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  1. Guy Martin

    PS3 3D and Lossless audio - receiver compatibility question

    Hello All! I've been thinking for some time about replacing my trusty old Sony KDL-40S2000 LCD TV with something larger and possibly 3D. My current setup is: PS3 ("fat" model) connected via HDMI to an Onkyo TSR-605 receiver which in turn is connected via HDMI to the TV. With this setup I get...
  2. Guy Martin

    Any Experiences with Wireless rear Speaker Kits?

    I'm moving into a new house (my first) in two weeks and I'm starting to think about wiring for my rear speakers in the new living room. There are obstacles on either side to get around (fireplace on one, large patio door and hallway on the other) making running wires tricky, but doable. I'm...
  3. Guy Martin

    Will an amplified antenna improve OTA HD reception?

    I've finally moved to HD in the past few months having picked up a Sony 40" Bravia. I'm thrilled with PQ on upscaled DVDs with my Oppo and with the off-the-air HD I'm getting. I'm not thrilled though, with the dropouts which seem to plaque OTA reception in my apartment. I'm using an old antenna...
  4. Guy Martin

    Is Lindsay Anderson's If.... available in any region?

    Is Lindsay Anderson's brilliant If.... availble on DVD in any region? I know the other Mick Travis films are out in R1 and R2 but not If.... for some reason. Would really love to have this one. Last time I saw it was on my parent's old Beta (yup, Beta!) copy. - Guy
  5. Guy Martin

    Anyone else having trouble getting Air America Radio in LA?

    Okay, first and foremost, in keeping with the rules of the forum I don't want to talk about Air America Radio's political content. I merely intend for this thread to be a place to discuss problems finding/listening to it. Also I wasn't quite sure where this post belonged, whether here or in the...
  6. Guy Martin

    Hard Boiled - Uncut

    Hello All! HKFlix is hyping a limited number of an "uncut" version of John Woo's Hard Boiled on DVD. They claim it has an additional five minutes of footage not seen on any other DVD, including the Criterion. Here's the details: http://www.hkflix.com/xq/asp/filmID....qx/details.htm...
  7. Guy Martin

    My 1000ES arrived! Some initial impressions

    Hello All! As some of you may recall I was looking to buy a Sony 4ES just a few months back, especially since as a minor functionary of Sony-owned Columbia Pictures I am able to purchase at the employee price (nearly half off retail on the ES line). Well just after I placed my order the 4ES...
  8. Guy Martin

    Help! I want the following cables, but can't spend more than $100

    Hello all! I'm about to upgrade my receiver to a brand-new Sony 1000ES and decided it was time to get some quality cables. For the record I presently have an old Sony STR-DE725 receiver, a Panasonic A110 DVD player, a Toshiba 27A41 TV and an Energy Take-5 system with 8" sub. Currently I'm...
  9. Guy Martin

    Some Sony ES series questions

    Folks- I'm still looking for a good receiver to replace my old Sony DE725. Mainly I'm looking to move up to DTS at long last. In recent weeks I've checked out the Denon 1803, the Onkyo TX-SR500/600, Panasonic SA-HE100, Pioneer 711/811 and the HK AVR 125. Fine models all in the $300-500. My...
  10. Guy Martin

    Where to listen to receivers in the Los Angeles area?

    LA area members, I am thinking about upgrading my receiver and would like to know a good place to check them out locally. I'm particularly interested in listening to the Onkyo TX-SR500 and 600. The main things I'm looking for are DTS (only have DD at the moment) and if possible DPL2. ES and EX...
  11. Guy Martin

    Hound of the Baskervilles on PBS 1/19/03

    Did anyone else catch this rather intriguing new take on Sherlock Holmes? I was bored by the Golden Globes and Alias was a rerun so I surfed over to PBS and happened upon it by accident. Boy am I glad as it was a very gripping hour and a half! Directed by David Attwood (who also made the...
  12. Guy Martin

    A dumb question about Ohms

    Folks- I feel pretty dumb about asking this, but I don't really understand Ohm ratings that well. I'm looking at upgrading my receiver and a couple of the models I'm looking at are designed for speakers with 6 ohm impedence. But my Energy Take-5s have 8ohm impedence. Is it bad to use a 6ohm...
  13. Guy Martin

    Looking for a receiver under $500

    Pretty straightforward question. I'm moving up to DTS at long last. I've got a pretty limited budget for the purchase. For the record it will be powering an Energy Take 5 speaker system which takes up to 100w at 8 ohms. Video switching isn't much of an issue. As a minor functionary of Sony...
  14. Guy Martin

    Version of Oakenfold's "Zoo York" from Two Towers trailer: Where can I find it?

    Folks- Anyone know where I can find the orchestral version of Paul Oakenfold's "Zoo York" which plays over the second half of the new trailer for The Two Towers? It's definitely different from the album version on Bunkka. A link to the trailer in question...
  15. Guy Martin

    "Forgotten" on PBS' Mystery - seriously disturbing <spoliers>

    Has anyone else here been watching Forgotten on Mystery? The final episode aired tonight out here in LA, with a rerun scheduled for Saturday afternoon, I think. This has to be one of the more discomforting things I've ever seen on PBS. I'm literally chilled here, just a few minutes after it...
  16. Guy Martin

    Interesting opinion on digital cinema from director Alex Cox (Sid and Nancy)

    Folks- Here's an interesting opinion on digital filmmaking from Alex Cox, director of Repo Man and Sid & Nancy. What's most interesting is that while he's anti-digital, unlike most other such crusaders (Ebert comes to mind) he's not a luddite. He actually took the time to experiment with the...
  17. Guy Martin

    The Big Sleep: Who killed the chauffeur?

    Okay, I realize this is one of the most famous movie questions of all time. But last night I decided to watch side B of the DVD, the prerelease version with some different scenes, most notably a scene at the District Attorney's office which supposedly explains who killed the chauffeur. If they...
  18. Guy Martin

    Alias 4/14

    Another week, another entertaining episode. I have to admit that this week's plot twist seemed obvious. Although I still can't figure out... how an SD-6 agent like Noah could have had a side gig as the world's greatest hitman without anyone catching on, particularly after so many years? I...
  19. Guy Martin

    Alias 4/7

    I didn't see a thread yet for this week's Alias so I apologize in advance if this is a duplicate. Overall I liked this episode, although the new love interest/old flame seemed a bit out of the blue. Loved the computer core action sequence and the bit at the embassy, especially Dixon's...
  20. Guy Martin

    Harvey vs Marty: NY Times article on Gangs of NY

    Folks- Here's a pretty interesting article from the NY Times on the infighting between Martin Scorcese and Harvey Weinstein over the final cut of the film: http://www.nytimes.com/2002/04/07/movies/07GANG.html I hope Scorcese wins this fight and gets his version in theaters. It's gratifiying...
  21. Guy Martin

    John Thaw, Mystery's Inspector Morse, dies at 60

    Folks- Just read over at the IMDB News page that John Thaw, famous as Inspector Morse on PBS' Mystery series died yesterday of throat cancer. The link: Link Removed Truly sad news. Morse was one of my favorite characters from the series. He will be missed. - Guy
  22. Guy Martin

    Iron Giant SE news straight from the man

    Hello all! I just got back from a special presentation on directing animation at the Director's Guild that was put together by Pixar and the Guild. While John Lasseter and Lee Unkrich gave the main lecture/presentation, Brad Bird (who now works at Pixar) was in the audience. In fact when...
  23. Guy Martin

    Sydney Pollack blasted pan-and-scan at the Virginia Film Fest, loves OAR on DVD!

    Folks- Attended the director's workshop with Sydney Pollack yesterday at the Virginia Film Festival. He took some time to explain OAR and bash pan-and-scan to the audience. The first signs of his opinions came when the moderator qued a clip from They Shoot Horses Don't They? At first Pollack...
  24. Guy Martin

    Godfather - missing subtitles? (spoilers)

    Folks- Well normally I'm not picky about subtitles. I really don't care if they're burnt-in or player generated. But last night I was watching Godfather and there was a scene where I could swear the burnt-in subs were gone. It's the famous scene where Michael kills Sollozo and McCluskey in the...
  25. Guy Martin

    Trailer Music question: Le Pacte des Loups (brotherhood of the wolf) and Dark City

    Folks- Just saw the trailer for Le Pacte des Loups (Brotherhood of the Wolf). I found the background music really haunting. It's sort of a strange, gothic techno loop. The same music was also used in trailers for Dark City and in some of the trailers and ads for Pitch Black if I recall. Anyone...
  26. Guy Martin

    70mm 2001 to be released, but only in DC, SF, LA and Seattle

    Folks- Some good news and some bad news for 2001 fans today. The good news is that the restored 70mm version is getting a release here in the states. The bad news is that it's only in four theaters: The Cinerama in Seattle, The Uptown in Washington, DC, The Egyptian in LA and the Castro in San...
  27. Guy Martin

    Chicago Reader's Rosenbaum blasts Region coding

    Folks- Wasn't sure if this belongs here or in the Regional forum, but since I think this article touches on some issues that affect us as DVD and film fans. Jonathan Rosenbaum of the Chicago Reader, one of my favorite critics, took some time at the beginning of his review of Hit and Runaway to...
  28. Guy Martin

    Mulit-region software for Titanium Powerbook?

    Hello all! I'm presently awaiting delivery on a new Titanium Powerbook G4. I'm interesting in playing DVDs from other regions and was wondering if anyone on the forum knew about multi-region playback on the Mac in general, and on this model in particular. Can anyone help? - Guy