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  1. J

    Magnum, P. I. On Prime

    So MPI is on Prime now. All seasons except for season 6. Weird for one season to be left out like that. Anyway, I watched a few episodes tonight. I guess it’s HD, it looks like better definition and color than my dvd sets. Fortunately Amazon did not crop to make it a widescreen like they did...
  2. J

    Miniseries possibilities for Blu-ray

    I wonder if we will ever see The Winds of War and War and Remembrance on Blu-ray. Both great miniseries, big budget productions.
  3. J

    Magnum, P. I. Blu-ray Set

    So Magnum is available on Blu-ray in the UK, a region locked set. I’m tempted to buy it even though it doesn’t have subtitles. I’m just astounded we have had no Blu-ray release here in the US. Mill Creek released other Universal properties like Miami Vice, Rockford Files, Knight Rider but...