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  1. Chad Isaacs

    Thinking about buying a motorcycle.

    Well, after a "gentle" nudge from the other half I have been thinking about buying my first motorcycle. I have only ridden once and I was 6 then. I plan on taking a motorcycle class and all that and spending some time with her family as they all ride bikes. What should I be looking at? I am...
  2. Chad Isaacs

    painting the walls dark

    We are preparing to move in a month or so. We are currently renting but will be buying. We have a room set aside for movies and things we don't want the kids dirty hands on and I have the go ahead to paint it very dark. It is going to have gray carpet, a black front / screen wall and charcoal...
  3. Chad Isaacs

    Can you IB a guitar speaker?

    We are in process of purchasing a "new" home.Well, the room that we will be using for our projector and surround sound will have to be multi purpose and also be used for my wife's guitar practice and a few other uses. Well, the back side of this room is where my screen will be and on the other...
  4. Chad Isaacs

    Guitar Pedals?

    Last year my wife really wanted a guitar for her birthday so I broke down and got it for her. Fast forward 10 months later she finally started taking lessons and got it out of the gig bag. Well, for Christmas, I want to get her a new amp ( I have a nice little Marshall Picked out more for name...
  5. Chad Isaacs

    2 channel for dummies

    Last my wife ( more on that later) and I were talking about how much we ( I ) would like to get into 2 channel audio. We have a nice onkyo / jbl 7.1 system with a projector and 110" screen so that end is covered but we both enjoy music as well and our system just does not do justice on music...
  6. Chad Isaacs

    Not happy with 2 channel from my Onkyo

    Hey guys, this is my second Onkyo receiver. My first was the 575 and now I have the SR503 which is 7.1. I have tried some of the different set ups but I have never liked 2 channel from this, it was great on my 575 so what gives? I usually end up on all channel stereo when listening to music and...
  7. Chad Isaacs


    Hey guys.. some may laugh, I even laugh at myself for this but I have been listening to my Damian Rice "O" cd a lot lately and I love the opera singer on the song Eskimo. I was wondering what you would reccomend based solely on that. I do most of my music listening at work.. with headphones...
  8. Chad Isaacs

    Ghost Hunters

    Is it coming back? Any idea's when? I just looked at their website but all of the links I tried are dead and there is a bar at the top and it says season 2.5 on Wednesdays but I don't see anything, Eureka is on then, now.
  9. Chad Isaacs

    Laptop to Monitor help needed

    Hey guys, we are not sure what happened but after we turned our lap top on this morning we noticed that it looks like it has been jumped up and down on as about 1/3 of the screen is all screwy looking. We can get it in for service next week but until then I wanted to connect it into my old...
  10. Chad Isaacs

    Good source for Big and Tall clothing?

    I have always been big and tall but after loosing my job a few months ago I got a little bigger ( don't be jealous) and my clothes don't fit anymore. I am starting a new job on Monday and I found out that there is a very casual dress code ( ironically my slacks and dress shirts still fit just...
  11. Chad Isaacs

    Brewing my own Starbucks

    Around this time last year I lost my coffee maker. I don't mean it died... I think it ran away. I started making a daily stop(s) at my local Starbucks and I got addicted. Well, a few months later I got a really nice coffee maker for my birthday but I still craved the rich and bold Starbucks...
  12. Chad Isaacs


    I was out cutting the grass this afternoon and saw something moving... I looked and it was a turtle. It seems domestic enough, it did not resist my picking it up. Right now it is in decent size tupperwear tote. I poured a bottle of auquafina in with it and thawed out some frozen veggies for it...
  13. Chad Isaacs

    Making the most of my JBL sub

    I recently purchased a whole new set up. Onkyo receiver, Z3 projector, Graywolf screen, OPPO dvd player, JBL Speakers. But after all of that there was not much left for a good sub so I ended up purchasing the JBL 12" sub. I believe it is the 250P, it is the 12" model. It seems to hit one (...
  14. Chad Isaacs

    Any hacks to download stuff "at work"

    I recently stepped down from a management position at work. At my previous desk I had full run of my computer. I like to keep yahoo messenger on my computer so I do not tie up the phone lines if anything happens at home. Now that I am just on a regular old piss on's desk I don't have full access...
  15. Chad Isaacs

    Horror title reccomendations

    Hey guys, A guy here at work somewhat introduced me to horror movies. I had never really been a fan but he let me borrow a few of his titles and got me hooked. Now, we work in seperate departments so I cannot pick his brain as much. So far I have House of 1000 Corpses Devils Rejects Saw...
  16. Chad Isaacs

    Dust cover for a projector

    Hey guys, Last week my Z3 projector was finally delivered. I was home sick with bronchitis most of the week so I had time to play with it at least once or twice a day. Well,now I am back to work and just do not have as much time. Last night when I got home from work ( I work 2-11 pm) I...
  17. Chad Isaacs

    Ok to drill the back of JBL E 20

    Hey guys, I just got my entire new home theater setup last week. I went with E30 and Ec35 for the front, E20 for the sides and E10 for the rears powered by an Onkyo 503 receiver, Oppo dvd player and Z3 projector. I was running out of money so I went with the JBL 250 sub, and guess what, I...
  18. Chad Isaacs

    32" vs 110"

    Hey guys, we are finally getting ready to lay down the plastic and get a front projector, its been a long time coming and something or other always comes up. Well, we had to take out a loan for a few other things ( she needs a new laptop for school) so I finally broke her. Anyway, I have been...
  19. Chad Isaacs

    Red Book

    What is it? I feel silly having to ask. I have been reading here for years and see talk of red book media and redbook players but I have no idea what this magical redbook is.
  20. Chad Isaacs

    Home Theater room in a "rented" basement

    Hey gang, I have been out of the H.T world for a few years now and I have the itch to get back in. I am pretty much starting from scratch now so its clearly going to be a time consuming process. I also have a slim budget to work with. Funny thing is, there is no firm number to work with, just...
  21. Chad Isaacs

    Can I do better for the money?

    I am not a newbie to home theater, just trying to rebuild one and right now I do not have much of a budget to work with, but I took what I do have and "went shopping" I have not ordered this yet as I want some opinions or any different ideas. I will be using the system with a 27" tv for the time...
  22. Chad Isaacs

    Chrisitan "house" type music

    A friend of mine is looking for recomendations for chrisitan music with a dance, techno etc. beat. Any suggesitions?
  23. Chad Isaacs

    More computer trouble

    As I said in a previous post I got a computer for free. For my needs it will be just fine however, its kind of ill right now. I ran the system restore disk and it through my own error ended up wiping out windows as disk 2 was missing.Will I have to purchase the disks from H.P or can I just put a...
  24. Chad Isaacs

    "New" computer trouble

    I was recently given a HP Pavilion xt953. It has Win Me and all the AOl software one could ever want :angry: When I turn the computer on I get a few error messages, one saying that explore has caused an error in syster 32.dll, explorer will now close and the other says taskpanl has caused an...
  25. Chad Isaacs

    We're trying to have a baby too

    My wife and I miscarried early this year and she would give anything to have a baby. We have been trying alot ( not in the spirit of Election but close) and we just have had no luck. Are there any herbs that would make either she or I more potent/ fertile or any sure fire things out side of...
  26. Chad Isaacs

    Signs, signs... everywhere there are signs!

    My wife and I have been seeing a new "band symbol" emerging that we have been curious about. We have attempted to research it, but it seems the only option would be speaking with some of these punky kids sporting it, so that's clearly out of the picture. The symbol clearly originates from a...
  27. Chad Isaacs

    Clone of big speakers?

    I visited my cousins last night. Well,he was proudly showing off his new Rent a Center stereo system. I believe it was Studiotech or somthing like that.But he had 2 very large speakers with 2 15-18" drivers a smaller mid and very large horn tweeter.It also had some sort of cabinet with what I...
  28. Chad Isaacs

    Should I go see Rush tonight?

    I have always like Rush's music though I have never been a big fan.My wife and I get a kids free date night and I just noticed they are playing tonight and tickets prices are not too bad,well,they are horrible by comparison to what they used to be but I digress....should we go?
  29. Chad Isaacs

    Bipoles in the front?

    I am rebuilding my home theater system.Last year,I sold off my Klipsch/Onkyo system and most of my dvds to help out a good friend in need.I still have my SVs 25-31cs although I do need a new amp for it and was considering just getting one of the Dayton 10" subs from PE. I am on a very tight...
  30. Chad Isaacs

    Public street parking.

    Our new home does not have a drive way so we must park on the street.Shortly after moving in we had to park accross the street and the neighbor there insisted we move the car as her husband gets home soon and thats "his" spot...well,after a heated debate about it being public first come first...