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    Pics of DIY PB1 I built...

    Here are some pics of a PB1 clone I built for a friend using an original SVS driver and the Parts Express 250w amp. It is finished with truck bedliner paint as suggested here. This thing pounds! Also, I'm currently building the Adire alignment Tempest for myself. Pics soon. pic1 pic2...
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    85L ported shiva with 4" port?

    OK, the 85L ported shiva on Adire's website calls for a 3" flared port cut to 8 3/8 inches. I just got a 4" port by mistake here (sorry Brian, not trying to call you out, just wanted people to know why I didn't just get the 3" one to begin with. I'm cool with our deal 100%). Due to the...
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    Sony VPH-1030Q1 for $100 ?

    A guy here at work is selling his Sony VPH-1030Q1 crt projector for 100 bucks! I don't know what i'm getting into, what with the crazy inputs and all, but the guy seems nice enough and the deal is almost too much to refuse. Thoughts?
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    check engine light

    Well, I went to the Valvoline during lunch to get my oil changed, the rear diff fluid changed, fuel injectors cleaned, engine flush, and a complete fuel treatment. When I left I noticed my check engine light was on. My truck only has 17K miles on it, so I was wondering if anybody had their check...
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    Woodworking forum?

    Anybody know of a good woodworking forum? I have seen some, but as a member of the HTF I have higher standards. :) I'm just looking for a place with the atmosphere of the DIY forum here. Posts of projects and a place to trade tips. Thanks
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    SVS "carpet"

    Can someone post a closeup hi-res photo of the covering of one of SVS's cylinder subs? I have always wondered what the texture is. Sometimes it looks astroturfy and sometimes it looks plush. I'm not trying to clone one or anything, but I do plan on purchasing one soon. Thanks!
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    Dirty Santa Ideas

    Every year at work we do a Dirty Santa gift exchange. Being the jokester that I am, I want to bring the craziest, funniest, most memorable, least desireable gift possible for under $15 (while keeping my job). I am drawing a blank here.... Help me.
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    FS: Zenith HDV420 OTA HDTV Tuner

    SOLD! - Thanks Zenith HDV420 OTA HDTV Tuner and remote in perfect working order. Looks like new, upgrading to Dish network HD :D $225 plus shipping (double boxed and insured for safety) with Money order. Free shipping and insurance with PayPal. I can snap some pictures if you need...
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    Must have Jazz CDs?

    Ok, I've become tired of listening to the same music over and over. Jazz appeals to me, and I want to get started right. I have a SACD player at home so consider this too, but hybrids, or regular CDs will be good too, since I mostly listen at work on my Grado SR-60's. So, what 3 discs would...
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    WTT: My Zenith HDV-420 + paypal for your STB w DVI

    I am looking to free up one of my component inputs by upgrading to an OTA STB with DVI. So if you've got one with DVI and aren't using the DVI out and are looking for a few bucks, shoot me an e-mail with your offer. I am only looking for a trade plus cash offer, I'm not interested in buying...
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    Who knows how to master the Skill Crane?

    How frustrating are skill cranes? Surely there has to be some trick to nabbing goodies more often than not. Anybody got any sure fire tips?
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    Interest in a flexy rack links page?

    I (with some help) would like to put together a page with links to flexy stand projects. It could have some sort of explanation of what exactly a flexy stand is, and several links to flexy projects ( a la the sonotube links page). I have my own webspace, I just need help with finding links. So...
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    Just ordered Grado SR-60 Headphones!

    I just ordered the Grado SR-60 headphones from nax.com They were only $67 shipped, so I pounced on them. I did a little research before I bought, and these and the SR-80 headphones seemed to have the most "bang for the buck". I decided on the smaller ones mainly because of the price. I do...
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    I want DVDs to look nice on my pc.

    I searched this forum, and came up empty. Why, when playing DVD movies on my perfectly capable computer (Athlon 1400, 512 mb DDR, and ATI Radeon 9100 with 128mbDDR) and monitor (21" Hitachi at 1600x1200), does it not look like I expect it to? I would imagine my PC to have the capability to...
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    dual voice coils

    I searched, but came up empty. Just looking for a quick answer. I have a 175w x 2 amp that is not bridgeable, I am looking to power a tempest with it temporarily. Can I run one channel to each voice coil? Or do I need to use one channel and wire the vc's in parallel or series? Help!
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    Magazine Storage

    What do you guys (gals) do about keeping your magazines in order? With all of my catalogs, and FHM's growing at an alarming rate, I am misplacing and damaging them more often than I'd like.
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    Updated Bedroom HT Pics

    See link below Please feel free to offer any advice on how I can improve my site and/or bedroom HT. Thanks!
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    a/v cables for component video???

    Alright, please help me to help out my friend. He has a Toshiba 34HF81 and a Toshiba progressive scan dvd player. The thing is, he has his component video hooked up with old monster a/v cables ( you know L audio R audio and composite video in one cord). Sure, it works, but I think it is...
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    Pictures and/or experience with 88.5 liter sealed shiva?

    I have had my heart set on a SVS 20-39cs for some time, but it looks like I will not be able to justify the cost. I came across some specs for an 88.5 liter sealed box designed by Adire especially for the Shiva driver. This and an amp will be well within my budget, and I absolutely love being...
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    Acoustically Transparent Speaker Grilles

    Anyone had any experience with sonic differences between listening to your speakers with the grilles on/off? I have done minor testing and I can't really tell a difference, but my mind tells me there is one. So... does it just come down to pure aesthetics?
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    Got my 2ES yesterday!!!

    Well, it finally arrived! I finally replaced my Sony STR-DE475 with a Sony STR-DA2ES. WOW, What a difference! I could not believe my ears. First, I calibrated my speakers using my Avia disc and RS SPL meter. Then I put in the pod race scene. My bass was cleaned up substantially. I had to...
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    UGH!!! What do I buy next???

    OK, the time to upgrade has come again. Do I buy a Sony STR-DA2ES receiver or an SVS 20-39 CS subwoofer? I currently have a Sony STR-DE475 receiver which is doing the job for now, but is there going to be a sonic difference by changing to the 2ES? ( I have Energy take 5.2 speakers) My subs...
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    I need design advice for my HT website!!!

    Alright, my home theater website needs some serious help. I must be the lamest person ever. What are the page load times for those of you who use dial-up? Maybe I should use thumbnail pics on the main page that link to another page with multiple (real) photos of my stuff? Maybe a 360 degree...
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    Fs: Sony Str-de475

    Well cared for Sony STR-DE475 home theater receiver. Great entry-level unit has one coax input and one optical input. Perfect for your bedroom setup or HT on a budget. Will let go for $120 shipped. Feel free to e-mail with any questions. Pictures by e-mail on request. I accept PayPal!
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    I'm lost... Which upgrade makes more sense?

    I have 450 bucks to upgrade my system with. There are 2 weak links remaining in my setup. My receiver ( Sony str-de475) and my speakers (a mix of sony and rca bookshelves). I am almost embarrased to post these products as mine, but I have what I could afford at the time. For my 450 dollars I...
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    FS: Sony DVP-NS315 dvd player

    SOLD! thanks.
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    Using nice receivers as pre/pros

    Can somebody explain the benefits of using a capable receiver such as a Sony STR-DA4ES as a pre/pro then running to a dedicated amp (like an Outlaw). I am slowly saving up to buy a STR-DA2ES and I think it will be the coolest piece of audio equipment I will ever have. I just can't fathom...
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    My Sony Tivo is blind

    I have a Sony SVR-2000 and unless you aim the remote right at the sensor, it won't see the signal. I know the remote is powerful enough, because I use it to turn my TV on and off as well as volume control for my receiver. My other components respond no matter where you aim the remote. Does...
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    Rear center channel for 6.1

    I will soon be purchasing a Sony STR-DA2ES and a set of Energy Take 5.2 speakers. What speaker should I use as a rear center? Should I buy another Take center or a surround? Thanks for making this the best HT site on the net!