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  1. Ron_L

    Does HTIB's make anyone else's stomach turn?

    Now I'm not trying to sound eliteist or along those lines, but I'm getting sick of people asking my help when shopping for a " Home Theater ". I'm flattered that they would value my opinion that much. But you know your in trouble when a) They don't know a budget b) They found a cool system...
  2. Ron_L

    Adding Power Amp Modules To JBL E50

    I've been toying around with this idea for a while now and I'm looking for a budget powered speaker system for my home studio. I've thought about building the speakers but that is pretty expensive to get the decent drivers, so what if I got a power amp module from Marchand and modded it to...
  3. Ron_L

    Do you think the industry will ruin HD-DVD?

    I was discussing this the other day with a couple of friends. Do you think that studios that will be offering Hi Def DVD ( either blu-ray or HD-DVD ) will offer FOOL SCREEN transfers of their movies? I mean this can't be the furthest away from " Hi Def " if they do. I think that they...
  4. Ron_L

    DVD Audio Modes

    Hi Guys, I'm currently just tweaking my Philips Pronto remote again and have stumbled into a little bit of an issue regarding selecting dvd audio. I have created a page for selecting different audio tracks, DD 5.1, DTS, etc etc, but these tracks aren't in any specific order and it varies...
  5. Ron_L

    Speakers Fads.

    I've noticed in the time I've been here at HTF, is that there are speaker fads. When I first joined here, Axiom was mentioned in almost every thread, now it seems to be Paradigm. Is this really happening or maybe I'm more aware of Paradigm because I own a setup of those speakers myself?
  6. Ron_L

    1080i on dvd players?

    is there currently a dvd player made that supports this format?
  7. Ron_L

    New Toshiba DVD Players

    Ok, the SD3900 has come out, is there a 4900 on it's way?
  8. Ron_L

    Paradigm Studio ADP Surrounds

    Alrighty, yet another post about Paradigm products, everything is in and finished except for the surrounds. To finish the system off, I'd like the studio adp to go with the rest of the studio setup. How much is a " good " deal on these speakers? My regular place of business tried to shuck...
  9. Ron_L

    Paradigm Factory Delay

    Has anyone here about this? Paradigm is apparently having some trouble with the Studio line and are having major delays.
  10. Ron_L

    Servo15 Pricing

    ok, to my fellow canadians: How much did you pay for your servo15 sub? I haven't paid yet exactly but the salesman said " one time deal of $1650 including taxes. This is in CDN funds. Is this a " Good deal " or I'm I getting shafted.
  11. Ron_L

    Placing the DVD player on top of the receiver

    Is this a good idea? My component cables I just bought don't quite reach the top of the rack where the DVD player was supposed to go..I was thinking of putting it on top of the receiver. Will this damage anything?
  12. Ron_L

    Waiting on speakers

    Well, I bought my Studio 60's 3 weeks ago, and the store still hasn't gotten them in stock. I called last wednesday and the salesman I dealed with said they should be in any day now, but he never called. I'm going to call today when they open...but has this happened to anyone before? I...
  13. Ron_L

    PSB Stratus vs Paradigm Reference

    anyone listened to both of these? going out this weekend for a listen...just wondering what others thought?
  14. Ron_L

    Brady Bunch movie with NO extras?

    this is BEYOND pathetic. C'mon Paramount, I hope this isn't true. At least put on a Betty Thomas commentary or deleted scenes. PLEASE?
  15. Ron_L

    2 questions on Paradigm and bi-wire/amping

    after looking at many different speakers...I think my 3 fronts are gonna be Paradigm. Monitor 9's and a Studio CC center. question #1: In bi-amping a system, how does the wattage thing work? How much to send to the hi-mid section and woofers? question #2: Is it logical to go with the...
  16. Ron_L

    Why are select Universal discs really expensive?

    DVD's like Blues Brothers, Conan:Special Edition, and American Graffiti are outrageously priced. Why is this? are they out of print or something?
  17. Ron_L

    JBL Synthesis HT Speakers

    Has anyone heard these? I was thinking about going towers but the specs look pretty damn good for these speakers and were wondering what they sound like?
  18. Ron_L

    TV Dilemma

    hey guys, I just thought I'd ask you opinion on this...my friend recently upgraded to a 67" Toshiba TV and is wanting to sell off his old projection tv. It's a Pioneer unit about 50 - 52" display and had projection parts inside replaced about a year ago. He's asking $750 ( canadian funds that is...
  19. Ron_L

    Klipsch question

    i'm on the market to buy a pair of RF-3 II towers. Klipsch's site recommends the Rc-3 II center channel. My question is, is there any harm done by going for the Rc-7 center channel?
  20. Ron_L

    Problem with Yamaha Rx-V800

    I've noticed recently that my receiver like shutting off during loud moments on the DTS tracks? Does anybody know what's going on?
  21. Ron_L

    Athena Speakers

    Have you guys heard of these speakers before? I'm looking at these or PSB's....I think i'm gonna go with the PSB brand of speakers, but I wanna get your opinions first.