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  1. Travis Brashear

    Where are the Paramount Re-Issues at Amazon?

    I am eager to order the Paramount Blu-ray re-issues of MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE--Ultimate Missions Collection, PAYBACK: THE DIRECTOR'S CUT--Straight Up Special Collector's Edition, SKY CAPTAIN AND THE WORLD OF TOMORROW, SLEEPY HOLLOW and TRADING PLACES, all of which allegedly come out in less than a...
  2. Travis Brashear

    Request for Image Scan (VACANCY Blu-ray)

    Would anyone be so kind as to upload for me a high-quality (300 dpi or greater) scan of the back cover to the VACANCY Blu-ray? Much appreciation in advance!
  3. Travis Brashear

    What is Your Single Favorite Thing About Blu-ray (or Other HD) Playback?

    I'm going to cheat in my own thread and highlight two things about Blu-ray that impress me the most. Oh, the colors are great to be sure, and the clarity of details is a winner, but I find that I'm absolutely mesmerized by the quality (surely a by-product of the increased clarity and detail) of...
  4. Travis Brashear

    28 DAYS LATER: Available in its Original Theatrical Edit?

    When I went to theaters a few years back to see 28 DAYS LATER, I had read beforehand that I should wait until after the credits for a little surprise. Sure enough, I was treated to a much darker alternate ending (prefaced cryptically by the words “What If…”) that I far preferred to the sunnier...
  5. Travis Brashear

    I, Robot: Fox Keeps Screwing Fans of Extras

    Reviews across the internet are touting the video and audio of the recent I, ROBOT Blu-ray as among the finest releases on the market; and yet Fox is screwing the Blu-ray customer once again by making their packaging look like the BD contains all the features on the SD All-Access Collector's...
  6. Travis Brashear

    Question: Blu-Ray Titles from Outside the U.S. that Work in U.S. Players?

    Is there an online source that details which Blu-ray titles are available that are: 1) Not officially released in the U.S., or have a lesser-quality release in the U.S. 2) Are NTSC format 3) Are Region A or Region 0? I never got a region-free DVD player, but since the region encoding on...
  7. Travis Brashear

    So I Rang in 2008 by Buying...A LASERDISC!!!

    What was my first state-of-the-art home video purchase of the new year? My first HD-DVD? My first Blu-Ray? No, I bought the Criterion Collection LaserDisc (factory sealed, it still blows my mind) of Spike Lee's SHE'S GOTTA HAVE IT: Director's Cut for $45 shipped off of eBay since the DVD that is...
  8. Travis Brashear

    Looking for THE OFFICE: Season Two Target Exclusive Edition

    Will buy outright (or trade THREE'S COMPANY: Season Five, sealed, for) THE OFFICE: Season Two Target Exclusive Edition with the "Booze Cruise" video blog. Sealed preferred but will consider used if mint/near mint. Alternatively, for anyone who has noticed any of these still in stock at your...
  9. Travis Brashear

    How to Get DTS Audio From Non-DTS Player?

    This seems like the kind of question that has probably appeared 1,000 times before, but I honestly can't find anything when I do a search, so my apologies in advance. I have a Kenwood DTS 5.1/DD 5.1/Dolby Pro-Logic II surround receiver, but my DVD player is a Sony DVP-S7000 which only outputs DD...
  10. Travis Brashear

    WANTED: THE POLAR EXPRESS Best Buy Exclusive Bonus DVD (Sealed or Mint)

    I am seeking the Best Buy exclusive promo DVD that was included with select copies of THE POLAR EXPRESS single-disc DVD last Christmas and features about 13 minutes of behind-the-scenes material; I do not need the DVD of the movie itself, just this exclusive promo DVD. I would strongly prefer...
  11. Travis Brashear

    WANTED: MONEY TRAIN w/Original Cover Art (Factory Sealed)

    I am seeking a factory sealed copy of MONEY TRAIN with the following cover art: I do NOT want this cover: If anyone has a copy of this version of MONEY TRAIN, or knows of a retailer in your area that has it in stock and is willing to buy it from them and ship it to me and have me...
  12. Travis Brashear

    HD Neophyte Question Regarding TV Shows

    Forgive me if this seems a foolish question, but I've always been more of an expert on software, rather than hardware, when it comes to DVD. In regards to television shows that were filmed prior to HD, and assuming that any HD release of same hasn't undergone some "digital remastering" trickery...
  13. Travis Brashear

    Does MOONLIGHTING: Season Three Come With an Insert?

    The set for Seasons One and Two did--a booklet featuring the titles and synopses of each episode featured; the packaging for Season Three has the same slot designed for such an insert booklet, but my copy has no such booklet. Did I get a bad package, or did Lions Gate screw the proverbial pooch...
  14. Travis Brashear

    WARNING: Allegations of Audio Glitch With THE ISLAND!

    Be aware, I've read posters at DVDTalk and Amazon.com this morning who are accusing the Canadian release of THE ISLAND of featuring only 2.0 stereo audio, despite packaging promising 5.1. No word yet on whether this is also true of U.S. discs, but those of you buying it today may want to keep it...
  15. Travis Brashear

    THE DAY AFTER Broadcast Vs. Extended Theatrical Release Version

    As anyone who would care already knows, the current DVD release of the 1983 Made-for-TV movie THE DAY AFTER (which I watched again yesterday...still absolutely harrowing) features the extended (by about 6 minutes by my measure) international theatrical release version. What I am curious about is...
  16. Travis Brashear

    Question about Goldenthal Score on New Cut of ALIEN 3

    As I patiently wait for my $58.55 shipment of THE ALIEN QUADRILOGY from DeepDiscountDVD (yes, you might as well curse me...I'm sexy, too! ;) ), I find myself increasingly curious how Elliot Goldenthal's extraordinary and utterly freakish (in a good way) music score for ALIEN 3 has been handled...
  17. Travis Brashear

    THX-Huh? What? 38

    Here's a question about an issue that has always bothered me, and now that I've just picked up the limited edition soundtrack CD to the film, I'm reminded of it all over again... Very early in the film THX-1138, one of the disembodied voices of the Orwellian surveillance mechanisms (perhaps...
  18. Travis Brashear

    The DVD of Stephen King's "IT" Should Have Been Prefaced With "SH"--DO NOT BUY I

    One furious Stephen King fan here, who has waited for umpteen years to trade off his old LaserDisc of the miniseries "IT" in exchange for a shiny new DVD version. So it was with cheeky abandon that I scooped up the new DVD release yesterday at Best Buy for what I thought was a cool $14.99. Upon...
  19. Travis Brashear

    Question About Animated RETURN OF THE KING DVD Menu (not the one you're expecting!)

    I've searched the archives for word of this and, while I've found a good deal of discussion about the fact that the RETURN OF THE KING DVD features the identical chapter listing as the one found on the animated LORD OF THE RINGS disc, I haven't located any mention of my issue, which is this...