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  1. NathanS

    Just got an Xbox - Where is the cool stuff?

    Check out www.teamxbox.com they have great forums.
  2. NathanS

    Gamecube drops to $99

    Carlo, the Cube, memory card, and game are all in a single box, so there are no other options.
  3. NathanS

    Gamecube drops to $99

    They have a great deal at Wal-Mart: Gamecube, memory card, and Super Mario Sunshine for $119.00. My wife just picked me one up for a Christmas gift.
  4. NathanS

    Xbox component sammy dlp hookup problem

    Make sure 480p, 720p, and widescreen are selected in the xbox's dashboard. Also don't forget only a hand full of games support 720p.
  5. NathanS

    Choice: Loewe Aconda and Sony 34XBR800 WEGA

    You could look for one of the lingering RCA 38", since they use the same tube as the Anaconda, and they're really cheap now. Or you could get one of the 43" Samsung DLP's, they aren't much bigger than the Anaconda, but they're way lighter. If it were my choice, I'd go with the DLP.
  6. NathanS

    another hdtv xbox question

    I can't really remember but doesn't the HD A/V pack have a composite video out? If so put that on one of the other video inputs, for when you go into the dashboard.
  7. NathanS

    Apex 27" or Akai 27"?

    Get the Akai, I bought one for the bedroom, and it only ran $350. It has a true squeeze mode accessed from the remote, nice sound, flat screen, component input, and a great picture. Beware though, it's heavy, and the cabinet is as big as most 32" TV's.
  8. NathanS

    "Bedroom" direct view sets that do 16:9 "squeeze" V-compression

    I just got the 27" Akai flat screen from Sam’s Club for $350. It does the squeeze from the remote, and the picture is amazing. Also it's a rebadged Samsung, so quality isn't a problem.
  9. NathanS

    What's the best way to purchase DirectTV?

    Don't forget Dish Network. I just switched from DTV to Dish Net, and I got a great deal. Here's what I got: Dish 501 PVR receiver (DD5.1, caller ID, 60 hours of record time) Dish 500 Dual LNB dish that can support 4 TV's, and receive local channels. Dish 301 basic receiver for the bedroom...
  10. NathanS

    Samsung 42" RPTV...is this normal?

    My HCM4715W doesn't do that, you might want to have it checked out.
  11. NathanS

    So I just bought an XBOX and now...

    They're probably just PS2 fanboys.
  12. NathanS

    Help - To repair or not?

    It sounds like one of the welds was broken on the shadow mask frame. If that's the case, you'll need a new tube. I'd just go ahead, and get another TV.
  13. NathanS

    HD RPTV, Panny, Samsung, or a Sony??

    I've had the Samsung HCL4715W for 6 months, and love it. I shopped it against the Panasonic pt47wx49, but the Panasonic lost due to the lack of a screen protector.
  14. NathanS

    How much more maintenance is a RPTV compared to a direct view?

    What about dust on the mirrors, lenses, and tubes? Is that really a problem?
  15. NathanS

    $2000 to spend. Suggestions on which TV?

    For under 2000 dollars look no further than this 48" wide screen JVC, with DVI. http://www.bestbuy.com/detail.asp?e=...t=24&scat=1470 It has a comprehensive feature set, and with DVI it ensures future compatibility. I just wish it were around when I bought 3 months ago.
  16. NathanS

    Questions on 16x9 TVs (Newbie)

    Anyone have a link to news about the 38" getting discontinued? The 38" is so expensive, because of all of the glass in the tube, and also the strict tolerances needed in such a large tube. The chassis is also expensive, and complex.
  17. NathanS

    the 42h81.. any reason i cant bring her home myself?

    A few years ago, I hauled a 52" Phillips RPTV, in the back of my truck. It was about 30 miles, from the store to my house, and it went perfect. It's probably safer than having it delivered, since you know how the set was handled.
  18. NathanS

    Need help with TV (new here)

    I'd go with Akai, since it's just a rebadged Samsung. So far, everyone seems to love the flat Samsungs, and prices are extremely low.
  19. NathanS

    Need Opinions on recent Samsung Purchase

    I'd pass on that TV. Anyways, I've heard of people getting that set for $2000.00 new, and in the box.
  20. NathanS

    Panny PT47WX49 or Toshiba 42H81?

    The RP56 doesn't scale.
  21. NathanS

    Help me Buy a FlatScreen 27in TV

    Your first Samsung was probably just a lemon. Just get another Samsung, and buy an extended warranty with the money you'll save over another brand.
  22. NathanS

    Samsung PCL5415R looks really good today-is there a catch?

    WilliamG, Just switch your DVD player to an interlaced signal for non-anamorphic DVD's, and control the viewing mode with the TV. If you can live with that, go with the Samsung.
  23. NathanS

    Samsung PCL5415R looks really good today-is there a catch?

    No catch; the Samsungs are a great value. They do lock into full mode with a progressive input, but with your RP91, you'll be in good shape. By the way, I've got the 47" Samsung, and love it.
  24. NathanS

    I need a widescreen RPTV around $1500...

    Don't forget the two 47" Samsungs. They are both well within his price range, and both great sets.
  25. NathanS

    Best RPTV for video games?

    Tim, Here's the one I have. http://www.bestbuy.com/detail.asp?&b...t=24&scat=1470 I don't think the two you linked to were 16:9. I got it at best buy for $1400.00 + $300.00 for the extended warranty. As for video games on a big screen, I'm not too worried. I used to have a 52" Phillips...
  26. NathanS

    27" - Panasonic or Toshiba?

    If you have a Sam's Club in your area, go pick up the flat screen 27" Akai. It is just a rebaged Samsung, and everyone seems to love the 27" Samsung. By the way, it's only $379.00.
  27. NathanS

    Best RPTV for video games?

    Check out the 47" Samsung, that’s the one I have, and the XBOX looks great on it. You can probably find it for $1500, and at that price it’s a steal. It also has a nice low glare screen protector, which will be a must if you're going to have complete strangers playing on it.
  28. NathanS

    New here-Whats the best TV for ....

    You can get at flat screen Akai (rebadged Samsung) at Sam's Club for $379. I think they also have some 32" Samsungs at Wal-Mart for under $400.00. I just depends on if you want bigger or flat.
  29. NathanS

    $2000 to spend on a 16:9

    I looked at the Panasonic 47", and a 47" Samsung. They're both nice sets, but I went with the Samsung, since I needed a screen protector.
  30. NathanS

    Samsung Widescreen TV's ?

    I've got the HCL4715W, and I love it. The Samsungs are a great value.