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  1. Sansui 2000X

    Sound bars for the hearing impaired

    Hi all, I’ve got a hearing problem and when I watch TV I have trouble hearing the peoples voices they sound muffled. It seems the background audio and music is as loud as the voices. I’ve been researching sound bars for hearing impaired people, but it seems as if every review is the same. I was...
  2. Sansui 2000X

    Receiver for 4K QLED TV

    I’m going to get a new TV, I’m looking at the Samsong 4K Q led with 2.1 HDMI ports. My Currant receiver is a Sony STR DN860. Can I use this receiver, or would it be best to upgrade to a new more modern receiver? I’m really not familiar with all the modern technology, I’m pretty much old school...
  3. Sansui 2000X


    Hi, I have a Mitsubishi WD73 C9 it's 3-D ready but I'd like to know what I would need to watch movies in 3D? The manual says I would need a 3-D emitter, and glasses but I really did'nt understand the manual. I called The Little Guys, a Chicago bases A/V dealer but they told me that 3-D for the...
  4. Sansui 2000X

    Does this justify a new processor?

    Ok have a Sunfire TGP-5, about a year old, I just got a new 73'' Mitsubish TV with all the bells and whistils, and a new Panasonic blueray player. Now the TV and blueray player have the HDMI circutry, and so does my TGP-5 AV processor, but the TGP-5's HDMI only supports the video on the HDMI...
  5. Sansui 2000X

    Dazed and confused??

    First off Im still new to this forum so I hope this is the right place for this topic. I've always been a big fan of DTS, and I own about 200 DVD's but only about 20 of them are DTS. I just found a DTS DVD movie list on the internet, and alot of the movies mentioned in that list I already have...
  6. Sansui 2000X

    Paradigm sub

    Hi I have two sub woofer questions, the first is I have two Paradgim PS-1200 subs around 10 yrs old, maybe a little older, and my prossessor is a Sunfire TGP-5. The TGP-5 has inputs for three subs, sub-1, sub-2, and sub-3, so would it be best to run the wires out of my sub's right, and left low...
  7. Sansui 2000X


    Hi all, I've been away for awhile but im back, and real excited, I just pulled the trigger on a new Mitsubishi WD-73C9. The wife and I were at Costco buying dogfood, and when we entered the store all the TV's were there to greet us, but one in particular kept calling my name. When I looked at...
  8. Sansui 2000X

    New to this forum

    Im new here and would like to take this oppertunity to say hi to everyone. I got bit by the audio bug way back in 1972 while stationed in Germany, hence my nickname Sansui 2000X. Since then I've had a few systems, but they are becomming too complicated, my current system includes, a Sunfire...