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  1. Ron D Core

    I need some 3-way design help. . .

    I'm currently helping a friend put together a set of full range towers for his home. He well be using them for 75% music (techno, punk, metal, ambient, rock) and the rest for movies. I was hoping for some feedback on this driver selection, and, if it seems they will work well with one...
  2. Ron D Core

    diy fiberglass/epoxy

    Would anyone here have any links to some good diy fiberglassing links? Preferably related to audio, but anything works for me. I came across this stuff the other day. Its an epoxy that goes on surfaces and dries glossy and smooth. Its the same stuff they coat bartops with. Has anyone here...
  3. Ron D Core

    What frequency band do surounds use in 5.1?

    I'm designing some surrounds for my Dolby 5.1 setup, I was wondering which frequencies are sent to those speakers and the center channel. Or are they all full range?
  4. Ron D Core

    Two identical subs or tune them differently?

    I have two PE 250W plates amps, and will be buying either two BPD 1201's or 1001's. I want to make sonosubs with them. Im at a loss with my design though. I want a really low extension but I also want a good transient response. I was thinking about doing one EBS with a 1201 and a sealed one for...
  5. Ron D Core

    What happened to the BPD site?

    I want my subs! I hope he's just re-doing the site.
  6. Ron D Core

    When you say "tuning" are you referring to Fb or F-3?

    Yeah thats all I need to know, I get confused when I hear "tuned."
  7. Ron D Core

    need some x-over advise before I build...

    I designed this 4th order Linkwitz-Riley x-over for my MTM tower setup. How do these graphs look? The amplitude graph is mostly within a 3dB range, but the corner frequencies are half an octave apart. The Focal 7k4211's have a 6dB spike in the upper range and the corner frequency separation plus...
  8. Ron D Core

    how should I bend Formica?

    If I were to build an enclosure with edges with a 3" radius round, how would I form and attach the laminate to it securely, and of course without snapping it. Someone told me to heat it up and it will bend. I live in AZ so heating up black laminate in the sun to about 140 degrees shouldn't be a...
  9. Ron D Core

    What quality components should I use in the Zobel networks?

    Since the impedance EQ is in parallel with the driver, is it really necessary to spend a bunch on top-noch components? And would the 12W resistors from PE work in it? I would be running about 50W rms through the crossover. The X-Over itself is a 3rd order Butterworth with the ladder topology of...
  10. Ron D Core

    baffle step elimination (would this work)

    If I were to elevate the speakers about .25" off the actual baffle with MDF rings, and glued a .25" thick piece of sound absorbing foam to it (so its flush with the speakers), would it help reduce the baffle step and diffraction? Maybe I should draw it out. I saw something like this at a local...
  11. Ron D Core

    Painting MDF

    I will be painting a baffle a satin black color. The speakers are flush mounted and the recesses have been rounded over with a 1/4" bit. The edges have a 45 degree chamber. Any suggestions on how to get a nice, smooth finish on that? All I could think of is lots of sanding, primer and coats of...
  12. Ron D Core

    Can the BPD 1201 handle the PE 250 watt plate amp?

    Yeah that was basically what I needed to know. I bought two of those amps when they were on sale and am looking for the right two woofers for them. The price of the BDP 1201 is very attractive, but I see very few projects with them. They will end up in an apartment until I graduate. I considered...
  13. Ron D Core

    which speaker wire gauges should I use

    Im working on a 3 way (midbass/midrange/tweeter) design that will be taking about 120 watts RMS, but most likely rarely go that high. I'm looking at the monster cable speaker wire throughout the system. What gauges should I use? I'm trying to decide between 14 GA or twelve GA all the way through...
  14. Ron D Core

    T-Lines for BPD 1201's?

    Has anyone out there tried out BPD 1201's in transmission lines? Would this be a suitable woofer for that type of configuration?
  15. Ron D Core

    Send me your pics

    Who ever out there has pics they want to show and dont want to deal with setting up a pain in the butt free webpage just to for that purpose, I just found out that I have 30 megs here at the U of A for a webpage. I would be more than happy to post your pics for you. And if I can figure out how...
  16. Ron D Core

    super thick wood vs. crossbracing.

    What do you guys think would be a better idea if cost and weight are not an issue, tons of cross bracing or really thick sandwiched MDF and ply. I was thinking of doing something With maybe doubled up 1" MDF with 3/4" Birch on the outside. The only thing on the inside would be egg crate and...
  17. Ron D Core

    Heres a render of one tower idea. . .

    Hey everyone! I’ve been reading and posting in this forum for about a month and I couldn’t think of another place with so much helpful info :) Anyways, I wanted to share my idea with everyone so I could get some feedback and helpful criticism as well. I already have all the drivers but the...
  18. Ron D Core

    Flush mounting Focals

    Does anyone know of a good way to flush mount the Focal drivers with the semi square/circular mount? Making the shape wouldn't be too much of a problem, but the driver needs to sit in a circular whole, and the flanges have to sort overlap too much. Is my only option to make a .125 or .25"...
  19. Ron D Core

    sealed or ported midbass drivers

    I've been in the process of designing a pair of 4 way loudspeakers. The plan is to go with two Focal 8V4411 8" mid-bass drivers in each speaker for (60-80)-1500 Hz. The high pass will depend on the sub, which will be one BPD 1201 for each tower. Should I put the 8's in a ported sealed or...
  20. Ron D Core

    Any wood staining experts out there?

    What types of stains work well with Birch plywood. I was looking at a light, redish-orangish color. I want to get them nice and glossy, how would I go about doing that? I figured just some coats of high gloss-polyurithane and a few hours of buffing on well sanded wood. What would be the best...
  21. Ron D Core

    Parts Express Plate Amps

    I plan on running 4 12 inch BPD 1201's in a pair of huge towers. Yes...huge. Anyways, I was wondering on how well the PE 250 watt plate amps perform. I have little experienc with class AB amps. My consern is with the accuracy of the 250w RMS rating. If anyone out there has any experience...
  22. Ron D Core

    Port shape

    How much can the shape of the port change the sound? Is there a big difference betweem a long, slot port and a circualr pipe?
  23. Ron D Core

    Speaker Design Software

    Has anyone had any experience with BassBoxPro and X-Over Pro from PE? All I know so far is that the company who makes the programs has good customer service (through e-mail anyway). The price seems resonable and I think its time I retire my crippled trial version of lspCAD. I would love to...
  24. Ron D Core

    Car subs in the house

    I was wondering how a high excursion car subwoofer would compare to a home one? I've built a couple home subs for my house form car subwoofers and they sound pretty good, but ive never built any using an HT driver. I used to have a JL Audio 15w3 in a 5 cubic foot ported box with about 250...
  25. Ron D Core

    SVS Subwoofers

    I was wondering about these SVS subs. Are they anything more than well built sonosubs with good drivers? Has anyone here had any experience with them and seen their anatomy?
  26. Ron D Core

    sonotube midrange

    Has anyone out there used sonotube, or some type of piping for midranges in 3 way systems?
  27. Ron D Core

    Aperiodic Vent

    I was wondering the advantages of using aperiodic vents and when they would usually be used. All i understand is that they lower system Q. Im trying to design a 3 way system with two 8's crossed over at 500Hz in a ported chamber and two 5 inch open back midranges taking over from there (and a...
  28. Ron D Core

    crossover construction

    Are there any tricks or important things to know when building a set of crossovers without a pc board? Should the components just be soldered by the wires coming off of them, and if they arent long enough, what type of wire should be used to connect them? Ive heard different things from many...