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  1. Bruce Cadotte

    Does a $50 128mb PCI video card exist?

    Nvidia GeForce FX 5200 was out at my local Best Buy Today for $99.00 both PCI and AGP seems like a great deal for a 128 DDR Ram Video Card vs. the Ti-4200 at $199.00 and the Ti-4600 at $299.00 so i purchased one and installed it 2 hours ago(still playing with it).
  2. Bruce Cadotte

    ATI DVI to Component adapter

    Q7: What modes can I watch DVDs in? A7: DVD playback is supported in 480i and 480p modes due to Macrovision restrictions. from the FAQ on the Adapter.
  3. Bruce Cadotte

    Dish or Cable opinions please

    All Digital signals are compressed for Transmission-Comcast are,Dish are,Direct TV are-it is how much they are compressed that can affect what we watch(break-up,pixels,etc)720P to 1080i is not compression,it is up and down converting. I tried Comcast HD service 3 weeks ago for a trial(have...
  4. Bruce Cadotte

    Dish or Cable opinions please

    720p vs 1080i takes up the same amount of room on the Transponders(720P maybe the better because it is progressive(60 full frames per second vs 1080i-30 frames on(half and half) per second) that they have-Dish is switching to 8PSK so they can carry more then 1 HDTV channel per Transponder when...
  5. Bruce Cadotte

    Alias 01/26/03 - Phase One

    just this...........damn
  6. Bruce Cadotte

    New one from the Girlfriend.

    Maybe it is time to start a new thread about what"stories"we tell our mates about this "evil";) hobby of ours-the worst i ever said to my wife is when i upgraded my speakers from Infinity RS-5's to Definitive Technology 2006's,she noticed them so i told her they were the same speakers but i...
  7. Bruce Cadotte

    Panasonic RP-82 at Crutchfield

    they were on their website in the scratch & dent area(all of them are gone now) and i am so happy that i checked this morning;) ;) ;) ;)
  8. Bruce Cadotte

    Weekly Roundup 12/31 (& 1/1)

    Note that the controversial film The Barbershop has an actual release date of 1/1/03 (Wednesday), not the usual Tuesday (or occasional Friday) street date. Also be aware that rumors have reached me that this title is delayed further, despite being advertised in everyone's weekly sales flyers...
  9. Bruce Cadotte

    Warren Lieberfarb Out At Warner HV? What Does This Mean?!

    We are looking at this from a DVD standpoint but we should at it from a different standpoint Movies at the Theater with Warner Brothers probably having the best box office in 2003 with 2 Matrix movies,Terminator 3,Return of the King and others not to metion what monies other Movies have already...
  10. Bruce Cadotte

    Trade Onkyo TX-SR600 for 989

    I have the Integra 9.1(upgraded) same as the 989. First the power-the 989/9.1 is one of the few that comes close to meeting their power outputs specs they say 130 watts x7,with all channels driven-126 watts(per Sound and Vision).The specs for the 600 is like 38 watts per channel with all...
  11. Bruce Cadotte

    Def Tech experience? Please help!

    I had the 2006 for my Fronts til i had the itch last year to upgrade and traded them in for the 2002's and the difference is more then i thought but the 2006's never seem to fill the room like the 2002's do,i get a lot more detail like things i was missing on the 2006's but hear quite planly on...
  12. Bruce Cadotte

    Comcast HD in SE Michigan?

    The other reason why "by Thanksgiving" is that WDIV is going to broadcast the parade in 1080i-live on Thanksgiving Day.
  13. Bruce Cadotte

    Women prefer HDTV over diamonds (Wired News)

    myself to wife:honey,would you like a new HDTV that we can watch DVD's at their 16x9 greatness and some of your favorite shows in 1080i like CSI and ER or would you like a one caret diamond Ring? Wife's answer:After fifteen years you don't the answer to that......the Ring of course,now lets go...
  14. Bruce Cadotte

    DTS 96/24 Format Playback..

    On my Integra 9.1(upgraded)when i play the Queen Disc it comes out as DTS 96/24 on the screen of my receiver when i select that option on the menu of the Disc.
  15. Bruce Cadotte

    *** Official 'Star Wars: Attack of the Clones' DVD Announcement/Discussion thread

    Just got mine at this store that puts all new stuff(Tuesdays releases)out on the Friday before,going to watch it t-nite on my Projector when it gets dark-hard to wait,must not watch on TV upstairs,i must resist.;) ;)
  16. Bruce Cadotte

    anchor bay 2003 slate incl The Hulk, The Man who fell to earth 2disc and many others

    Crime Story - The Complete Series I wonder how(and when) they will release these,as season sets or the other way like how Star Trek:TOS was released or some other way?
  17. Bruce Cadotte

    Hoya FL-D Filter for Sony VW10-HT Projector-What Size?

    I have heard good things about this filter helping with the Black level on this Projector and i would like to buy one but i need to know the size,Thanks.
  18. Bruce Cadotte

    Anyone ever find a "surprise" DD 5.1 soundtrack on a LaserDisc?

    Lion King has one and i did not know it but it sounds great.
  19. Bruce Cadotte

    Outlaw 950, take three...

    this is the e-mail i justed sent to outlaw "hello,i just checked my 950 for hiss again with my sound meter because i did not know that you should check the analog inputs also which i did(all of them and the 5.1 input also) thanks to recent posts(only checked digital inputs before)anyways on the...
  20. Bruce Cadotte

    Need Opinions on Sony DVD player

    i only said it provides a better picture then my RP91K on my projector,but the 715 did not look as good on my RPTV(Toshiba 50HX81)upstairs as the 91 did,the picture was a little soft with the 715 but with the 91 it looked a lot better(sharper),