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  1. Tony Kwong

    Polaroid is doing instant film again.

    Anyone else excite about the rebirth of Polaroid as an instant film distributor? I sure am, I'm on my last 3 packs of 600 integral film. My Fujifilm supply is enough for my instant packfilm needs. So I have not given up on instant photography completely. I'd probably be buying directly from...
  2. Tony Kwong

    Homicide Life on the Street - Megaset

    I've been out of the forum a while and I did a quick search and didnt see much mentioned.. Just wondering anyone else a bit PO about this set? I bought the previous editions and I have no problem with that or the price. but the new mega set seems to have to Law and Order crossover episodes...
  3. Tony Kwong

    FS: AnimeEigo Ltd Ed preordered DVD Box sets

    from AnimEigo Own the Limited edtions of the Classic 1980's Japanese Anime Kimagure Orange Road OVA 1-8+the movie BOX SET. MSRP: $74.95 LENGTH:270 minutes AnimeOnDVD review $50 shipped US ------ Kimagure Orange Road TV show BOX set 12 volumes 48 episodes uncorrected...
  4. Tony Kwong

    List of AC-3 RF audio gear

    I started this list on AVSforum, but heck maybe someone here has additional models to contribute. --- Most likely nowhere near complete, but here's a listing of some audio equipment that can accept AC-3RF Dolby Digital LaserDisc input. I was searching around on ebay for a while on a...
  5. Tony Kwong

    Fs: Wmv-hd Dvd-rom

    I have these Concorde WMV-HD DVD-ROMS that were released in Germany. very nice quality. great way of experiencing HD before Blu-Ray or HD-DVD comes out. Italian Job http://esd.e-sonopress.com/product.h...f773c8deccc05f Underworld http://esd.e-sonopress.com/product.h...f773c8deccc05f...
  6. Tony Kwong

    FS: Infocus Screenplay 4805

    Here is a nice entry level Infocus Screenplay 4805 DLP projector. includes manuals, remote, cables, etc. About 60hrs or so on the lamp. most of those hours were trying to get a good image to my liking, but I'm too picky. I cannot stand the look of digital projection, I rather use my old analog...
  7. Tony Kwong

    FS/FT: Samsung SIR-T165 HDTV reciever

    For sale (click items to see more info from mfg website.) Samsung SIR-T165 HDTV STB. This unit has firewire so you can record directly to DVHS recorders. This unit is refurbrished. Samsung was shipping these for people who wanted some updates for their units. Remote, manual and original box...
  8. Tony Kwong

    Wtb: Mit Mdr-200 Ota Atsc Stb

    Anyone have one they want to get rid of? Having a hard time finding them.
  9. Tony Kwong

    WTB: D-Theater DVHS

    Basically I want to complete my collection. I'm looking for nice tapes without drop outs. I'm missing... Artisan ent Ninth gate Novacaine Standing in the shadow of motown Stir of echoes 20th century fox Big Mama's house Courage under fire entrapment high crimes planet of the apes...
  10. Tony Kwong

    FS: Profiler Season 1-3

    Profiler I have the first 3 season box sets. Season 2 and 3 are unopened. Total of 62 episodes. I paid $70-$80 per box. I just never gotten around to watching it, so I'll let it go cheap as I need more room on my shelves. Free shipping. $100 all 3 seasons. Will also trade for D-theater...
  11. Tony Kwong

    FS: iPod Mini Silver

    I have an iPod mini silver that I dont want. Used maybe 20 hours or so. No scratches on screen. Apple logo on back slightly scratched (It's super easy to rub off! very bad QC). Very small, very hard to see reddish dot on enter button. I could not get it to show up on a photo. All accessories...
  12. Tony Kwong

    Free Nec 6PG CRT projector

    It's semi functioning condition. Turns, on displays image. 8k hours or so. I have not gotten around to fixing it and dont have time anymore. Hve to move. All cards, sys boards are included. Recently replace stk chips on c-drive. Good for parts. Pick up in San Francisco. No shipping. Free. With...
  13. Tony Kwong

    Was U.C. Undercover any good?

    I remember watching UC undercover the first couple of episodes on NBC and thought that it was pretty good. I never really saw the rest of before it got cancelled. So not sure if it sucked later on. It had Oded Fehr, John Seda, William Forsythe and Ving Rhames. I'd like to see a DVD of this.
  14. Tony Kwong

    Homicide LOTS S5 episode order.

    I own the series from season 1-5. Season 1-4 seem mostly in production order, while season 5 looks like it's in the air order. Is the air order correct? Is season 5 done correctly? It still has the "Now for the first time. Watch the epsiodes in the order intended by the series producers." was...
  15. Tony Kwong

    WTB: Mitsubish DVHS deck

    Anybody have a Mitsubishi HD-HD1100U or a HS-HD2000U D-VHS VCR they want to sell. Must include remote control. http://www.mitsubishi-tv.com/HSHD1100U.html http://www.mitsubishi-tv.com/2000U.html
  16. Tony Kwong

    FS or Trade: D-Theater The Mummy Returns

    I have a new sealed copy of The Mummy Returns on D-Theater D-VHS. Only falt is that the inner artwork on back cover is torn a bit. I order D-Theater from multiple vendors to make sure that I get a copy and sometimes I have extras because they ship before I can cancel. This is a harder to find...
  17. Tony Kwong

    WTB: Old Amiga computer stuff

    Anyone out there have an Amiga 500 power supply? I need one so I can transfer some text files from it. All I can find is my old 220 european one that do not work anymore. Also if you want to get rid of any Amiga related computer/parts let me know!
  18. Tony Kwong

    FS; Pioneer CLD-D406 LaserDisc Player

    I have a barely used (about 8 hour) Pioneer CLD-D406 LaserDisc Player that I bought here on the forum. The 406 works great. Reason I'm selling: I purchased a CLD-97 to use as a 2nd back up player, so I don't need this one anymore. general features, independent CD and LD trays, autoflip...
  19. Tony Kwong

    FS: Game Boy Advance Famicom Edition

    I have a Game Boy Advance Famicom Edition not available in the US. About 10 hours worth of use, very new condition mostly was used playing 8-bit nintendo emulation. This is the Hong Kong version, will include original box, manual, everything it came with both of the power adapters 120/220.
  20. Tony Kwong

    FS: GP32 Game Park Portable Game Console

    I have a original GP32 Game Park 32 portable handheld game system for sale. I used this mostly for emulation (Atari, NES, MSX, Mega Drive, SNES, Gameboy, game Gear, PC Engine). One of the best ways to play some of you old favroite games. Unit is about 2 months old. With cables and original box...
  21. Tony Kwong


    I have an extra FACTORY sealed copy of X2: XMEN UNITED DD5.1/DTS 5.1 2.35:1 20th Century Fox 2220099 on D-Theater. I ended up with multiple copies of this and rather than return it to an awful company that will remain nameless, I decided to trade or sell it not wanting to deal with the...
  22. Tony Kwong

    Was Chasing Amy ever fix?

    Looking throught my collection I was sort of confused why I bought the LaserDisc instead of the DVD. Then I remembered hearing 5 or so years ago that Chasing Amy Criterion DVD had an "improperly" matted transfer due to Beuna Vista not contacting the DP during mastering. Was this issue ever fixed?
  23. Tony Kwong

    LaserDisc releases that first contain...

    I was looking through my various Laser disc while moving them around and noticed how some of the technology evloved. So I was wondering what the first 1: disc to be released. 2: CLV disc 3: disc with PCM audio 4: commentary 5: A still gallery (on set photo's, scripts, storyboards, etc)...
  24. Tony Kwong

    Sony MDS-JE780 MD deck any good?

    Is the Sony MDS-JE780 MD deck any good? I'm currently looking for another deck and home decks seem to be very hard to find now. This looks like it was based on the cheaper 770. Currently I have a Sony 930 and a Pioneer 707 but I would like one for another room. Plus the gold finish matches most...
  25. Tony Kwong

    The Piano LaserDisc

    I just watched the Piano LaserDisc yesterday. Wow! What a surprise! And a very colourful transfer. And that amazing glorious active PCM sound. This has got to be one of the best LD made! I also have the DVD of this I bought many years ago. I know it's an older R1 DVD and everything but I think...
  26. Tony Kwong

    component on SVHS...

    Are there any advantages of using the component connectors (for recording and playback) on S-VHS VTR's? I really haven't used this connector, I mostly use svideo and XLR for the i/o.
  27. Tony Kwong

    Where to buy RX-V1GL?

    Where can I buy the Yamaha RX-V1GL? I would like to get this reciever for my mini theatre. I called a bunch of places in the area and couldn't find this old model in stock anymore. The last prices that most stores had on these were between $1200 and $1400USD. I would rather get a new one from a...