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  1. Johnny Angell

    May go Solar

    So we are thinking of installing solar on our roof. I found this site bestcompany dot com that had a ranking of solar companies in Arkansas. Anyone know about hint about bestcompany dot com? Can I believe their rankings?
  2. Johnny Angell

    Using emoji’s

    In the past when I’ve used emojis, I’ve always had to use the ones in the HTF posting software. If I used my keyboard on my iPad Pro, they didn’t show up. Now they do. For instance, this ♥️ was selected by hitting the globe key on my apple magic keyboard on my new iPad Pro. This one ❤️ is...
  3. Johnny Angell

    The Terminal List

    I can’t say I’m surprised there’s no thread on this series, because IMHO, this is a boring show. For all the deaths and shoot ‘em ups, it’s somewhat boring because it’s poorly done. I also find it to be morally bankrupt. Our hero, played by Chris Pratt kills in cold blood. Sure, his wife and...
  4. Johnny Angell

    Eddie Muller on NPR at 11am CST July 1 - Just Minutes Away

    He’s discussing film noir and his book on Fresh Air. Just found out about it. If you miss it, the program has a podcast and today will be available tomorrow.
  5. Johnny Angell

    Denon HDMI 1 Goes Out on 2nd Receiver

    HDMI 1 on my X4300H stopped working and I just moved the cable over to HDMI 2 and that worked. It’s happened on my Xk6500H too, HDMI 1 again. It was not the same cable. If it was the source (DVR) blowing the HDMI than it should blow HDMI 2 also, but that hasn’t happened for the extended...
  6. Johnny Angell

    Alert Counter Frozen at 3!

    I’m using Chrome on my iPad Pro and the alert counter never goes below 3 for the 2nd day in a row. I’ve closed that window of Chrome and reopened it, but that did not fix it. If I get another alert the counter goes to 4 and when reading that alert it goes down to 3 but not lower. Ideas, pleas?
  7. Johnny Angell

    Amazon Prime Amazon Prime Video Star Rankings

    I knew the star rankings for products were becoming less valuable with so many items rated 4.5 stars and now it’s infected Prime Video, Lake Placid 3, Lake Placid: Legacy, Red Water, Animal, Vipers, Quarantine 2: Terminal, Hatchet III: Rated R Version, Hatchet II: R, Sharknado 3, they were all...
  8. Johnny Angell

    Are These Real 8K High Speed Cables

    I was shopping on Amazon for some high speed cables to see if it would help with the screen blanking occurring with my ATV4K. So I ordered these: . When they arrived first thing I noticed is the packaging is good but there is no brand name. I took a picture of the cable. Is it marked correctly?
  9. Johnny Angell

    Buying a Used Car

    A friend of mind, really, needs to buy a used car for under $14K. She needs an SUV style vehicle but a Honda Pilot, which I think is kind of a small SUV would work for her. Does anyone have a recommended online site for buying a used car? Consumer Reports has one and they also mentioned...
  10. Johnny Angell

    Really? It’s Worth How Much? My Old X4300H.

    I got my Denon X6500H over a year ago to replace my old X4300H and the 4300 has just been sitting on the shelf. This morning I googled it to see what it might fetch in $$. I was pleasantly surprised to see the lowes price I could find to be $900 and prices went up to almost $1400. Is it...
  11. Johnny Angell

    Who Needs a Pilot?

    I popular story today is that a private plane was landed in Florida today by a passenger with no flying experience. A tower employee who was also a flight instructor talked him thru the landing. Per the video, it looked like a decent landing. What I find remarkable is none of the news...
  12. Johnny Angell

    Looking for Animation Software

    I’d like to find some inexpensive or free software that would allow me to animate a photo of a real cat. I want to have the cat speak and have facial expressions without looking too cartoony. It would be nice if the cat could turn its head some. I also would need some audio software that I...
  13. Johnny Angell

    Short Films by Danny Donahue

    I just watched a couple of his very short (5-6’) on YouTube, “Hell Creek” and “Beast of Prey” on youtube. Both had minimal casts, one or two, and a very small crew. However, for as long as they last, they far exceed most of the sci-fi Saturday night specials. I was especially impressed by the...
  14. Johnny Angell

    Is There an App or Web Site to Search for Loans?

    We’re going to get a cat scan for our dog, Scarla and possibly surgery. She’s lost the ability to walk with her hind legs. It’s going to cost big $$. Is there a central place to search for the best loan. We have an excellent credit score.
  15. Johnny Angell

    Airplay Confusion?

    Here’s the situation. Last night will streaming a movie from Disney+ via our ATV 4K, an Airplay message from Randy’s iPhone popped up saying to enter the confirmation number into a device. It went away and came back with another number. This happed another two time or so then stopped. The...
  16. Johnny Angell

    Pop-Up Videos…

    Are now constantly present. One goes away to be replaced by another. Constantly. I know ya gotta make a buck, but this really raises the irritation level.
  17. Johnny Angell

    General Discussion Sports Night - No HD?

    A few days ago I was going to buy the digital of Sports Night and now regretfully have found he who snoozes loses. A few days ago, there was an HD version now there’s not. What happened? Did they run of of bits? Does this happen often, they stop selling the HD version?
  18. Johnny Angell

    Going to the Moon in 2025?

    I ran across this article here: https://arstechnica.com/science/2021/11/nasa-delays-moon-landings-says-blue-origin-legal-tactics-partly-to-blame/ It starts out being about a Blue Origins law suit that delayed things for 7 months. Then it goes on to say we are apparently developing two systems...
  19. Johnny Angell

    Why Someone Gets the Publicity and Someone Doesn’t?

    Just watched “When Big Things Go Bad” or something like that on the history channel. In 1989 a DC10 engine explodes over Iowa and all 3 hydronic systems are destroyed. They’ve got no control of the plane. The pilots end up using engine thrust to steer the plane and can only turn right. It...
  20. Johnny Angell

    App Store Credit?

    I just went into the App Store to check for updates and there are several. It also tells me we have a credit for over $75. Neither my wife nor I know where this came from. Short of calling apple, is there anywhere in the app that will tell me?
  21. Johnny Angell

    Reminders Don’t Always Chime?

    On my iphone 11 reminders don’t always chime and I miss them. This afternoon, my watch 6 vibrated and so did my phone, but no chime. I’ve checked settings and everything looks good. Anyone else having this problem?
  22. Johnny Angell

    Is there a Good Universal Remote iPhone App?

    Logitech has removed itself from the universal remote market and this has got me to wondering if there is a good universal remote app for the iphone? I’ve been on the App Store and there’s scads of them. Are any of them worthwhile? I’d love to have the input of those who’ve tried some out...
  23. Johnny Angell

    Number of Alerts Decreases

    When I enter the HTF I’ll see a number of alerts are available. Recently, the little bell symbol showed 11 alerts. I clicked on the first one, went there, and the number fell to 6. This has been happening for quite a while. What causes it?
  24. Johnny Angell

    Move Photos to Album with IOS Pictures App on iPad?

    I want to move photos from the camera roll and put them in another album (folder). Emphasis on “Move”. I want to remove the photos from one folder and put them in another. So far this is not happening for me. I can select contiguous or non-contiguous photos and drag them to the new album...
  25. Johnny Angell

    Hulu Is Hulu Still Only Stereo?

    I thought they were supposed to have 5.1 by now. I’m only getting stereo on my ATV4K.
  26. Johnny Angell

    Looking for a Version of Heart of Gold by Neil Young

    Maybe as long ago as 40 years there was a version of HOG that I loved. It was by a choral group like the Johnny Mann Singers, but not them. They were probably named after the director (like the JM Singers). I think he was German. For some reason I want to find this song. Any help here...
  27. Johnny Angell

    About to buy the LG OLED 77 C1

    We’re about to buy the above TV, probably from Costco. Is there a good calibration disc to use? Any tips for doing the calibration? What doe the PUB mean in the model number? Those of you have bought from Costco before, any thing I should know?
  28. Johnny Angell

    Who’s Happy/Unhappy with their LG OLED77C1?

    Our LG LED UH6500 has developed a vertical line on the right side of the screen. I’ve watched one YouTube about opening it up and fixing it. Just haven’t convinced myself I want to do that. So, how do you like your C1? Seems like I’ve read it has a wide viewing angle? What about glare...
  29. Johnny Angell

    One Hit Wonders?

    Amazon Music has a playlist called “Rediscover the ‘70s: One Hit Wonders. Some of them are true one hit wonders, but are these: American Pie-Don McLean-Sure he didn’t have another big album, but there some great songs on it like Vincent that got a lot of play Cat’s in the Cradle-Harry...
  30. Johnny Angell

    Amazon Music Problem!

    As mentioned above I’ve been using the Amazon Music app to play music on my Denon X6500H AVR. It’s been easier to use and I can create playlists. About a week ago, when a song got down to 30 seconds, sometimes 10 seconds, it would skip to the next song. I would loose the nice screen display...