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  1. bretmaverick2

    Shared Universes on TV

    What cross overs do you recall that tie various tv shows together?? One off the oddest I recall is the cross over between MAGNUM PI and MURDER, SHE WROTE. One more action oriented show meeting a "low action/ no action" show!!
  2. bretmaverick2

    Sequels to classic TV shows

    I'm not talking full on reboots or big screen movies recasting old tv shows. I'm talking reunion TV movies or series sequels to classic tv. Think Brdy Brides from The Brady Bunch, Rescue from Gilligan's Island from Gilligan's Island. Talk about some you enjoyed (or didn't). I I...
  3. bretmaverick2

    Other short lived shows I'd buy if available

    comic book related - JON SABLE HUMAN TARGET (original version with Rick Springfield) SPIDER-MAM DOCTOR STRANGE (made for TV movie) other stuff- DIRTY SALLY SANFORD GRADY SWORD OF JUSTICE ( a Dack Rambo series) I'd get any of these.
  4. bretmaverick2

    Now that we have Young Maverick, are you enjoying it?

    I've finally finished watching all the episodes and I enjoyed it quite a bit. It does appear that the two part episode, rather than using the two seperate episodes, used a version that aired as a CBS late movie airing from the early 80s - edited together as a movie. It didn't stop me from...
  5. bretmaverick2

    Where to buy DVDs/Blu-Rays?

    With Amazon raising prices, what are other sources for good deals on these product? - I won't be insulted if this thread isn't allowed and disappears.
  6. bretmaverick2

    Dark Shadows sells well. Would others?

    I wonder if other soaps would sell on DVD/blurry? There are shows that were short, like DS. Some were tailor made for release sets, like PORT CHARLES. During the end of its run it was done in "books" that could be released. I think they could sell decently. Anyone else?
  7. bretmaverick2

    Star Wars question (( sorry ))

    So I am looking to get the Star Wars set that features either ONLY the original version if the first trilogy in widescreen OR a set that has both the ORIGINAL versions and the reworked version in widescreen I can't tell from the Amazon listing which packaging I should look for and they lumped...
  8. bretmaverick2


    Since the character of Constantine is being folded into the Arrow/Flash universe, does anyone know if the CONSTANTINE series that aired on NBC is being released on Blu Ray anytime soon?
  9. bretmaverick2

    Question on bonus features

    I have purchased DVD / BluRay sets with and withou bonus features. In my experience, a whole lot of the time I watch episodes and much of the bonus material goes unwatched for a very long time if i watch it at all!! for myself, ive sorta decided that the bonus material is far less important...
  10. bretmaverick2

    Ok, I gotta ask this question (about Manimal and Automan)...

    Are their really folks out their excited to get MANIMAL?? Really?? Even more surprising if anyone was excited for AUTOMAN!!!!
  11. bretmaverick2

    Question on 'flippers'

    I have read a lot of comments on this board from folks unhappy with so called flipper discs. My question is this - what is the issue or issues with these discs? I have a few sets of flippers I bought on the cheap. I've not had a problem with these discs. So I am wondering what the issues...
  12. bretmaverick2

    I feel robbed!

    I swear that we were promised a separate release for the three post series bionic reunion movies when these dvd sets were originally put out. NOW with the complete series releases of Bionic Woman and Six Million Dollar Man, the tell us there WONT be a seperate release for these films outside...
  13. bretmaverick2

    Quin Martin shows question

    Were there a lot of crossovers within his shows?? I know that CANNON and BARNABY JONES shared at least one story. Just wondered if there were more.
  14. bretmaverick2

    Nearing the end...

    Well, it has been a long time. I have waited and waited for Warner to finish up it's 'Maverick' related material with YOUNG MAVERICK. It seems it would have made sense to do so on the heals of the final season of MAVERICK and the release of BRET MAVERICK. It would have maximized interest...
  15. bretmaverick2

    OFF TOPIC - A wish list of what you would have liked or heard "may have been"

    So we occassionally here about possible spin offs from various shows that don't sell for whatever reason. Two examples that come right to mind are the proposed spin off of 'I Love Lucy' for Fred and Ethel. But those two actors declined as they didn't really like each other. Another is...
  16. bretmaverick2

    I think I prefer spin offs. Shows I wanna see...

    For some odd reason, I find that a lot of the shows I would like to see released on DVD or BluRay are sequels to shows that are already released - yep, spin offs. Maybe it's the completist in me or whatever, but I like to see known characters in different situations. And let me say that...
  17. bretmaverick2

    Prime time character recasts that were better than the original actor?

    So on prime time series that you have watched, what character recasts do you think we're even better than the original actor? I'll start with ROSEANN. Becky #2. I thought she just played Becky as a less hateful, more like able girl. WIN! DYNASTY. I am a fan of Emma SAMs and totally preferred...
  18. bretmaverick2

    Mill Creek's rerelease of SOAP

    Loved this show back in the day. Is this set going to have everything fully restored? My understanding was that in the season releases that camee out before that there was material missing from the hour episodes, specifically the Bea Arthur material plus, probably some other stuff I don't...
  19. bretmaverick2

    Name 'em (the men of Maverick)

    Trivia question. Name ALL the Maverick men that actually appeared in the three Maverick based series.
  20. bretmaverick2

    Designing Women question

    My wife never cared for the show after the character of Suzanne was written out I have an region free player and was wondering if her spin off 'Woman Of The House released on DVDs in any region? I think my wife may enjoy the show.
  21. bretmaverick2

    A Bewitched Complete series release

    Is there a complete series release? Are the first few seasons color or the as aired in the US, black and white? A couple of things that I thing would make great add ons are these: The original pilot movie for ""Tabatha" The episodes of the series "Tabitha" The animated Saturday morning...
  22. bretmaverick2

    The ORIGINAL "The Odd Couple" questions

    So there is going to be a complete series release of the Odd Couple. Owning no seasons of this series, this got my attention. Then I started reading about prior TOC releases and now I have some questions. 1 - Is this set going to include the made for tv reunion movies?? 2- Are they...
  23. bretmaverick2

    found a new channel on my cable system

    Last night I was flipping through my cable system and came upon a channel identified in the lower right hand cornber as "H&I". What caught my eye was that they were showing 'Cheyenne'. Does anyone else have this channel on their cable / satellite system?
  24. bretmaverick2

    Thinking of buying BARBARY COAST...

    So I am thinking of picking up BARBARY COAST, the Shatner western. Has anyone on hereI know it's a one season show but I thought it might feed my western fix after I finished up WILD WILD WEST. Especially since I long ago finished all things MAVERICK. Just curious. All opinions welcomed!!
  25. bretmaverick2

    Wild Wild West re-release question

    Glad to see the re issue of this series but I have a question. It says that it will be minus he 27th disc that was present in the original full series release. Does that mean that the two reunion films aren't going to be included in this set? Just wondered if anyone knew for sure...
  26. bretmaverick2

    6M$Man / Bionic Woman question

    So I thought the three reunion movies were supposed to be released following the last single season release of 6M$Man. I see them released to other regions, are we not going to see these releases here??
  27. bretmaverick2

    Magnum / Murder, She Wrote

    I apologize cause I know this has been covered before and I don't recall the answer. In the applicable seasons of MPI and MSW that featured the two part crossover, do the dvd sets of both shows feature both episodes OR does each season set feature the syndicated version of it's own episode...
  28. bretmaverick2

    Over The Hill Gang

    Alright, does anyone know if there is a GOOD DVD version of The Over The Hill Gang or The Over The Hill Gang Rides Again?? I bought a DVD a few years ago and it looked like it was recorded with a camera set up in front of the TV, terrible just terrible. These are a couple of light hearted...
  29. bretmaverick2

    Question about Cheyenne DVDs

    This is the one western from the WB that I have yet to purchase, for whatever reason. Thus, I have a question. In the seasons that Clint staged a walk out and WB aired other shows under the CHEYENNE umbrella, are those non-Clint episodes included in the series sets are held out totally for...
  30. bretmaverick2

    The Gambler - question about format

    Was thinking of ordering The Gambler: Luck of the Draw from Amazon's DVD-R. Having never purchased anything in the DVD-R format, I was wondering if anyone had experience with it. How is it quality-wise? Durability?? I'm considering it because original presses of this are pretty expensive...