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  1. zamboknee

    IR relay/repeater

    I'm looking for something to relay the TV commands to my TV who's remote sensor is blocked by the soundbar. I think the 'passthru' on my soundbar isn't working otherwise I wouldn't need to post this. Below is the thing I bought to resolve this but it's not working. Thanks Cable Matters Infrared...
  2. zamboknee

    HDMI not working with specific blu-ray player

    So here's a weird problem. I bought a Samsung Blu-Ray player about a month ago (model BD-J5700/ZA). Plugging it into my Samsung 32inch LCD TV with HDMI it was working fine. After about a week or 2 the audio stopped working. No audio at all. Just the audio, as the video was fine. Trying to...
  3. zamboknee

    Soundbar recommendations

    First off, I know that a sound bar isn't going to completely take the place of a full-fledged surround system but for the movie viewing we do, it will do just fine. That being said, can anyone recommend a good sound bar? Something UNDER $500 preferably. We're looking to get one for upstairs...
  4. zamboknee

    Media Server

    I'm definitely not tech-illiterate and I've hooked up any home theater system I've ever had but I need something cleared up about media servers. I have an external hard drive hooked up to my house's router downstairs. I'd like to put movies on that hard drive and be able to stream them to TV...