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  1. Terry Hansen

    Sold My House...Chattel Question.

    Well we sold our house several weeks ago and have purchased another home. My question is this, are landscaping rocks considered chattels or real property (must stay with the house)? We have a decorative rock in our front yard that my neighbour has asked if he could have. Normally I would say...
  2. Terry Hansen

    Selling My House, Need Advice.

    I'm looking for some advice on selling our home. We purchased our home 4 years ago and would like to upgrade to a newer home and better neighbourhood. First thing I would like to point out is the city we live in is one of the hottest home markets in the country right now. Prices are...
  3. Terry Hansen

    Prozac for Dogs?

    I have a situation with my female 7 year old Labrador Retriever. I've tried taking her camping with us a few times and it was extremely stressful for all of us. She will not calm down the entire time, as she is absolutely obsessed with squirrels. She basically barks, growls and shakes the entire...
  4. Terry Hansen

    RANT - Video Store Employees

    RANT MODE/ON: My fiancé and myself go to our local chain video store to rent a couple of DVDs. She picks out her chick flick and I decide to rent Jackass - The Movie. Selection was kind of limited and I've been waiting to rent this. I take my selections up to the counter when the employee...
  5. Terry Hansen

    San Francisco: Where to stay and what to do?

    There has been a rash of "what to do when I'm at ..." threads so I thought I would add my own. I'm going to be in San Fran for a couple of days prior to a course so I'm looking for recommendations for a good hotel to stay at. I would like to be close to to some of the more interesting tourist...
  6. Terry Hansen

    Do I need a passport to travel to the States?

    I'm going on a 5 day course to San Francisco in a couple of weeks and don't have time to get a passport. I know it's recommended but not necessary to have a passport when traveling from Canada to the US. I will carry picture ID and my birth certificate, but what can I expect without a passport...
  7. Terry Hansen

    Household Chores

    I do a lot of the outside stuff like shoveling snow, caring for the lawn and picking up the dog poop. Inside I do all the vacuuming, usually do the dishes everynight and some dusting. My SO does the cooking, laundry and cleans the bathrooms (except the tub/shower which bothers her back). While...
  8. Terry Hansen

    What movie is this scene from?

    A friend asked me this and now we're both perplexed. Here's the scene... It's from a fantasy type movie and the only part we remember is someone firing a musket and another character (who can travel really fast) out runs the shot, grabs some armour and causes the shot to reverse direction...
  9. Terry Hansen

    Finally Bought a Bike

    I picked up a '99 Honda VFR 800FI. I was looking at a Bandit 600 and the VFR. After riding the VFR I had to have it, very civilized (compared to a pure sportsbike), more power than I'd ever need, great suspension, very comfy and that V4 sound is something else !! ------------------