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  1. Jodee

    Soderbergh fans: his directorial debut coming out on DVD!

    I just saw this is coming out on DVD on March 22nd: Since I am a big Soderbergh fan, I knew that he directed this. I am not a Yes fan, but am considering adding it to the collection, for completion's sake. :) Now we still need Kafka and King of the Hill.
  2. Jodee

    Was "The Thing Called Love" DVD cancelled?

    I remember a few months back Paramount's fall DVD release schedule was posted here, and Peter Bogdanovich's "The Thing Called Love" was set to come out on 10/26. Now I can't find it listed at any online retailer for sale. Does anyone know if this was pushed back, shelved indefinitely, or...
  3. Jodee

    Cool names from classic films - need baby name suggestions

    Hello all, I just found out that I am pregnant with my first child and hubby & I are both very excited. We are already talking about baby names and I'd love to come up with something from an old movie or an homage to a great director. I am drawing a blank right now, and hubby has already...
  4. Jodee

    Dead Zone Season 2 - street date pushed back?

    This was supposed to be released March 16. I was all set to place my order at Amazon along with 21 Grams (so they would ship out together) but I noticed Amazon now has the street date for Dead Zone S2 as June 8th. I checked DVD Empire and TvShowsonDVd.com and they both have the March street...
  5. Jodee

    Open old Mac discs on PC?

    Hi, I'm wondering if anyone can help here. It's been 11 years since finishing my undergrad degree, and I am applying to graduate school. I need to submit some academic writing samples from my old research papers. I have all my papers saved on Mac discs from the early 90s. They are...
  6. Jodee

    John Ritter movies unreleased on DVD

    The untimely passing of John Ritter got me thinking about how my favorite work of his was not the sitcoms he was most known for, but some of the films he has done. And then I started thinking about what a shame that so many of these films are not even available on DVD. I am especially...
  7. Jodee

    Citizen Ruth! YES!

    DVD File reports today that Buena Vista will be releasing Citizen Ruth on February 4th, 2003. Anamorphic widesceen AND a commentary by Alexander Payne. I am so excited. Fans of Payne's Election should definitely check out this earlier film.
  8. Jodee

    The Last Seduction DVD on 11/19

    I hadn't seen this posted yet, but I know there's other fans of this movie here so I wanted to let everyone know. The only thing that worries me is that Artisan is putting this out and their track record with OAR lately hasn't been great. I'm hoping this disc will be in widescreen. This...
  9. Jodee

    11/5/02 - Sunset Boulevard, To Catch a Thief, Roman Holiday, Italian Job

    Just saw these four Paramount releases added for pre-order at DVD Empire today: ALL COMING 11/5/02 Sunset Boulevard: Special Collector's Edition Commentary by Ed Sikov The Making-Of Sunset Boulevard Featurette The Music of Sunset Boulevard Featurette Hollywood Location Map...
  10. Jodee

    Star Trek III: Search for Spock SE - 10/8/02

    It looks like Paramount is true to their word on re-doing the Star Trek movies in order. DVDEmpire just posted the pre-order for STIII - Special Collector's Edition - October 8th! This Trek fan is running out of money this fall...
  11. Jodee

    Aspect ratio of upcoming Buena Vista catalog titles

    I have been concerned that some upcoming Buena Vista catalog titles will be panned & scanned-- such as Can't Buy Me Love, Swing kids, Betsy's Wedding, and Alive. None of the online retailers seem to have aspect ratio info on these titles. I finally called the Disney toll free number...
  12. Jodee

    Beat the Geeks returns tonight

    Okay, I think I was one of two people who watched this show, but Beat the Geeks is starting up again on Comedy Central tonight. It has a new host and supposedly has been slightly re-vamped. Thankfully, they kept the better geeks: the TV geek, movie geek, and the long-haired music geek...
  13. Jodee

    KANDAHAR to be released on DVD in Canada

    I was looking at a Canadian DVD site, and I saw a pre-order for the acclaimed film Kandahar, coming May 14. The DVD appears to be anamorphic and with a ton of extra features: commentary, making-of and the like. This movie was just at my local art-house theatre about a month or two ago and I...
  14. Jodee

    Planet of the Apes TV Series - cool case!

    I haven't seen anyone post about this so I thought I'd bring it up. I just received my POTA TV show box set (4 discs) and the case is very cool, unlike anything I've ever seen before. It is like a keepcase only about 4 times as think (sort of like a double- "double keepcase). It opens up like...
  15. Jodee

    Citizen Kane artwork ruined by anti-theft tag

    I received Citizen Kane and the packaging is great, except Warner had to ruin it with their anti-theft tags. The packaging has artwork behind the clear tray that the discs sit on, and they put the big ugly white anti-theft tag ON TOP of the artwork underneath the clear plastic. SO when you open...
  16. Jodee

    "Things Behind the Sun"

    I was wondering if anyone else had seen this? I am a HUGE Allison Anders fan (Grace of My Heart, Sugar Town) and I have been looking forward to seeing this movie since I read about the rave reviews at the Sundance premiere. I think Anders was wise to go the Showtime route as opposed to...
  17. Jodee

    *** Official "GHOST WORLD" Review Thread

    Has anyone else seen this charming little film? I'm surprised I haven't seen a thread here. It finally opened up at my local arthouse theatre and we saw it Friday night. Great film starring Thora Birch, Illeana Douglas, and Steve Buscemi. Buscemi shines as an unlikely romantic lead! Thora Birch...
  18. Jodee

    Fox: Please release What a Way to Go! (1964)

    This is one of my all-time favorite movies ever since I caught it on TV when I was younger. I would always watch it whenever it was on TV since it was never released on video or laserdisc. I caught a letterbox showing on AMC the other day...wow! This is a great cinemascope production and would...
  19. Jodee

    Help with IR Blaster!/ Changing channels

    I bought a ReplayTV last December and I love it. I have absolutely no complaints about it, except for one thing: it only changes channels correctly about 90% of the time. If i am watching a movie or something and I am about to tape an important show, I find myself watching the cable box like a...