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  1. chung_sotheby

    FS: 8020 Modular Framing for DIY Audio Rac- Same as used in Salamander Synergy Series

    This listing is only for those serious DIY rack makers who are looking to build the best. Salamander Synergy racks are world reknowned for their ability to costomize and their overall strength and stability. This mostly comes from their extruded aluminum bars and the use of sliding t-slotted...
  2. chung_sotheby

    Cables for Sale! MIT, PS Audio, Homegrown Audio, Better Cables

    Looking to unload some great cables that I do not need. I am looking to sell quick, so the pricing is in accord with this. MIT Terminator II RCA Interconnects 2M - $30 These cables are a little older than the others, but still work great. One of the cables has a small piece of the RCA tip...
  3. chung_sotheby

    Need help in choosing a Projector. Opinions and recommendations appreciated

    After spending about two weeks and many hours online researching and comparing while trying to figure out what plasma to get, I am too exhausted and worn out to do the same with regards to a new projector, so I would appreciate it if y'all could help point me in the right direction. I will lay...
  4. chung_sotheby

    Gauging Interest- High End Items for Sale: VPI, Sony, Outlaw Cables,

    Like I said, looking to make a system change, so looking to possible sell a couple of items, depending on interest. The prices I list are fair and pretty firm, so if I am not able to get what I am looking for, then I will keep the items for the time being. Other offers are accepted, but they...
  5. chung_sotheby

    FS: Anthem AVM-20 Black

    If you read any part of this forum, you know about this unit. Infinitely customizeable, incredible sonically, software upgradeable, everything you can ask of a Home Theater AV Preamp Processor. I am selling because I am currently consolidating my system. Unit is the Black Faced version with...
  6. chung_sotheby

    FS: Sony TA-E9000ES and Denon DVD-1600. CHEAP!!

    I am looking to sell these two items, and if you are looking at this posting, you know the reputation of both. I am looking for a quick sale (within the next 5 days) so I have priced accordintly. Denon DVD-1600. Used for about a year, in 7.5/10 condition based solely on usage and age. If...
  7. chung_sotheby

    Miles Davis - Kind of Blue SACD

    Bought it a week ago, but forgot that I already had a copy. Perfect condition. $13 shipped to anywhere in Cont. US. Please email or PM if you are interested. Sorry, not looking to trade at this time. Thanks
  8. chung_sotheby

    Robert Smith - REDUX!

    I just thought that I would float this out there, since Robert Smith is one of my favorite Makeup-wearing-Goth-80's-frontmen-who-shares-names-with-a-prematurely-retired running back. Has anybody else noticed the amount of pub that the Cure, and Robert Smith, are starting to get these days...
  9. chung_sotheby

    Has anyone compared the Proceed AVP-2 vs. Anthem AVM-20

    Well, the title says it all. I am looking only for comnparisons of sound quality. I know that the Anthem has a few extra bells and whistles and some more features, but the Proceed is available really cheap right now from Authorized Dealers, and it is a $6k unit with amazing SHARC processors...
  10. chung_sotheby

    FS: DENON 2900 plus 7 DVD's

    For Sale is a Denon DVD-2900. If you have heard the reviews, then you know what type of player this is. Best universal player value, with stunning picture, DVD-Audio and SACD performance under $1000. Unit has been used for less than a month, and is in flawless condition in black color. Will...
  11. chung_sotheby

    What would you do? DVD/DVD-A/SACD quandry. Also, possible player shootout....

    Right now, I am in the middle of a multi-channel fiasco. I currently own a Sony 555ES and a Denon 1600, and just picked up a Denon 2900. I have done numerous comparisons, some blind, some semi blind, some deaf, blind, and stupid, and I have come up with a slew of observations. Put in short, I...
  12. chung_sotheby

    Tower 25% off Sony Classical Sale. What SACD's to pick up?

    As the subject suggests, there is a 25% off sale at Tower for Sony Classical, including SACD's. I am a pretty avid SACD and DVD-A fan, but I have yet to pick up any classical SACD's, most of mine being in Jazz or Rock (Dylan, Krauss, Davis, Holiday, etc.) So, from the titles listed here: Sony...
  13. chung_sotheby

    Which Pre/Pros or Receivers have two 5.1 inputs or ability to assign 2ch in to 5.1 in

    Since it is the beginning of the year, it is once again upgrade time! Whoopee! I have really gotten into MC SACD over the last six months, but I am also really interested in DVD-Audio. The problem is that I have a Sony SCD-555ES and Denon 1600, which I am going to keep for a while. I would like...
  14. chung_sotheby

    FS: High End Stuff!!! Krell, Sonic Frontiers, Nordost, Alpha Core

    I am doing a little house cleaning, and it is time to upgrade (or should I say, downgrade) again, I guess. Anywho, I am going to be selling my gear, and since I would like to sell it asap, I will give the htf'ers an early crack at them before they get listed on Audiogon. So here go Krell...
  15. chung_sotheby

    FS: NOrh 4.0 Black Marble Center

    In mint condition with original shipping box with screen, screws, and everything else that came with it. Owned for about a year, used for less than 4 months at less than 2 hrs/day. Sounds fantastic, looks even better. It is fully shielded and easy to rest above or below a monitor or RPTV...
  16. chung_sotheby

    Are there any small (7" or less) LCD's that plug into wall outlets?

    The reason why I am asking is that I want to have an LCD panel to help in the setup for my system. I am thinking about purchasing a RPTV or projector pretty soon, and I hate the idea of having to turn on the huge set just to get into setup mode, but then again I dont have $3000+ to spend on a...
  17. chung_sotheby

    FS: Sony SCD-C555ES and Aurum Cantus Leisure 2 SE(Red Rose Rosebud Two OEM)

    I am selling my Sony 555ES and Aurum Cantus speakers. If you have heard of the Sony, you know how great it is. Amazing player, and a best buy. My unit is a little over 6 months old, used sparingly (~10hrs/week) in a non smoking environment. I rate it conservatively an 8/10, because of age. Comes...
  18. chung_sotheby

    FS: Revel M20 Rosewood w/ Matching Stands

    I have a set of Revel M20 in the Rosewood finish with matching stands. Used less than two months, would rate them 10/10 if they weren't purchased as demos from a dealer. Price is $1550, negotiable if quick sale is gauranteed. Can accept Money orders or checks, personal checks ok but must wait to...
  19. chung_sotheby

    DVD's FS: Ice Age, Amores Perros, 24, Goldmember, + others

    Here is the list, and it is subject to change. All prices include shipping in the continental US: 24: Season 1 - $37 Austin Powers in Goldmember - $8 Ice Age - SOLD Amores Perros - $10 Casablanca - $8 Blade II - SOLD American Pie II (Unrated) - $8 Black Hawk Down - $7 Almost...
  20. chung_sotheby

    Has anybody heard a >$5k Pre/pro that can hang with a $1-2K 2 chan pre in 2chan only?

    I am just wondering if anybody has actually compared, side to side, one of their mid-priced pre/pros (like the Anthem, Krell, Arcam, Theta, B&K, etc.) with a 2 chan pre in 2 channel music mode only and honestly felt like the pre/pro sounded just as good? In my case, I have never heard a...
  21. chung_sotheby

    Thought this might apply....

    To all of us here at HTF. Just some good ol' time satire Click here if you are a regular poster
  22. chung_sotheby

    Seeking advice on Laptop Purchases

    Hi, I am looking to purchase a new laptop. Looking ideally to purchase from Dell (already have purchased 4 computers from them), but have some reservations about their new systems. The models I am looking at are: Inspiron 5100 Inspiron 8500 Latitude D800 Most of the work I do is with CAD...
  23. chung_sotheby

    FS/FT New (but opened) Seven Samurai Criterion (see inside for details)

    Hi, I am looking to unload this new but opened disc. What I mean by this is that I got the Samurai Classics Box Set as a present, but I already owned the Seven Samurai CC disk, so I now have an extra disc which has never been played. The reason why it is opened is because none of the dvd's in...
  24. chung_sotheby

    FS:Salamander Synergy 30 walnut w/ door & sides

    Salamander Synergy 30 unit in Walnut with black aluminum posts, with the optional walnut sides and Steel Perforated Walnut door. This is a complete unit which can house up to 5 components. The unit, the sides and the door are in excellent condition. As for the shelves, one is in excellent...
  25. chung_sotheby

    FS: Panasonic RP91N-Champagne W/OBM

    If you know Home Theater, you know about this unit. Still one of the best video performers out there, and a greate DVD-Audio player to boot! This unti comes with everything original, box, manual, remote, and cables. Also will include the latest firmware version on a disc, just in case you need...
  26. chung_sotheby

    FS or WTT: RP91 for XP30/50 or RP82

    Closed. Just looking to sell now. Look for my new For Sale ad.
  27. chung_sotheby

    FS: Rotel RSX-1055 Silver Face

    Unit is in perfect condition. Silver faceplate, 969 remote, all the bells and whistles. Have original everything, including blank warranty card. No receipt, so if you want to register you can try to find a valid receipt for the unit. $1050 shipped. Email if interested
  28. chung_sotheby

    Need any and all replies Quickly: Anthem MCA3 or Rotel RB993

    I am looking to purchase a three channel amp to go with my surrounds and center, and I have the opportunity to purchase either one of these. Now, which one would ya'll suggest. I would have to pay about $125 more for the Rotel, is it that much better. As for my tastes, I like a smoother sound as...
  29. chung_sotheby

    FS: Norh Le Amps. Black Face, DC Out, Perfect Condition.

    These are a great pair of mono blocks. In terms of sound quality, very near the Odyssey Stratos, and for 1/2 the price. These are in perfect condition, with everything original, including the boxes. Originally bought 2 months ago. MSRP is $295/amp, selling for $410 shipped to anywhere in the US...