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  1. John*K

    Used Gear

    My HK AVR7000 is in the repair shop. It's been an extremely frustrating experience, one which I will recount later for the benefit of other users who may need a repair shop in the future. Briefly, it was supposed to be a 2 to 3 business day wait for a diagnosis. The reality has been otherwise...
  2. John*K

    NAD Service Center

    Looking for NAD service centers in the U.S. Anyone have one available? I contacted the NAD Help center for a list, but was unable to get a response. I bought the component from a B&M "authorized" dealer, who is now out-of-business. Frustrating.
  3. John*K

    Gear Longevity Database

    My HK AVR7000 basically died on me, and I'm frustrated, because I've only had it for over 3 years. Was wondering whether there was some sort of database that averages user experience with gear longevity. Was 8 to 10 years too much to expect from my receiver?
  4. John*K

    Beethoven Hi Rez Piana Sonatas and Symphonies?

    I would like to buy hi rez versions of Beethoven's complete sonatas and his symphonies. Can anyone make a recommendation? I like the music, but don't know which perfomances I should be looking to. I would like multichannel if possible, preferably SACD. Box sets of regular CDs are okay, too...
  5. John*K

    Japanese Story

    I just finished watching this DVD, and was profoundly moved. Toni Collette is truly amazing. Has anyone else seen it?
  6. John*K

    Ben Folds - Songs 4 Silverman - Comments?

    Just bought the new Ben Folds (dual disc), and I'm interested in hearing comments/reviews.
  7. John*K

    Any Nikka Costa Fans?

    Any Nikka Costa fans? I've got her first album, and happened to surf on over to her site. She's got a new one coming out on May 24! And based on what I've heard, it sounds gooooood. Definitely check out the web site; some live footage there, plus the new single. I am SO pumped...
  8. John*K

    Cleaning Tape Deck Heads

    I have some 99% isopropanol, and wondered if it is okay to use for cleaning my tape deck. Anyone have experience with this?
  9. John*K

    Paul Hester, Crowded House Drummer, RIP

    Reuters Story
  10. John*K

    Allstate Commercial - What Is That Song?!

    Caught an Allstate commercial that features a song I kind of like. The lyrics are something like, "People get together." Does anyone know what this song is? And who is singing? I want to buy a copy.
  11. John*K

    Any Vanguard Investors Here?

    Any Vanguard mutual fund investors here? I was comparing their Total Stock Market Index Fund to their 500 Index Fund, and was kind of puzzled by the difference in performance. The 500 seemed to continualy beat the Total Stock Market Index. This is counter from what I understand, but admittedly...
  12. John*K

    Herzog/Kinski Anchorbay Set Defective?

    Does anyone have the Herzog/Kinski set? My Best Fiend, Herzog's personal perspective on Kinski, seems to be defective around Chapter 17. I've tried two players, the Toshiba SD 1600 and the Pioneer 563A.
  13. John*K

    NHTPro Crossover

    I have been looking for active studio monitors as computer speakers. I am interested in the NHTPro M-00. The alternative is an Event TRXL, which is bi-amplified. In contrast, the M-00 is not. NHT explains this decision thusly: http://www.nhthifi.com/scripts/nhtte...php?p_faqid=24 I am not...
  14. John*K

    Any Floridians?

    My folks have been talking about buying a house in sunny Florida. Beach condo. Any advice on how to shop for a home while out-of-state?
  15. John*K

    DigiCam Rush - Wow!

    Can anyone make a recommendation for a digicam -- and due to my timeframe, very quick! I have currently two cameras in mind, the Canon G5 and the Nikon 5400. Believe me, I have been reading like mad, but I need some pretty quick advice. THANKS! for ANY help. Thank you!
  16. John*K

    Hard Drive Capacity Is Reported Incorrectly?

    I have two drives that are the same model and capacity. They are Western Digital 800JB 80GB disks. One holds the OS, the other holds my data files. Today, I noticed that the capacities for both are reported differently in Windows Explorer -- even though they are the same model. The OS drive...
  17. John*K

    Why is Importing Legitimate CDs Copyright Infringement?

    I saw this article, but I don't understand why the sale of imported legitimate CDs from legitimate sources is considered a copyright infringement. http://www.ilmc.com/secure/comm/rtcnews.html Could this have repercussions for those of us who seek imports from ,e.g., Japan? The Japanese...
  18. John*K

    Utilities for Win2k

    Hi - I am getting closer to finisihing my upgrades, but wanted to ask for some opinions about system utilities for windows. I was playing around with my folk's SystemSuite 3.0 and it seems quite nice with quite a few features, but does anyone have any experience with any other system...
  19. John*K

    Heft of an Audio Card?

    I happened to see photos of a few audio cards, and noticed that the cheaper ones tended to be smaller, with a lot less chips. Does the general audiophile "amplifier weight test" apply to sound cards as well? From the looks of it, I would say ys!
  20. John*K

    Strategy for Upgrading

    I'm in the process of upgrading my computer, but I have limited funds for the moment. I think that I may choose to go into two stages: motherboard, CPU, case and fans First; then new HD, sound card, graphics card, DVD-RW Second. Or vice versa. Not sure of the order yet. Anyway, with regard to...
  21. John*K

    Sub Purchase - Ready

    After almost 2 yrs of hand-wringing (I live in a town house, I've got neighbours, will they accept?, yada yada, yada), I am ready to purchase my sub, because I can't care anymore -- I must have. I know that I am missing sub-informations, and this is something I must have. And I want that low...
  22. John*K

    Handel and Beethoven on Multichannel?

    I am loking for The Messiah and the 9th on multichannel, DVD-A or SACD (prefer SACD). Can anyone recommend a specific recording? Thank you.
  23. John*K


    I have read that a "rewound alternator or a second dry cell battery w/an isolater" or a capacitor may be needed when adding amplifiers to a car audio system in order to supply the amplifiers with sufficient power. How do you determine your power needs before the install? I am thinking of adding...
  24. John*K


    I very much want to make an 8 track recording -- two of which would go to waste -- but I suffer through this Turtle Beach mono... can anyone make sound card (and Mic) recommendations? I've got this cheap Shure Mic hooked to a cheap 2m stand and OPPS, therre it goessss
  25. John*K

    Bryston SP-1.7

    I was checking out the Bryston website, when this article caught my attention:
  26. John*K

    Is it true?

    It is it true? All of these incredible wattage claims, when only a few years before, something like FIVE channels of 100 watts (100 WATTS????) was something like an integrated(!) pipe and a dream? Is it really true? Could it be? True or false.
  27. John*K

    Spam Screener?

    I am having huge problems with spam. Tonight, it took me over 10 minutes to download all of my mail on my dial-up connection. Is there software available that will allow me to check the name of the sender and the subject line before downloading my emails? And then allow me to delete the email...
  28. John*K

    PC Power Supply

    Does anyone actually measure PC power supply wattage in the way that a/v receiver power is measured? i.e., if they produce the power that they claim. I've been looking around, and to my surprise, I have found no data so far. Is there a way to test these claims at home?
  29. John*K

    Lou Reed Movie?

    I've been thinking about a movie in the 80s, but can't remember the title. And was hoping that it might be on DVD. The movie was about some kind of highschool that wanted to get Lou Reed to play. They actually get him, but something happens such that the cab just keeps circling around...
  30. John*K

    ST-II Wrath of Khan

    Does anyone have any info on the version history of this DVD? I was looking around, and couldn't find it with the search function.