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  1. Chad Ferguson

    Looking for some not so Hot Wings recipes

    That sounds amazing, I will give that try this week!!!
  2. Chad Ferguson

    Looking for some not so Hot Wings recipes

    Maybe its been the hockey games but I'm on a chicken wing craze!!! Lately I have been making wings with a bottle of Franks buffalo sauce and just dump the whole bottle in and cook them for 2 hours at 350 and then broil just to give a slight crunch. Now the chicken falls right off the bone...
  3. Chad Ferguson

    Can anyone name this character?

    Just a thanks guys, it turned out to be a legit find. 5$ could turn into a lot more but for now might just keep it. Thank you so much for your help!!!
  4. Chad Ferguson

    Can anyone name this character?

    I found this at a garage sale and i was curious if anyone knew who this character was?
  5. Chad Ferguson

    Can a Steam Vacuum replace a regular vacuum

    I was lookliong at buying a steam vacuum cause my old vacuum recently died. «i was looking at this hoover one. http://www.epinions.com/reviews/pr-Hoover_F5912-900_Steam_Cleaner Jusat curious if this is acceptable. «Also is there any risks involving constant use of steam cleaning...
  6. Chad Ferguson

    JFK & Amadeus - Holding Off Purchase Until ...

    Warner has done this with Any Given Sunday as well and would love to see the version I saw in the theaters again.
  7. Chad Ferguson

    And the Defacto SAG strike begins in June?

    Well being a grip in the Vancouver Film industry I can personally say that 3 months of not working cause of the Writers strike not to mention the after affects I am dyign for this to get resolved!!
  8. Chad Ferguson

    And the Defacto SAG strike begins in June?

    So what is happening in this strike? Are they close to resolving or is this coming down to the wire?
  9. Chad Ferguson

    Hot Wings recipe

    well I guess just looking for any recipes of stuff that I can buy at a grocery store and create something nice and spicy. They really miss teh spicy foods of Mexico and I just want to make something for them that will make them sweat. Her brother adds literally half a big bottle of Tabasco to...
  10. Chad Ferguson

    Hot Wings recipe

    I was hoping that someone here has a super hot wing recipe. My girlfriend and her brother have yet to reach their limits for something hot so I wanted to cook something most likely in the form of wings that really makes them sweat!! Does anyone have any recipes they know are tried and tested for...
  11. Chad Ferguson

    HTF REVIEW: Futurama - Bender's Big Score

    I found this movie amazing and I loved all the little connections to the history of the how with the time travel. I hope the rest go just like this one!
  12. Chad Ferguson

    DVD Review HTF HD-DVD Review: Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy

    Personally I'm just choked they didn't include the second movie cause that one was awesome as well!
  13. Chad Ferguson

    A Few Words About A few words about...™ The Bourne Ultimatum -- in HD

    I thought there was an earthquake going on I didn't know about and in one scene I think the guys shoulder covered 9/10 of the screen, just so gross photography. Personally I thought Doug Liman did the best job of them all and the action and pacing was better in the first one as well.
  14. Chad Ferguson

    Where is the DARK CITY director's cut?

    Is there any new news on this? Even imdb has the runtime and i would think we would hear some news soon.
  15. Chad Ferguson

    WGA set to strike - TV Season could be truncated/delayed

    Hope this is not a huge subject change but isnt SAG going to strile as well or is it the Directors guild?
  16. Chad Ferguson

    Upcoming film strike?

    So I work in the film business as a grip but I'm trying to understand who is striking and what are the odds or it happening or getting resolved. Can anyone enlighten me on the topic at all? Thanks
  17. Chad Ferguson

    Anime fans Jin-Roh coming to Blu-ray!

    Its great that they are releasing it but I'll wait for the one without the 550 page storyboards. Hopefully that will drop it to an acceptable price.
  18. Chad Ferguson

    A Few Words About A few words about...™ Next... -- in HD

    I'm sorry was the only one that thought this was a terrible movie and another trashing of Philip K Dicks stories? And who let Nic Cage have that stupid hair cut!!
  19. Chad Ferguson

    What happend to the Matrix Trilogy on BD?

    I hope the anime is done in HD.
  20. Chad Ferguson

    Cribbage Question

    Just curious we are having a fight here about a Crib rule. If the last card played equals 31 they get 2 points, if its the last card of the whole round do they get one more point? Thank you
  21. Chad Ferguson

    A Few Words About A few words about...™ Payback: Director's Cut -- in HD & BD

    Maybe it was just me but I think the theatrical cut was much better than this edition.
  22. Chad Ferguson

    Where is the DARK CITY director's cut?

    i thought i heard they redoing or adding some SPFX shots and possibly shooting more footage
  23. Chad Ferguson

    Terminator 2 HD DVD now available for preorder!

    Would it not be a good idea to wait for the SE that will come with Both cuts and all that jazz?
  24. Chad Ferguson

    Pointless releases for HD DVD/BD

    One of the only releases I can actually think apply to this almost pointless thread was the release of Full Metal Jacket. Seeing it made me never look back on the DVD puchase of it in anyway.
  25. Chad Ferguson

    TIDELAND - Terry Gilliam's latest on DVD 2/27

    Having seen the movie I think it was terrible. Gilliam has never be good with the pacing of his films. Also, Jennifer Tilly just wasn't good at all. In fact, I found most of the acting to be average. Just a story that tries to be an adventure and personally I found it to fail on most accounts.
  26. Chad Ferguson

    Poseidon HD-DVD hits the market with Dolby TrueHD

    I didn't know they even said anything about a directors cut at anytime. I know they cut out a bunch of character stuff and hopefully good sales from Alenxander will push more Directors cut releases but I dont expect one from this film.
  27. Chad Ferguson


    Wish this was available with a good deal in Canada.
  28. Chad Ferguson

    A Few Words About A few words about...™ Casino -- in HD

    Well I added a question to the thread which hasn't really been answered yet. If you like to me to start a seperate thread the nI will happily do so but I just wanted to find out why. I have read his other articles here and still see nothing in terms or quality. He is basically just saying what...
  29. Chad Ferguson

    A Few Words About A few words about...™ Casino -- in HD

    Just curious but what is the point about these A Few Words about thing? It doesn't seem to offer much in the way of anything.
  30. Chad Ferguson

    Blu-Ray X3 Press Release

    I have not read about it much, but I remember that some DVD's had a couple more deleted scenes. Wish they were included. I do remember they came back to shoot some scenes just for DVD, so I have a feeling that a different cut is coming later on.