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  1. Paulus

    Before Sunrise quality

    I need help, my wife wants to by Before Sunrise with Ethan Hawke but according to the box the aspect ratio is 1.85:1. I kind of remember it to be 2.35:1 or something like it. Also how is the picture and sound quality?
  2. Paulus

    What is a fair price for Salo on laserdiscs?

    $40??? ------------------ http://www.dvdprofiler.com/mycollect...alias=BLUEPAUL
  3. Paulus

    Am I right about this one?

    Today I went RPTV shopping and something hit me, the places that sold the Toshiba HX line had the 42H81 and the places that had the 50H81 didn't. Is this a coinsidens or a general policy from Toshiba? As a sidenote the Goodguys tried to sell me the 40H80, I think, last years model for the...
  4. Paulus

    Pioneer CLD704 (LD) new for $200

    Yes this is true, in todays LA Times Audio & Video on Hawthorne Blvd had a Pioneer CLD704 (I think that's the model #) for $200, I called and was told that it was new in box, box opened and unit only checked out. And according to the person I talked to including one year of warranty. I know...
  5. Paulus

    Repair of uneven brigthness on Sony XBR

    I have a little problem. When I bought my Sony KV36XBR250 in march last year I was unaware of the uneven brightness problem. Fortunately I got their performance guarantee, five years for $200 seemed like a good idea. My question is what to do, the sales associate told me that it would cover in...
  6. Paulus

    DVD box sets for trade

    New Kubrik collection Rocky set Both are new, sealed and mint Just a warning, I'm picky about what I want. a short list... X-files season 1,2&3 (prefered) Disney animated ------------------
  7. Paulus

    Lots of laserdiscs for sale

    I'm decided to sell my laserdisc collection so here it is... First of all I'm sorry for the long post. I prefer to sell the discs in bundels (to keep the number of shipments down). The prices can be discussed especially if you buy for more than $100. The number following the discs name and...
  8. Paulus

    What is a fair price for these laserdiscs?

    I need some help. I'm planning to sell my complete laserdisc collection but I don't know what a fair price is for some of them. They are in mint condition if not otherwise noted. Basic Instinct (remastered) Boyz n the Hood (Criterion) Dr No (Criterion) Near Mint Goldfinger (Criterion) Near...