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  1. Hartwig Hanser

    After Adding USB Hub Windows does not boot

    Since I have only 1 USB input on my PC (AMD 1600+, Windows XP 2002), I added an USB Hub (Trust 411 4 port compact usb hub). When I start the computer with the hub connected, it stops during booting at the timepoint when it checks the diskette drive (the lamp just stays on). If I connect the hub...
  2. Hartwig Hanser

    HVD titles (chinese)

    I own the Neuneo HVD-2085 DVD player which upconverts to 1080i via component and produces a spectacular picture. This player also can play some High Definition Titles from China with 720p resolution. I ordered one, "The travalling Birds", a bird documentary. The picture sharpness is extraordary...
  3. Hartwig Hanser

    Acurus A100x3 or Rotel RB 993 or ???

    I am looking for a new 3 channel amp and found those two in my price range (used/ebay). Has anybody compared those two? Or are there other good 3 channel amps in a price range say below $1000? Thanks a lot in advance, Hartwig
  4. Hartwig Hanser

    Behringer PEQ 2200

    Often I see the recommendation to use a Behringer EQ to smooth the frequencies for subwoofers. Is this EQ maybe also useful to remove a boom in the 100-400 Hz range of my surround speakers? Or does it degrade the signal too much (noise, hum, distortion??)?
  5. Hartwig Hanser

    www.hifiklapper.nl - a fraud??

    I ordered a subwoofer from this seemingly respectable company via website. Since it was a special order, they demanded payment in advance. After 6 months of waiting I canceled the order which was confirmed by them. But they do not sent me my money back! Now I wrote a last mail to them after that...
  6. Hartwig Hanser

    MJ Acoustics

    I have a REL Strata sub on order for 5 months, and patience is wearing thin. Does anybody have opinions on this competing company? The Ref 1 looks very tempting for me. http://www.mjacoustics.co.uk/ And no, I don´t want a SVS, for various reasons :)
  7. Hartwig Hanser

    TTT EE region 2 vs 1: any comparisons yet?

    Has anybody compared picture and sound quality of the both regions?
  8. Hartwig Hanser

    Bass on multchannel recordings

    So, now I have several SACDs and DVD Audios, some of them utilizing the .1 channel. I am not sure, what the intentions of the mixers are: Sometimes I get the impression that the bass info is both on .1 and the main channels, so that owners of small satellite systems get there bass delivered even...
  9. Hartwig Hanser

    Frequency content in 5.1 soundtracks

    Has anybody measured, how frequencies of 40-100Hz are normally distributed on film soundtracks? Are they mostly on the .1 track , on the front speakers or equally distributed between the main channels and the LFE?
  10. Hartwig Hanser

    E.T. SACD reviews?

    The multichannel SACD of the E.T. soundtrack should be out now for a few weeks. Has anybody seen a review or can give some impressions on this disc? Like, is it really multichannel, how is the sound quality difference to the CD etc.? Thanks, Hartwig
  11. Hartwig Hanser

    Canadian LOTR 4 disc version: French track?

    Will the Canadian version have an additional french soundtrack, thereby possibly reducing picture quality, or will this release be identical to the Amercan one?
  12. Hartwig Hanser

    who can translate Swedish review of LOTR , Region 2?

    I found 2 swedish reviews of the 4 disc version. Unfortunately I cannot understand Swedish. One of the reviews seems to compare the picture quality PAL versus Region 1, the other seems to compare the soundtrack quality. Can anybody here translate those sentences dealing with the comparison? This...
  13. Hartwig Hanser

    LOTR extended in R2/R4?

    Are any reviews out concerning the extended version (4 discs) of LOTR in R2 or R4? I am contemplating which version to get, but could only find R1 reviews, althought it is a worldwide simultanous release.
  14. Hartwig Hanser

    Test your 5.1/6.1 analogue input (re bass doubling)!

    You may have heard that the new Rotel RSP 1066 prepro adds all frequencies below 100 Hz from the main channels to the .1 channel, thereby doubling the bass on full range speakers, since the 6.1 input has no bass managment. The Oulaw 950 seems to have the same problem if the bass management is...
  15. Hartwig Hanser

    biamping with Rotel RMB 1066?

    Would biamping speakers (B&W CDM 7 NT) with this 6 channel amp be a good idea? the alternatives are: 1) bridging to 3 channels which power the 3 front speakers 2) bridging to 2 channels which power the low and mid of the left and right speakers (main). The remaining 2 channels would not be...
  16. Hartwig Hanser

    delay with MS internet explorer

    Often when I start MS internet explorer it takes up to half a minute until the connection window appears. I am using Windows XP on an AMD 1600+ with 512 MB RAM. Any suggestions how to eliminate this annoying delay? Otherwise the computer is running very fast. Thanks for your input. Hartwig
  17. Hartwig Hanser

    question about passiv preamps

    I heard that for passiv preamps the impedance of source and amp must fit somehow. Could somebody please tell me, what should be observed? My CD player has an output impedance of 120 Ohms, my power amp an input impedance of 27 kOhms. It also has input sensitivity of 1 Volt. Will a passiv preamp...
  18. Hartwig Hanser

    2 inputs in power amp?

    In the ongoing discussion of the merits of A/V preamps for stereo music it is often recommended to get a seperate stereo preamp for music. Now, my question is: How can I use the same power amp and main speakers? For this, I would have to have 2 inputs into my power amps, e.g. vie a Y-formed...
  19. Hartwig Hanser

    Receiver with real analogue passthrough?

    With all the interesting discussions about the new preamps and using receivers as preamps I finally realized that it looks like most or all receivers digitize ALL analogue inputs, even if you just want to pass them through without any processing. Is this correct and why is it so? And even more...
  20. Hartwig Hanser

    some thoughts about signal/noise ratio

    I followed with interest the many discussions about pre/pros . One of the arguments seems to be that it should have a high SNR. For example, the Outlaw 950 seems to have a very high SNR (no offical numbers yet, but estimated to be over 100 dB), while the new Rotel 1066 has a SNR of 95 rsp 92...
  21. Hartwig Hanser

    question about DVD quality region 4

    how is the quality of the following region 4 (Australia) DVDs: Out of Sight Aliens Snow falling on Cedars Men in Black Ghost in the Shell Cube I am grateful for any information. Hartwig