wall (where they probably should have been anyway), and would appreciate some good...
  17. Rick Radford

    What powered TFATF? (motohead thread)

    Just curious, but how did you guys know that was a 426 hemi in the Charger? I kinda doubt they would have built a 383 for it.. but wasn't the 440 also an option that year? The only 426 hemi I ever saw up close was in a '65 Belvedere and had dual quads on it. Also, what is a spoon engine for...
  18. Rick Radford

    ETF5 setup

    BruceD, Let me start a new thread specifically for ETF. I don't know if my SBLive value card is full or half duplex. I've looked all over for any booklet that might have come with my computer, but can't find anything on it.
  19. Rick Radford

    EQ setup and RTA vs manual method

    Looking ahead to getting the BFD1124p and using it with my RS SPL meter and SVS 20-39CS, I have a few questions. 1) Should the receiver be in any particular mode? Stereo? Mains set to small or large? (normal is small) Does it matter here if the test CD is Autosounds, Stryke, or homebrew? 2)...
  20. Rick Radford

    20th Century Fox DVDs @ Sam's Club

    I found a number of DVDs at Sam's Club last night for $13.49 ea. Matrix, Titan, A.E. ,etc. I thought the price looked pretty good. Any other good deals out there?
  21. Rick Radford

    How is accuracy determined?

    Understanding that some like a warmer sounding speaker and some prefer brighter, there are those who say they prefer accurate speakers as if that differentiates a 3rd tier. Seeing that all the above criteria appears subjective at best, how is "accuracy" determined? It would seem to me that...
  22. Rick Radford

    svc menu tweak for PIP channel colors?

    My Hitachi 32UDX10S has PIP. When I use it, and hit the pip channel button, the channels for both pictures come up with the one controlling showing green on a gray background. Very difficult to read. Hitachi national could not tell me how to change this to something readable. Neither does the...
  23. Rick Radford

    HT room changes

    I found out last night that my wife wants to turn the HT room around 180 degrees.. which makes sense in a lot of ways.. but I'm not sure what it'll do soundwise. The new arrangement will have the 63" wide armoire centered on a 91" wall.. with a corner on one side (14" inches away from the...
  24. Rick Radford

    Just when I think I'm through buying stuff...

    I discover tone generators and find absolutely crazy readings in my HT room... ie, need for a parametric equalizer. Before I open that can of worms, can someone direct me to a faq or site where I can learn how to properly evaluate my room? I created a test tone CD starting at 10 Hz/10 sec sine...
  25. Rick Radford

    FAQ suggestion

    Would it make any sense to post a FAQ with some standard questions new folks ask? 'Course they might not read it until a basic question is asked and they're pointed to the faq for the education. I know I asked a lot of basic questions.. got responses such as: do you want to listen at ref...
  26. Rick Radford

    Sears is trying to lure me away from my Hitachi

    Not yet knowing if my digital Hitachi's overscan problem is readily fixable, I've searched around for a possible replacement set in or near the same price range. Sears is trying to tempt me, but hasn't gotten close enough yet. They did get close enough once, but called me back to tell me they'd...
  27. Rick Radford

    Avia/VE calibration

    Just when I think I'm doing something right, I find I need to go back to HT 101 and start all over. How do you properly calibrate video with Avia/VE? Do you only calibrate for DVD? I figured you connect the DVD player (RP91 in my case) directly to the TV with component cables and go from...
  28. Rick Radford


    I picked up a Hitachi 32UDX10S the other day and have been running it side-by-side with a JVC 32260 analog set. I have analog cable and a Panasonic RP91 DVD player. My goal was to see what, if any, difference I could tell in PQ by going to a 480p/squeeze capable set. I have the Hitachi/RP91...
  29. Rick Radford

    Hitachi 32UDX10S & RP91

    I've been valiantly trying to determine how/if my PQ would increase if I upgraded my current JVC 32260 to a digital set.. but just couldn't seem to find a determinative answer anywhere. Today, I yielded to temptation and picked up the Hitachi 32UDX10S from CC (~$1200) and thought I'd try it out...