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  1. David_Blackwell

    FS- Boston legal Season 1 + 2, Broken Saints

    This sale will go on through Feb 4th. if no one buys them by then, this sale will end and items be withdrawn unless I extend the sale beyond that point. All items will be shipped by Priority Mail or first class. Costs include shipping. Feel free to PM or email with any questions or interest in...
  2. David_Blackwell

    FS- Disney Treasures Wave Six

    The following of Wave Six are for sale: More Silly Symphonies Volume Two The Hardy Boys (1956-1957) Your Host Walt Disney Shipping is included in all prices. $45 for all three or $17 each. I do want to sell all three together if possible. Items sold. PM or email me with any questions
  3. David_Blackwell

    FS- Charlie Chan Volume 2

    Charlie Chan Volume 2 is for sale for $26- SOLD Shipping is included and payment will be by cash or postal money order. Any questions or interested parties can PM me or email me.
  4. David_Blackwell

    Holiday DVD Sale

    This is another chance for anyone wanting to buy DVDs which I have for sale. All prices include 1st class mail shipping unless otherwise noted. Payment accepted is cash or money order The sale will last through Monday night, but I will extend the sale if any interest is shown for the items...
  5. David_Blackwell

    Waterfront- the one starring Joey Pantoliano

    Anyone looking to see this when CBS starts airing it. I have seen the pilot The review can be found here I always think Joey does some of his best work on TV (and I still miss The Handler). Any guesses on what day and time CBS will place this show (and it might be a good show to fill in...
  6. David_Blackwell

    Behind Enemy Lines 2: Axis Of Evil DVD

    Has anyone saw this on DVD? I reviewed it: http://enterline2.tripod.com/behindenemylines2.html I'm just wondering what is the point of creating a pan and sacn transfer when it was filmed in 1.78:1. It would have saved Fox money if they didn't do the transfer and stuck with the 1.78:1...
  7. David_Blackwell

    FS: The Unit S1/ Remington Steele S3, 4&5

    I am putting up the following items for sale for one week. The sale ends on Oct 16th. The Unit Season 1- SOLD Remington Steele S3, S4&5- SOLD above prices don't include shipping. No paypal or checks. email me or PM with questions or offers.
  8. David_Blackwell

    The War of The Worlds (Pendragon Pictures and The Aslyum versions)

    While some of us flock to the theaters to see a big budget version of THE WAR OF THE WORLDS, two Direct To Video (lower budgeted) adaptations of THE WAR OF THE WORLDS have come out to DVD this month: H.G. Wells' THE WAR OF THE WORLDS (from Seattle based Pendragon Pictures) on June 14 and THE WAR...
  9. David_Blackwell

    DVDs For Sale

    Doing a little clearing out to get rid of DVDs I didn't like, an extra copy of a title or two, and ones I may never watch again. For $9: Spider-Man: The New Animated Series (two discs- 13 episodes) For $25: MURDER ONE Season One Roswell Season 2 The Following Have been sold...
  10. David_Blackwell


    For anyone who wants to know a little about the pilot for the series that the WB didn't pick up for series last year, read my review. And it doesn't have Dr.Smith or Penny.
  11. David_Blackwell

    KOJAK (2005) Ongoing Discussion Thread

    I watched the TV movie pilot almost two weeks ago and I think KOJAK is a creative misfire. If the series is anything like this, I would have rather seen them make a second season of TOUCHING EVIL or made the FRANKENSTEIN TV Movie (that aired on USA Network last October with Parker Posey as a...
  12. David_Blackwell

    Crimson Rivers 2: Angels of the Apocalypse

    I loved the movie. I love the sound on the DVD. DVD Review: http://enterline2.tripod.com/crimsonrivers2.html I won't mind if they did a CRIMSON RIVERS 3. Crimson Rivers: Angels of the Apocalypse comes to DVD in the USA on March 29th. I am a little disappointed that they mention some...
  13. David_Blackwell

    NIRVANA/ THE I INSIDE- the latest two DVDs from Miramax and Dimension

    Has anyone watched NIRVANA or THE I INSIDE on DVD? I liekd both of the movies, but THE I INSIDE looks like it will be in my top 10 movies of 2005. NIRVANA: http://enterline2.tripod.com/nirvana.html The thing that is bothering me about this movie is Miramax may have released an edited...
  14. David_Blackwell

    MILLENNIUM Season 2 DVD Reviews

    Merry Christmas, everyone. http://enterline2.tripod.com/millennium_season2.html Since I couldn't find a topic on the US release of MILLENNIUM Season 2, I started this thread. Enjoy.
  15. David_Blackwell

    Stander DVD starring Tom Jane

    I thought there was another thread about this movie than the Press Release for the DVD, but I couldn't find it. Here is my review of the STANDER DVD: http://enterline2.tripod.com/stander.html So I wonder who will be renting or buying STANDER on DVD? It isn't a bad movie at all for a ture...
  16. David_Blackwell

    What extras are on the 2 disc Blueberry DVD in France?

    I'm curious about what extras are on the two disc release of Blueberry in france. The title is known as Renegade in the USA. Renegade was released as a single disc with previews and no extras. Can anyone tell me what extras are on the french release since I don't speak French and Amazon.fr...
  17. David_Blackwell

    Warriors of Heaven and Earth DVD

    Warriors of Heaven and Earth comes out on DVD on December 7th. Here is my review. Who plans to rent or buy this DVD? I loved this Chinese Western. I think Columbia did a good job with the DVD. I can't wait for HOUSE OF FLYING DAGGERS.
  18. David_Blackwell

    What Miramax/Dimension titles are waiting for DVD (including long delayed ones)?

    Variety has reported MINDHUNTERS is heading straight to DVD (after they pulled it from the theatrical release schedule twice), and so is the 2000 film DARKNESS (starring Anna Paquin). So I wonder if people here can tell me what titles have been waiting to come to DVD (especially long-delayed...
  19. David_Blackwell

    *** Official THE VILLAGE Review Thread

    What was the twist at the end? Can anyone give it in SPOILER tags? I'm just not planning to see this movie since THE SIXTH SENSE was only good on the first view (boring afterwards), SIGNS was disappointing, and UNBREAKABLE was the only movie that M. Night did that I liked.
  20. David_Blackwell

    Secret Window DVD reviews, anyone?

    I know DVD Talk has a review up for Secret Window. My DVD review of secret Window is up: http://enterline2.tripod.com/_enterline/id28.html Not a bad movie (even though I guessed the twist early on).
  21. David_Blackwell


    I'm wondering where the Region 1 reviews of the STARSHIP TROOPERS 2: HERO OF THE FEDERATION DVD are. Here is mine: http://enterline2.tripod.com/_enterline/id24.html So I have one question. Do you see this as a rental or a DVD to buy?
  22. David_Blackwell

    What summer TV shows and TV movies will you be watching?

    The Summer TV season is almost upon us. I'm waiting for: 4400 Stargate Atlantis Nip/Tuck season 2 Foyle's War season 2 I've written an article on some of the shows coming out this summer on US TV (more shows may be added to the article later): http://enterline2.tripod.com/id24.html...
  23. David_Blackwell

    Movies Unreleased in the USA- which ones haven't seen the light of day?

    I keep hearing about movies being made that never see release and movies that were made (but never see release in the US but I'm not refferring to the majority of foreign language movies that never see release in the USA). I hear Miramax/Dimension filmed a Modesty Blaise preqquel to hold onto...
  24. David_Blackwell

    "THE STATEMENT" DVD discussion thread

    Since I couldn't find any discussion threads on this DVD, I started it for discussion of the DVD and posting of links to outside reviews. I'll start off by posting the link to my review of the DVD. http://enterline2.tripod.com/_enterline/id18.html Be Seeing You, David Blackwell
  25. David_Blackwell

    SPARTACUS mini-series discussion thread.

    I received the press kit for SPARTACUS yesterday and click below for my review of the mini-series. Do be aware that I might do some changes to the review over the next day (I might add to it if I think of anything more to say)? http://enterline2.tripod.com/_enterline/id17.html So who will...
  26. David_Blackwell

    TUBE DVD- Korean action movie- 4/20/2004

    I have just put up my review of TUBE. TUBE is a Korean action movie that will be released by Columbia on 4/20/2004. review: http://enterline2.tripod.com/_enterline/id1.html So also feel free to post links to other reviews of this DVD in this thread. Anyone looking foward to watching...
  27. David_Blackwell

    Roswell S1 DVDs being released in Japan

    I see Japan gets Roswell in May, but they only get at the rate of 2 episodes per DVD volume. The covers aren't bad for the Japan releases by 20th Century FOX Japan. But the cost of 4 episodes equals the cost of the DVD set in the US. I wonder if they have the original music on the Japan DVDs...
  28. David_Blackwell

    VAMPIRE EFFECT- the one with the Twins and Jackie Chan

    I watched this movie on DVD last week. I finally put up the review. http://enterline2.tripod.com/enterline/id130.html So who is looking foward to buy or rent this Hong kong vampire movie? Who will think it will be just a rental after reading my review? Are there any other reviews of this...
  29. David_Blackwell

    The Rundown DVD discussion thread

    This thread has been started to discuss the DVD of THE RUNDOWN and for posting of links to outside reviews. If there is another thread on this DVD, please merge this thread. THE RUNDOWN comes to DVD on Tuesday, March 23. Go here for my DVD review...
  30. David_Blackwell

    HONEY- a Guilty Pleasure DVD?

    I sat down and watched HONEY this week. it made me wonder after thinking about it after watching everything on the DVD if this movie will be a guilty pleasure on DVD. Don't ask me what the DVD-ROM content on this one because I did put this into my computer's DVD ROM and it showed teh same screen...