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  1. Mike_Carroll

    Burning software...where can I get it?

    Nero by ahead software would be recommended. EasyCD Creater can corrupt Win2000, which I experienced when upgrading from NT4.0. www.nero.com Best regards, Mike Carroll
  2. Mike_Carroll

    Can't get Acrobat

    Has anyone tried to download the latest Acrobat? Every download page from Adobe's site takes you to a dead link. Link Removed Great going Adobe Systems! ...................... Best regards, Mike Carroll Jr. Link Removed
  3. Mike_Carroll

    Problem with Sony digital camera and firewire

    Thanks for the tip Jeff! I'll look into that Pinnacle board. ...................... Best regards, Mike Carroll Jr.
  4. Mike_Carroll

    Computer user forums?

    Kris, Glad to here from another Max user. I've used the product since the days of 3D Studio R2 (DOS). I do have still and animation samples on-line, and would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have about Max. Click on the picture below that was created in 3DS Max, and you...
  5. Mike_Carroll

    Computer user forums?

    Lee, The computer is a tool that serves a wide variety of interests, so the kind of forum you're seeking depends on your preferences. I would assume not many here use 3D Studio Max (3D modeling and rendering software), but for what it'd worth, here it is: Link Removed Or you can go to...
  6. Mike_Carroll

    Another plane down in New York

    The Drudgereport is a good source of news to keep track of this. http://www.drudgereport.com/ -Mike
  7. Mike_Carroll

    Best Audio / Video Input?

    Jason, I have had great luck with the DC 30 NTSC Capture/Playback card by Pinnacle http://www.pinnaclesys.com/ . However, you may want to look at the DC 1000, and if you can spend a little more, the DC 2000. This card allows you to capture an NTSC source as an AVI or Quicktime file. With the...
  8. Mike_Carroll

    Problem with Sony digital camera and firewire

    Jeff, Usually Windows will see that you have a new device connected and search for a compatible driver, as I have experienced setting up digital still cameras to USB. It was as if the camera was not even plugged in. One may think that there was a problem with the Firewire device, but when going...
  9. Mike_Carroll

    Crap I need help...video card

    Bill, We have this same exact card at work on several machines and I have not experienced this problem. However, there are some issues with the nVidia cards and some OpenGL applications, such as the Audition viewer by CG2, in Win98 and ME (unrelated to your problem). It almost sounds like there...
  10. Mike_Carroll

    Problem with Sony digital camera and firewire

    Greetings, Recently, my Dad bought a Sony digital video camera. I installed a firewire connection on his ME OS and got the hardware configuration to recognize it. However, when we plugged in the camera, the computer failed to recognize a new device and look for correct driver. I assumed I...
  11. Mike_Carroll

    Do you have a web site? Share it with everyone!

    My site is a portfolio of my artwork, including traditional art, 3D animations and a historical account of the Silicon Valley during the fifties. There is also an online comic called Cest the Cop that was created many moons ago, and, of course, a link to this forum. best regards, Mike Carroll...
  12. Mike_Carroll

    Friend turns 30, and I get depressed.

    Partick, Just hang in there. The last fifteen years for me seem to be a blur, and it gets very depressing to see your friends and loved ones turn old. It's just a natural feeling that we all go through. You must except that life doesn't stand still and live each day as it is your last. best...
  13. Mike_Carroll

    Photoshop support problem

    Greetings: Has anybody had trouble with Photoshop 6? When upgrading from a previous version, you are now required to call the company for an unlock code. This took most of the morning for me from my time on hold. After finally getting the thing running, yes there were some nice changes, but...
  14. Mike_Carroll

    Seventh Heaven

    I would like to make several comments: First, I believe Beverly Mitchell, who plays Lucy Camden, is turning out to be a fine young actress. While her vocal skills still need to develop, her expressive responses are outstanding. I only hope this young lady will take advantage of her 10 year...
  15. Mike_Carroll


    Carl, You may want to check your cooling fans. If the CPU is not properly cooled, you will get these errors. You also want to CNTL+ALT+DELETE and see what's running in the background. -- Best regards, Mike Carroll Jr. Link Removed
  16. Mike_Carroll

    Seventh Heaven

    Greetings, With all the filth the Hollywood crowd has producing the last several years for TV, Warner Brothers' Seventh Heaven (SH) is a breath of fresh air. Most of the characters are wholesome and the plots are not promoting Clinton era political correctness. While some may see this show as...
  17. Mike_Carroll

    'FINAL FANTASY' dvd, absolutely INCREDIBLE!

    Yes, they did, but they still looked like crap. If someone tries their best at something and it comes out like crap, it should still be accepted as crap. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Morgan - That point missed you by about 2 miles. The...
  18. Mike_Carroll

    Quicktime Movie Trailers problem

    Paul, I have posted instructions on how to download movie clips on my site, as in a QuickTime 3D animation clip I have for download. Follow the instructions and save the clip to your HDD. Link Removed Best regards, Mike Carroll Jr.
  19. Mike_Carroll

    'FINAL FANTASY' dvd, absolutely INCREDIBLE!

    Just rented FF and have several comments. Some of the characters looked more real than others. For example, Aki Ross looked a little too plastic and pale. Her face was too symmetrical and the nose wasn't quite right. The end of her hair shouldn't have been so even, although hair motion...
  20. Mike_Carroll

    'FINAL FANTASY' dvd, absolutely INCREDIBLE!

    Guy, The Eve animation seemed to have specular lighting cranked up a bit. This will be solved with better procedural textures and rendering engines. By the way, in most of the Eve animation, as well as FF, motion capture was used for body and face movements. You just can't get it that real with...
  21. Mike_Carroll

    'FINAL FANTASY' dvd, absolutely INCREDIBLE!

    For those of you that thought the*CGI in Final Fantasy looked good, a French company called Attitude Studios has surpassed it. They created a character called Eve that looks extremely lifelike. The animation is in French, but it's worth the download if you're interested in this technology...
  22. Mike_Carroll

    video editing

    Pinnacle Systems, http://www.pinnaclesys.com/start.asp , offer an array of products that will do this. If you can spend a little extra, go for their DC 2000 capture and playback board. You will also need a fast dedicated HDD and fast bus. This would allow you to capture an NTSC signal with...
  23. Mike_Carroll

    3D interactive site

    Wrong URL given. Try this one Link Removed
  24. Mike_Carroll

    3D interactive site

    Greetings, I set up a page for Link Removed. Viewers can drive around of several landmarks in the Silicon Valley as they looked in the fifties. To play them correctly, you will need a good 3D accelerator card and OpenGL driver. All information in acquiring the correct player are provided...