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  1. Ben Osborne

    DVD Player Stretches 4:3 Video to Fit 16:9 Display

    Just bought my first widescreen TV (42" Sharp Aquos 1080p 60hz) and upconverting DVD player (Toshiba DR560). I noticed that on DVDs with 4:3 content (The Simpsons Season 2, for example), the DVD player stretches the image horizontally in order to fit the screen. The DVD players knows my display...
  2. Ben Osborne

    Playstation 3 Web Browser / Television Show Quality

    I'm considering getting a PS3 in order to watch TV shows through its web browser. I don't have cable, Tivo, or any type of DVR, and I want to be able to watch shows that I missed when originally broadcast. So I'm looking for an idea of the audio / video quality when watching a show through PS3's...
  3. Ben Osborne

    Re: *** Official QUANTUM OF SOLACE Review Thread

    Hmmm...I don't remember Bourne making grand entrances at 5-star hotels, wearing tuxedos, drinking martinis or going to parties. Yeah, he does a few things that were done better in Bourne movies, but Daniel Craig's Bond still can't escape the ostentatious trappings that Bond is known for.
  4. Ben Osborne

    Removing Quicktime From Windows System Tray

    I have the free Quicktime 5 player installed and like a lot of programs, it put an icon for itself in my system tray. The problem is, I don't see any way to remove it in the program's options. Quicktime's technical support page also doesn't tell you how to do this. So I'd appreciate any help. I...