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  1. Mike__D

    Ford Thunderbird

    The Mustang is build on an old, dated platform (it dates back to the 80's). The T-Bird is based on the Lincoln LS platform. This is the same one the new 2005 Mustang will be built on. I believe the newest T-Birds have around 280HP, which is more than the Mustang GT. That being said, the...
  2. Mike__D

    2003-2004 NFL Season (Playoffs and coaching moves)

    I agree losing Hugh was big. I also think not getting a big name wide reciever, especially with their cap room, was not smart. Then again, I'm not running a football team, so what do I know?
  3. Mike__D

    Rogue Squadron 3-is anyone going to bother?

    I was at EB today and was told the pre-order discs should be in today. Unfortunately, Mr. UPS had not paid them a visit yet :frowning:
  4. Mike__D

    MTV VMAs with Madonna, Britney, and Christina

    Wow, some of you people have it in for Madonna.
  5. Mike__D

    Find Old School Friends? Why?

    12 years later and my best friends are the same people I went to high school with. I see them on a regular basis, and even integrated them with my college friends, so now we are one big happily "family" :)
  6. Mike__D

    I hate stickers on fruit

    I'll let you in on a little secret. My father is a peach farmer. He hates having to do the stickers too... it slows down productivity and costs him money. Why are there stickers then, you might ask. We can thank the big super markets that buy the fruit. You see, the stickers need to be there...
  7. Mike__D

    MTV VMAs with Madonna, Britney, and Christina

    Kylie Minogue I didn't realize who she was, being a North American... Anyway, my point is, there aren't many successful performers from the 80's that are still around today, let alone performing for big venues like the VMA's... Madonna is one the very FEW.
  8. Mike__D

    Just found my biggest pet peeve

    I support the non-use of cell phones at any place where noise is prohibited (ie, the movies, the library, classrooms, etc...), but to get mad at people having a conversation on a cell phone in public... who cares? Who are you to say that a persons conversation is legitimate or not? So what if...
  9. Mike__D

    Ghost Recon : IT - Saturday Night!

  10. Mike__D

    Nintendo's Simpler Game stratagy

    I agree simple doesn't mean easy. As long as the gamplay is there, I'm fine. Look at Sega's Virtua Tennis. Simple to get into (2 buttons), and a blast to play.
  11. Mike__D

    Help me waste money on a car

    Nice choice Ryan! Looks like the 6-speed and sports package with the Brembo brakes. :emoji_thumbsup: Good luck with her!
  12. Mike__D

    The Big Debate: Madden 2004 or Sega's ESPN Football 2004?

    Sega for me. EA pissed me off first when they didn't support the Dreamcast, and now no Live support for the Xbox. Plus I prefer how Sega's game plays. Mike D.
  13. Mike__D

    Aargh! Could not get two pc's networked...

    Vince, Are you trying to connect to the 2000 PC through the 98 PC? If so, that will not work if the 2000 drive is formatted in NTFS. 98 does not natively have the ability to view NTFS partitions. A work around for this is to create a separate partition on the 2000 PC formatted as FAT32...
  14. Mike__D

    How to disable Windows 2000 battery meter in Systray ?

    Right-click your desktop, choose Properties, select Screen Saver, click Power, then Advanced Tab. Clear the "Always show icon in taskbar" box. [Edit - just saw you said when it's not plugged in... not sure if this will work or not] Mike D.
  15. Mike__D

    Aargh! Could not get two pc's networked...

    Forgot to mention, to view NTFS file permissions tab in XP, you first must clear the Use Simple File Sharing box under the view tab in Folder Options (found in Appearance and Themes). Right-click any file or folder, select properties, and you'll see the Security tab for setting permissions...
  16. Mike__D

    Aargh! Could not get two pc's networked...

    Vince, The difference between '98 and 2000/XP is the NTFS file system. This allows user restrictions to be set a 2 different levels, at the share level and at NTFS level. The most restrictive level supersedes the other. For example, if you have a shared folder you allowed userX full access...