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  1. Shane_M

    I AM LEGEND BD/HD Details

    Last night I was able to attend another Warner Bros. press event where this time they focused on I AM LEGEND. I have another video interview (still in editing) with WB, but I know some will be excited to see what they're putting on each of the 4 versions they are releasing. Check it out here...
  2. Shane_M

    WB/Toshiba Interviews

    I just posted this exact thread over at AVS and thought the fine folks here might be interested in this as well. --- This past week I was at a WB Press Event for their Q4 titles. The Toshiba Team was on hand I interviewed both them and WB about Q4. Off the record I asked if anything...
  3. Shane_M

    300 and TMNT in July

    On Tuesday this week I attended a WB press event for Planet Earth and got a little scoop on 300 and TMNT. 300 will be in late July, and TMNT sometime during the month. My source didn't give me an exact date, and that's pretty much all he could tell me. When I asked about hi-def he didn't deny...
  4. Shane_M

    Sony KDS50A200 1080P LCD

    I've been looking for reviews on this TV and can't find any. I bought it today and it comes in on Friday, but is there anything I should be concerned about with this TV? It'll be used mostly for watching DVDs (SD and High-Def), occassionally gaming, and rarely TV. It's suppose to be 1080p...
  5. Shane_M

    Samsung HLS5086 or Sony KFE42A10

    Hello all, I'm in the market for a new TV, and after perusing the market today I stumbled across these two TVs, which are in my price range. The Samsung is a DLP and the Sony is LCD. They're both roughly the same price and I'm having trouble deciding. Of course, there is an 8" viewing...
  6. Shane_M

    The DVD Marquee - A DVD Podcast

    It's been a long time since I posted a thread on The DVD Marquee Podcast we've been working on. We've changed the format a little, started releasing shows weekly, as well as mini-marquees and movie-marquees, which are short reviews usually featuring 1 title. If you haven't visited in a while...
  7. Shane_M

    Potter - GoF Transfer Issue

    I picked up Potter on DVD Tuesday and when I watched it I noticed in the darker scenes that it was blocky. Most notably was the open sequence (I haven’t finish the whole thing yet). It's the Canadian 2-disc SE version that I'm having the trouble with. It's not my setup because other films with...
  8. Shane_M

    DVD Marquee - Episode II

    Head over the HTF Radio to hear the latest edition. I hope you enjoy it.
  9. Shane_M

    DVD Marquee - The Debut Feedback

    Hey everyone. I'm one of the hosts of the new HTF Radio show THE DVD MARQUEE and I'd like to get your feedback so we can improve the show. I know one of the main concerns will be the length of the show. We don't intend for the next show to be quite as long. Our plan is to keep it around the...
  10. Shane_M

    Get Shorty Collector's Edition Feb 22

    From EyeCraveDVD.com ------------------ February 22nd John Travolta, Danny DeVito, Gene Hackman, Rene Russo, James Gandolfini, and Dennis Farina will appear together on you screen once again with this collector's edition DVD set. The set will feature 1.85:1 Anamorphic Widescreen along...
  11. Shane_M

    Canada's First DVD Awards

    In Feb I'll be attending the CEN Awards. The Canadian Entertainment Network is hosting the inagural Canadian DVD awards in Toronto Feb 6, 2003. List of catagories and nominees can be found here.
  12. Shane_M

    Universal Does it Again w/ The Hulk

    Like most people I know here in town we all ran out to pick up The Hulk at our local retailer, being Wal-Mart or Zellers. Widescreen copies were bought, however, what was inside was not the widescreen edition, but the full screen edition. When I went back to the store there was nothing they...
  13. Shane_M

    Are they to small?

    Yesterday I picked up a pair of Paradigm Cinema 70's. This morning I hit up the Paradigm site to get more info on them seeing as the guy at the store hardly could remember his name... anyway. I have an Onkyo TX-DS696, which 100Wx5 @ 8 Ohms. I just noticed that these speakers are only rated...
  14. Shane_M

    Directors What's Your Favorite DVD Cover?

    I'm just wondering if you have a favorite DVD cover for any of the releases you have and what region are they. I'm not talking packaging, but the actual artwork. I think mine, right now, is Cowboy Bepop: The Movie (R1). It has the right mood for what's inside the case.
  15. Shane_M

    King of the Hill Season 1 Video is darn-tootin' bad!

    I just finished reviewing KOTH and I have to say it's the worst video transfer I've ever seen. It's shaky beyond all belief. There's shimmering all over the place. Edge enhancement is super big during certain scenes. Plus, there's more noise than what come out of kids first crack at playin'...
  16. Shane_M

    Speaker Wire Issue

    I've just begun my HT room and I've run into a snag when it comes to the terminals for the speaker wire at the component end of the room. I've searched the forums and found a few things, but I don't they'll work for me. I went to Radio Shack today and looked at what they have and unless they...
  17. Shane_M

    Questions Don't Go Away

    Hi all. I'm about to embark on building my first HT room. I've got a room that's rougly 12x20 give or take a few inches and I have few questions I'd like to ask the HT pros around here. [1] First of all the ceiling, that was a finished drop ceiling, is unfinished. I want to block as much...
  18. Shane_M

    Why an AMP?

    I know a fair share about home theatre and I'm afraid my knowledge falls short when it comes to AMPS. Why would I want an amp when I already have, what I consider, a kick butt receiver? What does an amp do that my receiver can't? Home Theatee Receiver: Onkyo TX-DS696 DVD Player: Sony...
  19. Shane_M

    Cerwin Vega HT-S10 Subwoofer

    I just picked up the aforementioned model and I'm having a lot of difficulty getting anything, except on the LOTR DVD. I've set it up according to the setup guide for both the sub and the reciever (Onkyo TX-696). I've turned on the subwoofer on the reciever and have it turned up to +12db and...