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  1. John Pine

    Help me remember the name of this candy bar.

    It was a round candy in a silver wrapper. It was covered in milk chocolate and the center was nuget(sp?) and caramel with whole peanuts on the top only. Anyone remember?
  2. John Pine

    X-Files fans, got a question about the "Fight the Future" movie.

    I'm watching the entire series through NetFlix. I just finished the 5th season. Should I watch the movie before or after the 6th season?
  3. John Pine

    Looking for some spec info on the SVS TV-12 Ultra woofer

    I’ve got an opportunity to buy a used 5 year old SVS PC-Ultra that has a blown BASH amp, CHEAP. I’m considering removing the TV-12 driver and building a custom sub box to house it in for my car. Anyone heard of anyone else doing this? Well, I’m looking for the following information: What’s...
  4. John Pine

    Help, need some advice on buying a used saxophone.

    I’m going tonight to look at a used Alto Sax for my 7th grader. The sax is a local Craig’s list offering. The pictures of the sax look promising, but I need some advice. Since I don’t play, I’m at a bit of a disadvantage here. Are there any specific things that I should be watching out for? Any...
  5. John Pine

    Joe Bonamassa's new CD is due out today, right?

    Anybody gonna pick it up? If I can get it locally for a good price I will. Amazon wants $12.99 plus shipping.
  6. John Pine

    Calling all Jazz fans! Need some Chris Botti recommendations.

    I just bought tickets to see Diana Krall and Chris Botti. Well…actually I bought the tickets to see Diana Krall…and Chris Botti was a bonus. I want to buy a couple of his CD’s before I go see him but I’m almost completely unfamiliar with his work. The only time I’ve heard Botti play is on...
  7. John Pine

    Question about connecting another amp to the "Multiroom" out on my h/k AVR-525

    I’m trying to figure out a way to connect my new Headroom Desktop headphone amp via RCA’s to my old h/k AVR-525. Currently, I’ve got a Denon Universal player connected via the 6 channel inputs, a Pany DVD-R and a Sony VCR all connected to my 525. I’m considering using the “Multiroom” output and...
  8. John Pine

    Need some advice about what I thought was a common cold (Warning, it’s a little gross

    I was feely very poorly on Monday. Because of the symptoms, I thought I was just coming down with a cold. Well a day or two later as the symptoms got worse I started seeing blood in my snot when I blew my nose. Not a lot, just traces so I didn’t think much of it at the time. I did run a fever...
  9. John Pine

    SEAL: Live in Paris DVD, does it have a 2 channel track?

    I know it has DTS and DD tracks. Anyone?
  10. John Pine

    From what opera is the piece that Tim Robbins plays in The Shawshank Redemption?

    I know absoletely “Jack” about opera, but I liked that. I’d like to rent a few "Lite Opera's" from Netflix. Any suggestions for beginners?
  11. John Pine

    Need some Ghost in the Shell feedback

    I just joined Netflix (I know...what took so long?!) and I wanted to know if there is any piticular order I should watch this movie/series? All I've seen so far are several episodes of Ghost in the Shell:Stand Alone Complex on Cartoon Network and I liked what I saw very much. Does it even...
  12. John Pine

    Getting an “!” error code in Bios info for "System Check Health" at post.

    System boots in to XP just fine but occasionally getting a random beeping from PC speaker. I opened up the case and checked to make sure everything is seated properly but found no obvious problems. CPU fan was running fine and cpu temp in the bios Health Status screen was 39C. What does the...
  13. John Pine

    What type of pads came on my 05' Ford Focus ZX5, semi-metallic or ceramic?

    It's almost time to replace my front brake pads (50k). I'd like to use the same type of pad as I like the way these OEM pads have worn(quiet). I've read that ceramic pads are "dustless" but chew through the rotors faster. Any feedback?
  14. John Pine

    Is there any way to enjoy my large concert DVD collection on my MP3?

    I recently just joined the masses and bought my FIRST mp3 player. I have a rather large concert DVD collection I'd also like to listen to on my mp3. I'm using MP10 to manage my mp3's. I know it's unlikely(copyright laws), but is there an easy way to do this?
  15. John Pine

    Portable noob needs MP3 player advice

    I’ve always been about high resolution audio. SACD’s, DVD-A’s, vinyl etc… Listening to compressed audio (MP3’s) has never appealed to me. But, I need to buy something to use during exercising. I know next to nothing about portables. All I want to be able to do is rip tracks from my large CD...
  16. John Pine

    Is the Rolling Stones "Hot Rocks" DSD really a SACD?

    CD Universe lists it as a "SACD". Just got mine in the mail today and my Denon DVD-2900 doesn't recognize it as a SACD(blue LED). How can I tell if my 2900 is accessing the DSD layer or the CD layer? The UPC code is 0 18771 96672 2.
  17. John Pine

    Unable to copy my DVD-R’s on my Pany.

    I have a Panasonic DMR-E95H I used to archive my Hi8 home movies. I’m now trying to duplicate the set of 50 DVD-R’s for a relative. All the discs were recorded in XP mode, finalized and play just fine on any DVD player. My Pany will appear to copy the contents of the DVD-R to the h/d. But when I...
  18. John Pine

    What's the difference between standard DD5.1 and 640 Kbps Dolby 5.1?

    Is it just a higher resolution? Is it approaching SACD sound quality? I've read that the new Pink Floyd Pulse concert DVD has both tracks. Will my old Denon DVD-2900 play the 640 Kbps version?
  19. John Pine

    Will a U.S. Post Office cash an Candian International Money Order?

    I’m a noob when it comes to trading with Canadians. I’ve got a possible buyer for an $800 amp, but the buyer is in Canada and would prefer to avoid PayPal fees. Is there some type of Money Order he can purchase at a Candian Post Office that I can take to a Post Office here in the U.S. and cash...
  20. John Pine

    ***Price Check!*** Parasound HCA-2003 8/10 Cond

    I'm considering selling this (3 x 200W @8 ohms or 3 x 300W @4 ohms) beast. It was purchased new in 2000 (retail $1650) and I'm the second owner. The newer 2003A version has 12V power up feature, which mine does not. The only reason I would give it an 8 instead of a 9 is due to it's age. What...
  21. John Pine

    Help, birds are crappin’ all over my car!

    There are a lot of trees over my designated parking spot and the birds are having a field day. Would a dummy owl be a permanent, none lethal solution?
  22. John Pine

    Help! How to remove rear tail light assembly on 05’ Ford Focus hatchback.

    One of my brake lights is out. There is only one screw on the tail light assembly which can be seen when the hatch is opened. I’ve unscrewed it and pulled on the large tail light cover firmly, but is won’t even budge. Should I pull strait back or away from the car? Or, is there something else...
  23. John Pine

    Man...I can't believe how loud (fan) & hot my new 360 runs!

    Just got it last week, and at first, I thought there was something wrong with it. This thing throws out more hot air then a hot air popcorn popper. Seriously, it equals the hot air volume of my PC server case which has 550watt p/s and two 120mm fans. But, it works perfectly so far. Anybody...
  24. John Pine

    Question regarding “TV/HDTV” slider on XBox360.

    Just bought one with the h/d installed. I have a mid priced Toshiba 27” CRT that has the three component video connections. I’m using the “TV” position now and the graphics seem very good. Should I use the “HDTV” position instead?
  25. John Pine

    Should I let MediaMax be installed on my work PC?

    Man...this SUX! I want to listen to a CD while working today, but it's trying install this program on my company PC. I do have Administrative access via Win2000, but I don't want to "hose" the company PC. Also, will I still be able to play the CD on my PC at home? Any feedback?
  26. John Pine

    Any suggestions for preventing and treating ingrown nose hairs?

    Yeah’ I know, not a pleasant subject. But a few of us are afflicted with this problem.
  27. John Pine

    Need a small center (6” max height) to match Paradigm Reference Studio 60 v.2’s.

    Got a friend who is looking for a black Paradigm center that will come close to matching. The true match, the Reference Studio Center CC v.2 is too large. We understand the timbre match won’t be exact, but that’s ok. Any suggestions?
  28. John Pine

    Need help with replacing air filter for 05’ Ford Focus ZX5 2.0

    I removed the plastic mud panel in driver side wheel well to get to it air exchanger box. I removed the two rubber connectors from the compartment for the outgoing air duct and unscrewed the clamp for the incoming connection. I also unscrewed the two small mounting bolts. But I still can’t...
  29. John Pine

    Can Canare L4E6S be used for good quality head phone extension?

    Just bought a 15' extension for my Sen 580's off fleabay. It will have a 1/4" G&H RF2P-BGG male and an Neutrik NJ3FC6-BAG 1/4" locking female connector. I thought L4E6S was more of a "Pro-Style" microphone & guitar/amp cable but I bought it anyway because of the price($36). Any sound quality...
  30. John Pine

    Need a USB Gampad controller recommendation for SNES ROM play.

    Yeah...you read that right! There's still a few of us "geazers" out there, still playing the classics! I’m currently using a Gravis Gamepad Pro, but the thumb pad is too soft. I need one like the original SNES controller that you can feel all eight positions. Does such an animal exist?