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  1. wranim8

    HBO Max HBO Max (Official Thread)

    Watched National Velvet tonight on the big screen, it looked stunning, so assuming the same transfer for the recent bluray.
  2. wranim8

    HBO Max HBO Max (Official Thread)

    Quite a few classics added this month that were not on HBO Max's official list: Brigadoon National Velvet Travels with my Aunt They Died with their Boots on The World, the Flesh, and the Devil Designing Woman Love in the Afternoon a few from the 1930's I've never heard of.
  3. wranim8

    HBO Max HBO Max (Official Thread)

    Actually, some great stuff added that is not on the list! Finally some classic titles like The Pirate, Good News, tons of Harold Lloyd, Mystery of the Wax Museum, San Francisco, Waterloo Bridge, etc.
  4. wranim8

    Love Boat

    They look great, remastered in high def, on Pluto TV and Paramount+
  5. wranim8

    A Few Words About A few words about…™ The Greatest Show on Earth – in Blu-ray

    If the version on Paramount + (still seems to be the same ol' CBS All Access to me) is not the remastered version, it still looks pretty darn good. But I got to tell ya, if you really want some circus entertainment, this video is way more fun and interesting than most of greatest show. Tammy...
  6. wranim8

    Press Release PHE Press Release: Paramount Presents! The Greatest Show On Earth (1952) (Blu-ray)

    Hoping the new release is better than what I saw. Lots of registration problems. Don't know if this was the source for the 4K scan. Could be a really lovely show if the 3 strips were registered properly but the streaming version is not, so I would wait for reviews before buying blindly.
  7. wranim8

    Blu-ray Review A Night in Casablanca Blu-ray Review

    Still have a Super 8 film copy of this pic which I watched many times. Back in the day. Pretty funny, even with some aging out by the bros, but much better than Love Happy,
  8. wranim8

    MGM Press Release: BOND 50 (Blu-ray)

    I love Bond - I've seen them all (even the bad ones) multiple times. But quite frankly, I have a hard time watching them much anymore just because I'm tired of them. The blu-rays of Bonds I have, I've watched once. It's great seeing the quality but, blast it, it IS the same movie I've seen...