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  1. FanCollector

    I'm gazing again!

    No, I think Neil’s assent means it’s Joey Bishop.
  2. FanCollector

    I'm gazing again!

    Would I be likely to put this man on if my Johnny Carson DVDs suddenly fell ill?
  3. FanCollector

    Predictions for 2018

    I know I’m just missing the obvious, but can anyone explain why 16mm film is a useable source for a set of Deadline which will cost about $13, but 35mm films of The Name Of the Game, The Defenders, Switch, and Hec Ramsey are so expensive to transfer that announced plans were abandoned rather...
  4. FanCollector

    Jackie Gleason Show Single DVD Release coming out on 2/6/2018...details below

    The Adoption is included on the Honeymooners blu-ray set. Excellent show.
  5. FanCollector

    Questions about series pilots from the 1960s & ‘70s

    I think that in some cases, like Hawaii Five-O, the pilot was produced as a pilot, but the network wanted to use the movie to generate interest in close proximity to the premiere. It would have been done earlier but held back if the network decided to buy the show upon seeing the pilot and not...
  6. FanCollector

    A Few Words About A few words about...™The Apartment -- in Blu-ray

    I haven’t received it yet, but my package was shipped and is supposed to arrive tomorrow. I ordered it on September 27th also. Perhaps that was the last day for which they have received enough stock to cover orders? (Also, when I ordered it, it was about $50, and I received one of those...
  7. FanCollector

    A Few Words About A few words about...™ Dr. Dolittle -- in Blu-ray

    Extra disc? That is a surprising bit of good news. What have they said about that?
  8. FanCollector

    Barnaby Jones - The Complete Series

    It is. The Barnaby Jones set has the full original two-part episode (uncut, as opposed to most of the episodes on the set.) The Cannon set has the one-part re-edit used in syndication. It’s actually an interesting opportunity to compare them and to see how the two-part show was cut down.
  9. FanCollector

    Could The Defenders Be Released on DVD?

    Thanks for making those inquiries, even if the news isn’t good. I don’t understand the mention of music clearance, though. I feel as though there is much less music to clear than in other shows of the period, shows which do air in reruns. The cost of film transfers might indeed make the show...
  10. FanCollector

    Lou Grant listing!

    It’s still Fox. They own the entire MTM library.
  11. FanCollector

    Murder on the Orient Express (2017)

    I got to meet Richard Rodney Bennett once, and I told him it was my favorite film score. He seemed pleased and said it was a lot of fun to do.
  12. FanCollector

    Murder on the Orient Express (2017)

    The original reviews were generally, though not uniformly, good. I suppose I just thought the movie’s reputation had gotten better over the last forty years, but that doesn’t necessarily seem to be the case.
  13. FanCollector

    Murder on the Orient Express (2017)

    I’m curious to see the new version, but I have to say an unexpected disappointment is reading all the reviews that disparage the original version, which is one of my all-time favorite movies. I don’t care so much about individual critical opinions, but it does make it less likely that people...
  14. FanCollector

    List of Carol Burnett Show skits NOT on DVD?

    Time-Life has released the episode, and it does include the Laura parody.
  15. FanCollector

    Warner Archive In 2017. Take A Shot!

    No, it was from New World, so Fox owns it now. Great show, meaning terrible news about Fox...
  16. FanCollector

    VEI announces second wave of CBS series releases

    I believe Griff would be Universal.
  17. FanCollector

    DVD Review All in the Family: The Complete Series DVD Review

    What a great find! They look so different as themselves there. Seems as though the photographer caught Ms. Stapleton by surprise. Thanks for posting these.
  18. FanCollector

    How Is That Not Out? Biggest Head Scratchers By Decade.

    You’re exactly right about Barney Miller. It was purposeful, though. They would leave trash on the set when the cast and crew brought in food or papers or whatever, so as to make it seem more “lived-in” and dingier. Certainly the paint and the color scheme suggested the grungy feel, but they...
  19. FanCollector

    DVD Review All in the Family: The Complete Series DVD Review

    Season 6 was also the beginning of Paul Bogart’s tenure as resident director, so the change in camera angles and style is partially a reflection of his contribution.
  20. FanCollector

    Jackie Gleason Color Variety Shows Time/Life...

    Not according to their listing. The 15 extra discs they detail are the exact discs in the retail lost episodes set, including the bonus disc.
  21. FanCollector

    Jackie Gleason Color Variety Shows Time/Life...

    The larger set just adds in the previously retail-released Honeymooners Lost Episodes collection. The ‘50s variety show episodes would be wonderful to get, although they are, I believe, all on kinescopes, which aren’t usually big popular sellers.
  22. FanCollector

    THE IMMORTAL (1970-1971) to hit DVD very soon!

    Thanks! I thought there were a couple of others, but couldn’t recall them.
  23. FanCollector

    THE IMMORTAL (1970-1971) to hit DVD very soon!

    I’m trying to recall the original list of planned VEI releases. Once The Immortal does come out, are there any remaining shows besides Longstreet and Evening Shade?
  24. FanCollector


    ...Which goes to show how widely tastes vary. Harrison is the only reason I like this movie. A lot of it is dull and makes no sense, but he’s always riveting to watch. The love song to the seal is kind of sweet and kind of funny, and both only because he plays it straight. His flashes of outrage...
  25. FanCollector

    So What Unreleased /Stalled Shows Still Have A Chance?

    That Rod Parker/Hal Cooper first season is just outstanding. I think it gets unfairly ignored, partly because the quality dropped over the seven years. The second season has some excellent shows, too. On the Interpretation of Dreams is a wonderful half hour. Unfortunately, the show is owned by...
  26. FanCollector

    Green Acres Complete Series 10/17/17

    They changed the bonus features from the originally announced ones. Not a big deal, but I wonder what necessitated the changes in talk show clips.
  27. FanCollector

    Jake and the Fat Man Packaging

    Hargrove/Silverman shows did lots of backdoor pilots. Most didn't sell, although the Diagnosis: Murder one did pretty well for them. I don't know if all the backdoor pilots were really filmed last, or if they just held them back to air last. Conrad also had strict contractual limits on how many...
  28. FanCollector


    I believe the source for those episodes was the 35mm films. Rather than skip them entirely and have an incomplete series, the owner and the distributor must have come to some kind of agreement that made them willing to go back to the masters for those one or two episodes. I think the issue in...
  29. FanCollector


    Had they syndicated it for Police Story, it would either have had to be shredded to 46 minutes or ballooned to two parts. I think they just skipped this episode in syndication.
  30. FanCollector


    I think they may not have a syndicated version of that particular episode. Those instances end up being better for us as DVD buyers, as that requires them to go back to the original version. The same thing happened with the Deadly Conspiracy two-parter on the Barnaby Jones set. It hadn't been...