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  1. RogerB

    Any Kurzweil Owners Out There?

    Just two years after letting me build my dream home theater, my wife let me buy a Kurzweil Mark 12i digital piano. We drove up to Chicago to pick it up this past weekend. It sounds awesome. It makes me sound better than I am. I'm finding that a lot of the MIDI files on the Internet (the free...
  2. RogerB

    Name this movie....

    Need help finding a movie title. My wife remembers seeing this movie in the early 80's. She would have been in her early teens. There was a woman having dreams/visions of a red room (the room and everything in it was red) and being chased. At the end she was running and jumped over a guy she...
  3. RogerB

    9/30/02 - CSI Miami Question

    I missed the last 15 minutes! Can someone please tell me how it ended? THanks!
  4. RogerB

    Computer/Printer Riddle

    My neighbor is having the following problem with his printer: He has a Compaq PC and a Lexmark printer. When he prints documents from various applications the letters are either smudged or the top half of the letters are too high. He has been on the phone with Lexmark tech support three...
  5. RogerB

    New Joke

    My son claims that he made this one up: Q: What do you call a dog in a submarine? A: A sub woofer.
  6. RogerB

    Never get your Gizmo wet!

    BEFORE: Link Removed AFTER: Link Removed
  7. RogerB

    The Case of the Missing CD-ROMs

    My 8 year old son recently discovered that seven of his CD-ROMs are missing (he has the cases but no CDs). We quized his 2 year old sister about them yesterday but every time we asked her "where did the CD-ROMs go?" she would answer by opening the CD-ROM drive and pointing. She's the only one...
  8. RogerB

    Calista Flockhart in Indiana Jones 4?!

    From www.imdb.com: Actress Calista Flockhart is apparently planning to team up with boyfriend Harrison Ford in the next Indiana Jones movie. Filming on Indiana Jones 4 is due to begin in May 2004, with the film looking more adult than its 1980s predecessors. A source says, "Harrison Ford had...
  9. RogerB

    Bowie on A&E Live By Request

    If you're a Bowie fan you've got to see this! I came upon it by accident this past weekend and had missed the first 30 minutes. The band was fantastic. Bowie's voice was in excellent form. The song choices were fair but even tired tunes like "Let's Dance" were given a terrific new arrangement...
  10. RogerB

    Best pie recipe in the world!

    My wife has discovered allrecipes.com and my waist is showing it! Users are able to rate the recipes based on a number of factors. The highest rating is 5 stars. EVERYTHING she has made that was rated 5 stars has been amazingly delicious. Many of them very simple. She made this pie on Sunday...
  11. RogerB

    Anyone buying David Bowie - Heathen?

    I haven't seen any "consumer" reviews yet. Bowie is on my always-buy list so I'll pick it up regardless. If you've heard it, what do you think?
  12. RogerB

    What's your favorite painting?

    I like almost everything van Gogh painted. One of my favorites is Church at Auvers. There's only have one van Gogh hanging at the Indianapolis Museum of Art. Put me in a room with a van Gogh and I'll get choked up every time.
  13. RogerB

    Can any Brits offer London & Wimbledon tips?

    My sister-in-law and her friend will be in London the first week of July. Neither one of them has been there before. They definitely want to see a match or two at Wimbledon. They've been checking Ebay for tickets. Do you think this is their best bet? What else should a couple of single women...
  14. RogerB

    IE 6.0 Question

    How do I get IE 6.0 to STOP resizing pictures to fit my browser window? Every time I pull up a large image that I want to scroll to examine closely, IE automatically resizes it. Thanks!
  15. RogerB

    Our Puppy

    Just found out this morning that our new puppy will arrive May 16. He's a Coton de Tulear (recognized by the American Rare Breed Association). We're calling him Gizmo right now but considering the date of his arrival (AOTC release date), maybe we should think of something more appropriate...
  16. RogerB

    Good Writing Top Ten List

    Top 10 Ways to Write Good 10. Always avoid alliteration. 9. Proofread carefully to see if you any words out. 8. Analogies in writing are like feathers on a snake. 7. Don't use commas, that aren't necessary. 6. And don't start a sentence with a conjunction. 5. Don't abbrev. 4...
  17. RogerB

    Can be yours for only $87,795.00....

    Is this for real? JVC Projector on Ebay
  18. RogerB

    Check out my faux ticket booth

    I've been thinking about doing this ever since I finished the theater. Finally got around to starting it a couple of weeks ago and just finished it tonight. It wasn't hard but it took a lot of time. The Lobby
  19. RogerB

    The Matrix Reloaded website

    Check it out: The Matrix Reloaded
  20. RogerB

    Excite ===> AT&T; can't get Google.com

    My cable internet service provider switched from [email protected] to AT&T Broadband over the weekend. The change-over went smoothly and I can access all web sites except Google.com (I get a "server not found" error page). I called Tech Support and they were able to access Google.com so I know it's...
  21. RogerB

    FOX: What's up with Moulin Rouge DTS???

    It has been over a month since someone from Fox posted here and asked for examples of the DTS soundtrack problems on Moulin Rouge. Could we get an update?
  22. RogerB

    Help with MS Word

    Is there a way to compare two .txt files using Word? I have a bunch of files to compare. They should be identical so I want something to show me the differences. Thanks!
  23. RogerB

    Top 100 Trailers of 2001

    Saw this link over at theforce.net while reading the 'NSync is gone news. Link Removed Here's their worst 10: 10.The Glass House 9. Glitter 8. Save the Last Dance 7. Austin Powers: Goldmember 6. Josie and the Pussycats 5. Eight Legged Freaks 4. Black Knight 3. Domestic...
  24. RogerB

    Help with visit to NYC/Manhattan

    My wife and her sister are planning a trip to NYC later this month. They will be staying in an apartment located on the upper east side of Manhattan. None of us is familiar with NYC. Is this a good area to stay in? What should they try to see/do? Thanks!