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  1. Drew Bethel

    What's the best pay-as-you-go cell plan?

    We don't want to get trapped into any monthly payments but on a rare occassion a cell phone in hand would be nice. In the UK you can buy a simm card with 10 quid or more, insert it into you phone, and when you ran out you simply bought another card - no fees or pressure tu use your phone. Is...
  2. Drew Bethel

    OMG!!! Tiger almost misses the cut!!!!

    www.golf.com The sports writers were talking earlier about how Mickelson is messing with his game and complicating the game by working with Pelz. Now he's atop the leader board. Shows how much they know! :rolleyes
  3. Drew Bethel

    How do I use an old PC as a firewall?

    Got an old e-machine, xp, 20 gig hard drive, 256 ram, 900 mhz processor. I'm using DSL at home. Is this worth it or should I just hand the old PC over to my nephew? :b
  4. Drew Bethel

    What do you guys think of the coming bankruptcy reform/law?

    I wonder if the creditors (banks, credit card cos., etc) will benefit more instead of passing these "savings" to the consumer. I say that because I believe most financial products are priced according to collectibility among other things. I do think that something should be done to prevent...
  5. Drew Bethel

    Congrats Tiger - take that Johnny Miller!

    Tiger put on another clinic this weekend. I remember Miller saying that Tiger is an "old" 29 and his best game is behind him. Well, two majors and counting baby.
  6. Drew Bethel

    Former Worldcom CEO gets 25 years in the slammer!

    I love it. Too bad they can't put his arse on the chain gang! Let's just hope he's not going to some powder puff facility like Stewart - I want to see him rooming with "Bubba" and other hardened criminals! http://www.usatoday.com/money/indust...3-ebbers_x.htm
  7. Drew Bethel

    Just bought a new pc. What are the must have software for security and privacy?

    Is ad-aware still tops? What about others like Counter-Spy. Thanks. PS. here is my new pc :) http://www.e4me.com/products/product...Machines_T6520
  8. Drew Bethel

    Where's the VTF HO?

    It's now July and I feel like this thing was announced some six months ago? What's the deal?
  9. Drew Bethel

    (Bye-bye Sharapova, Davenport) - Congratulations Venus!

    Quite frankly I'm sick of all the over exposure. I knew Sharapova was a one trick pony and glad to see her pack her bags. Way to pimp slap her Venus. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/8419655/ GO VENUS - BRING IT HOME BABY!
  10. Drew Bethel


  11. Drew Bethel

    How to Lay Sod

    I would appreciate any feedback on tips, guides, tools you found helpful, and web links on the best way to lay sod. As some of you may recall, I had two dogs last year and through the winter they pretty much destroyed 50% of my back yard. We have since re-homed the female dog so the one dog...
  12. Drew Bethel

    How much weight can I carry in a '92 Chevy S-10

    ...two wheel drive short back truck? I plan to put down new sod in my backyard and a pallet of this stuff weighs about 2000 lbs.
  13. Drew Bethel

    Can I use crab grass preventer if Im about to seed/sod?

    We have a small back yarsd that the dogs have pretty much ruined. I would like to put down sod and have the backyard looking nice for our daughter's b-day party which is June 5. Only problem is that sod is not being sold just yet. Sooooo, I'm thinking of seeding instead. In any event, if I...
  14. Drew Bethel

    Looking to upgrade our matress. Have you owned/used any of these?

    We're looking for a king size matress and Sears is having a sale...take a look and let me know if you have any experience with the list in the link. We would like to keep it under $600 if possible: http://www.sears.com/sr/javasr/searc...Size%7cKing%5e
  15. Drew Bethel

    Help this dummy understand carpeting.

    Live in Minnesota and would like to replace my basement carpet with something inexpensive but easy on the eyes and durable. I was over at a bud's house and he had some type of Berber carpeting. I spoke with his dealer who offered me a price of $0.90 p/sq.ft to cover a ~$500 sq.ft area. My...
  16. Drew Bethel

    Congrats Tiger!

    You're back...you da man...and you're gonna kick some major buttocks in 2005! Let the games begin!
  17. Drew Bethel

    3000 Mile Oil Change Becoming Obsolete

    Maybe... http://autos.msn.com/volvo/article.a...22672&GT1=6251
  18. Drew Bethel

    Pharmacist blocks birth control refill; judge recommends reprimand

    Without turning this into a pro life/pro choice argument. I think pharamacists have no right to deny ANY medicatio prescribed by a doctor. They should do their duties and dispense the drugs without imparting any moral judgement on the prescription needed. If this conflicts with their morals -...
  19. Drew Bethel

    How do I prevent some programs from starting up automatically?

    Got XP Home Edition and I would like to move some programs from the startup files to reduce the time my PC takes to boot and be ready for use.
  20. Drew Bethel

    Poll: Reason for the rise in autism spectrum

    Given that autism spectrum is of epidemic proportions with 1 of 166 american kids being diagnosed with it, what do you think causes it: - Genetic disposition - Exposure to mercury (via vaccinations, etc) - Exposure to environmental toxins - Better diagnosis/awareness - Other My...
  21. Drew Bethel

    Universal Front Projector Chief Mount

    I am currently using this to mount my Panny 300U. I'm redesigning my HT so this one is up for sale for $60 which includes shipping. I've used this mount for about for about three months and it's pretty neat and flexible. I'm open to most methods of payment. You can see a pic here...
  22. Drew Bethel

    What are you folks doing for life insurance?

    We have an 8 month old daughter and plan to have another next year. I'm 38 and my wife's 30 and I'm insured for $500k through my employer since I make more...actually my wife is a full time graduate student for at least another year. The problem is premiums don't hold when you switch jobs...
  23. Drew Bethel

    How much do you pay your baby sitter?

    We have an eight month old daughter and I was wondering what the going rate is. Also, how do you screen them?
  24. Drew Bethel

    Sony STR-DB930 Receiver

    Asking $150 for local pick up only. This receiver has been purchased for over $500 in 1999 and has performed faithfully without a hiccup. The receiver and remote are in excellent condition - I also have the manual. This would make an excellent receiver for an entry level HT or to power a...
  25. Drew Bethel

    Do you really need filters in table-top humidifiers?

    I've had an old Holmes humidifier for a while and was thinking of updating it but every single brand has filters. I'm wondering if their is a significant benefit to having filters or is this just another gimmick for repeat business. I actually purchased a Holmes (Consumer Reports recommended...
  26. Drew Bethel

    Help with ICK!

    Got a 55 fresh water tank with about 10 fish consisting of tin foil barbs, black skirts, gouramies(sp?), and a pleco. I've been using Riddick with weekly 30-40% water changes but still no luck - the ick appears to leave but shows back up. Any advice would be helpful.
  27. Drew Bethel

    Orange Glo ® Hardwood Floor Care System

    Anyone tried this system on their hardwood floors? If so, what do you think of the product? http://www.greatcleaners.com/ogi_ret...t_id=864011A00
  28. Drew Bethel

    Adware and Firefox vs IE

    I run Adware and all the spyware found comes from IE...is it even configured or capapble of capturing spyware picked up by Firefox? I did a test and ran Firefox for several weeks and then run Adware and nothing was found. Alternatively, the same test with IE yielded many spyware hits! I...
  29. Drew Bethel

    Britax convertible car seats...

    What do you think of the roundabout and where can I get the best online price. Ok, some of you must be asking yourself - what has HTF come to? :b
  30. Drew Bethel

    Recommend an expensive but decent luggage set for my travels...

    Just need to upgrade my luggage but don't want it to cost a small fortune. Me and the family will travel only a few times a year so I don't need anything fancy...