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  1. Daren Welsh

    Pioneer Elite VSX-35TX dying?

    I had my receiver on today (like any other day) with the TV going. I went outside for a bit and came in to some awful noise. It's hard to describe, but it was garbled noise coming from the speakers and it wasn't constant. It came in spurts. I tried all the various inputs of my receiver. I tried...
  2. Daren Welsh

    Weekly RoundUp 8-22-2006

    wait ... Kicking & Screaming is now a Criterion Collection? As in Will Ferrell coaching the kids' soccer team?
  3. Daren Welsh

    Replace/Install self-propel drive belt on Honda mower?

    Update -- I ordered the parts and worked on the mower yesterday. I put a new set of mulching blades on as well as a new drive belt. The new blade works really well -- it just purrs through the thick grass. The belt on the other hand ... As soon as I engaged the self-propel lever, the belt...
  4. Daren Welsh

    Spocks crib

    That's awesome. I've never watched Star Trek 2.0 -- is that what it's like?
  5. Daren Welsh

    Name my Softball Team

    --The Hemorrhaging Keyboards-- When I was in college, we had several intramural team names. My favorite was "Sharif and Some White People".
  6. Daren Welsh

    Remarkable Songbird Video

    No friggin way. That can't be real.
  7. Daren Welsh

    Replace/Install self-propel drive belt on Honda mower?

    I've got a Honda self-propelled mower, but the belt that connects the motor to the wheels slipped off (and is now missing after a move). How hard is it to install a new one? I've never done mower maintenance before, so I don't want to get started and then end up making things worse -- the mower...
  8. Daren Welsh

    Cold Coffee Question

    I can't seem to find the link, but I've seen a new small thermos recently. What makes this thermos special is that it has a two chambers -- one large central chamber where the bulk of the coffee is kept hot; the other is around the edge, allowing a small portion to cool to a temperature...
  9. Daren Welsh

    What to call this? Interpretive juggling?

    Pretty cool. I'd like to see the same routine, but with chainsaws.
  10. Daren Welsh

    Mixing parts of music on my pc.

    Essentially, you're trying to do what the very first DJ did -- extend the breaks to create a new flow of music (albeit digitally instead of using turntables and a mixer). Just keep toying around with the programs and you should figure it out. There may be tutorials either online or in bookstores...
  11. Daren Welsh

    Mixing parts of music on my pc.

    Andrew is right on. I hadn't heard of tracker software, but like he says, it depends on how large these portions of songs are that you'd like to mix. If you're cutting short samples, then use a sequencer or tracker. If you're looking to mix larger portions of songs together like a DJ would, but...
  12. Daren Welsh

    Can anyone tell me where this sound byte is from?

    You're probably thinking of Battle Without Honor or Humanity - Tomoyasu Hotei. If that was the portion sampled, the tempo and pitch have been altered.
  13. Daren Welsh

    Mixing parts of music on my pc.

    So is a "tracker" a simplified sequencer? I'd recommend software like Fruity Loops, Reason, Ableton Live, Cubase, ... I'm sure there are free ones, too. I just haven't looked into it.
  14. Daren Welsh

    Hide mp3's and zip's inside GIF's

    I'm not sure I understand. How is this any better than simply changing songfilename.mp3 to songfilename.txt for storage/sharing/transfer?
  15. Daren Welsh

    "You're stupid if you have this opinion..." Rant

    I watch Baywatch for the cinematography.
  16. Daren Welsh

    New house mix and site

    Michael, you might check out Mike Metz. I just stumbled upon that site via the Houston Beats forum and the mix "Simple Days" seems like something you'd like. I've only listened to this one mix so far, but it's good stuff.
  17. Daren Welsh

    New house mix and site

    Gotcha. Which tracks? I could try to do a "classics" mix. I was also planning on making my next mix with more deep house.
  18. Daren Welsh

    New house mix and site

    Thanks guys. "old school house"? Except for Sir Mix and the samples of Underworld's Born Slippy, I think all those tracks are less than a few years old. Of course EDM ages as quickly as electronics ;)
  19. Daren Welsh

    New house mix and site

    It's time for a shameless plug. I've made a couple posts before when I released a new music mix and had some positive feedback, so I'm back. I just recorded a new mix yesterday and I've posted it on my site Beat Portfolio. You can either download the mp3 or subscribe to the podcast to get the...
  20. Daren Welsh

    Sand art performance video

    Dave, did you hear about the thriller coming out in theaters next weekend? It's called The Etch-A-Sketch! sorry, lame joke. Any info on where that video came from or who Sicaf is? That's a pretty cool talent. edit: I found info via Wiki and also found his homepage
  21. Daren Welsh

    New Toy-ota

    Riiiight, because the double-wide strollers aren't bad enough.
  22. Daren Welsh

    Kitchen knife reviews?

    Good call Arthur. I checked out the CR and they have the Pro S set ranked 2nd, behind another Henckels set that costs twice as much! I also stopped by BedBathBeyond and looked more closely at the Katana knives. Their marketing is all geared on traditional Japanese steel. I looked at the side...
  23. Daren Welsh

    Souvlaki PItas

    Is this the same thing as gyros? Also, why would you have to seed a seedless cucumber? ;)
  24. Daren Welsh

    Kitchen knife reviews?

    I'm trying to compare a couple knife sets and I haven't found many reviews to help me out: Henckel's Classic series 15-piece set vs. Calphalon Katana 8-piece set I've only found the one review on Amazon for the Katana set. Now I'll admit I'm letting the coolness factor of the...
  25. Daren Welsh

    Xbox 360 on November 22

    Now the question is ... which bundle do I want? :frowning:
  26. Daren Welsh

    Dragon Con 2005

    Did she offer any milk with her cookies? :D
  27. Daren Welsh

    does this really work?

    awww man, I got my free ipod about a year ago. It's a 4th gen, but b/w. I see they now offer color -- I guess beggars can't be choosers.