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  1. Brian Baughn

    Lost In Space/Irwin Allen classics

    I would defintely purchase a season by season release of Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea. It has been years since I have seen it.
  2. Brian Baughn

    Dick Van Dyke Show Planned For DVD

    Cool! That is one I have got to get.
  3. Brian Baughn

    Fox: The Mary Tyler Moore Show

    I would also love a season box set release of this series and The Bob Newhart Show too.
  4. Brian Baughn

    British TV Series release thread

    The shows I would like to see released are: Campion Secret Army Colditz Frances Durbridge Presents Z Cars Wodehouse Playhouse When The Boat Comes In By The Sword Divided Allo Allo Out Of The Unknown Lovejoy Bergerac Survivors Blake's 7 Day of the Triffids Jonathan Creek