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  1. Phil_L

    *** Official SEX AND THE CITY Discussion Thread

    I really enjoyed the film and didn't really notice the length. The audience I saw it with in Boston applauded. I think there was a lot of pent up demand for more from these characters. I loved Charlotte's moments in this film, particularly Otherwise a really enjoyable evening at the...
  2. Phil_L

    2007 MTV VMAs

    Wow.....Britney Spears. Holy cow, that was bad. I actually like the new track, Gimme More, and have always liked Brit, but this was unwatchable. She was either distracted, uninterested, nervous or drunk. She was totally detached from the performance, made no effort to make her lip-syncing...
  3. Phil_L

    30 Rock Season 1 audio problem?

    The episode on Disc 1 entitled Jack Meets Dennis, I noticed some audio problems during the opening scene in Rockefeller Plaza. The dialogue is drowned out by the music and also seems out of sync. Anyone else notice this?
  4. Phil_L

    How do you start a really good fire in the fireplace with real wood?

    This is my first place with a fireplace and I can't seem to get good fires going unless I use those fake starter logs. I really want to use real wood. I know the drier the wood the better, and I need to get a good wood delivery service. But is there anything else I can do? Thanks in advance.
  5. Phil_L

    Thinking about switching from TiVo to Cox Cable DVR, any thoughts?

    Thinking about switching from TiVo to Cox Cable DVR and wanted to know if anyone has made a similar switch? Concerned about ease of use, features, functionality, etc.
  6. Phil_L

    Pearl Jam using Ticketmaster??

    I remember several years ago Pearl Jam spoke out against Ticketmaster and their monopoly and "convenience charges." Now Pearl Jam's summer dates area being sold through TM. Did I miss their reconciliation or is it just market forces that forced Pearl Jam's hand, for example that many venues only...
  7. Phil_L

    Having fun in the snow?

    We're getting quite a winter blast in New England! I'm under a blanket, watching DVD's, drinking coffee and reading the Sunday paper. BEST DAY EVER! :emoji_thumbsup: . . . . . Until it stops snowing and I have to go shovel :thumbsdown:
  8. Phil_L

    Where to Buy Men's Business Bags?

    I need a new bag for work, something leather, sleak, not to be confused with the traditional briefcase that my father carries or the messenger bag that our bike messenger carries. There are lots of nice LV or Ferragamo bags, but I don't want to spend $1200 just for a bag! Has anyone found a...
  9. Phil_L

    Best way to wrap a larger Christmas present?

    I bought my Mom a new TV for her new kitchen. It's only 14" but the box is rather large, certainly larger than I have wrapped in the past. So any suggesstions on nice/creative ways to wrap it without throwing a Hefty bag over it?
  10. Phil_L

    Anyone tried Sylvester Stallone's Protein Pudding?

    They sell this stuff at my gym and it's gotten alot of attention. Wondering if it is worth my money.
  11. Phil_L

    My Secret Shame......I Can't Drive Stick Shift

    OK, I think I am ready to admit it. I can't drive stick. this is particularly embarrassing for a car buff like myself. When I learned to drive my parents only owned automatic cars and that's all I've ever owned. Do you think there are driving schools out there that offer lessons to teach...
  12. Phil_L

    Studying for the Bar Exam......any tips?

    I just started the BarBri bar review course this week, so life stinks. I am interested to know if any of you guys and gals had hints, strategies or tips for the bar. Taking two of them, actually, MA & RI, and of course, the multi-state.
  13. Phil_L

    Kylie Minogue Has Breast Cancer

    I read this on CNN this morning http://www.cnn.com/2005/WORLD/asiapc...cer/index.html This is really upsetting news. I am a big fan and am just gutted.
  14. Phil_L

    Diet Coke with Splenda

    Tried it this week and was quite pleased. Sweeter than regular Diet Coke, not as sickeningly sweet as Pepsi. Since I only drink diet soda (if I drink any soda at all) I like having a good variety from which to choose. Anyone else try it?
  15. Phil_L

    Good Allergy Eye Drops??

    I hate this time of year. Some days my eyes are bad enough that I can't wear my contacts and at night become VERY and itchy and dry. Anyone know a good over the counter allergy eyedrop?
  16. Phil_L

    Family Guy: Live In Vegas Soundtrack

    This CD/DVD combo comes out Tuesday. Saw it in the Circuit City flyer. Anyone know a tracklisting or have any info on this release??? Couldn't figure out where to post this since it's about a TV Show, includes a DVD and a CD.
  17. Phil_L

    What to do with my old DVD player?

    My much loved Panny has died (won't read discs). What should I do with it? Can I sell it for parts? Any advice is welcome, though I don't want to resort to eBay. Cheers!
  18. Phil_L

    Anyone else interested in a Breakfast Club reunion??

    Caught the Breakfast Club on AMC tonight. Reunion rumors have been popping up on and off for years now. I'd love to see one. Any word on new rumors or news, etc???
  19. Phil_L

    Has anyone had Ulnar Nerve Surgery??

    Thinking my elbow problems might have to be resolved in this manner. Anyone with any experience with this surgery? Thanks
  20. Phil_L

    New Garbage Record "Bleed Like Me"

    Anyone else really excited about this? Heard the first single "Why Do You Love Me" and really love it.
  21. Phil_L

    Kathy Griffin D-List on DVD???

    I really loved this special. Anyone have any word on a possible DVD release?
  22. Phil_L

    Do you tip a cleaning lady??

    I hire a big nationwide chain of cleaning services to clean my house. We have a set price and they just ask that I leave a check for the ladies who come to clean. Do I leave them a tip as well?
  23. Phil_L

    How do I find a good Personal Trainer

    My gym offers personal trainer services but I wasn't impressed. Any suggestions on where to begin?
  24. Phil_L

    Starbucks' Peppermint Mocha....Best Drink Ever???

    I am totally and completely addicted to these. I am enjoying one as we speak. Anyone else in love with the Peppermint Mocha?
  25. Phil_L

    Ellen DeGeneres & Portia de Rossi a couple????

    IMDB story today says these two are a couple now. How did I not know that Portia de Rossi was a lesbian??? Is this well known? For better or worse, the sexual orientation of celebs usually gets alot of ink. Makes me think I would have heard of this before. Well, anyway, good luck to both of them!
  26. Phil_L

    Can someone catch me up on all the Star Jones jokes I don't get???

    So her weddding is all over the news, which seems a little silly. I keep hearing gay jokes about her new husband. What did I miss? Is he gay and it's just an open "secret" like the Liza/David Gest thing? Am I out of the loop?
  27. Phil_L

    Coffee: Good or Bad for Me?

    I have been drinking alot of coffee lately. I use skim milk and sugar substitute. Is alot of coffee bad for you, aside from the obvious side effects of caffeine?
  28. Phil_L

    Blue Collar TV

    Can someone please explain the appeal of this Comedy Central show? Maybe it's the New Englander in me, but I just don't get it.
  29. Phil_L

    Conan on Comedy Central??

    What happened to Conan O'Brien on Comedy Central? They were re-running the show at noon but now I can't find it on the schedule. Is this a temporary thing or did they drop it?
  30. Phil_L

    Best Hard-Drive Backup Method??

    I use a laptop almost exclusively, because i often need to take notes on the go. I also have a desktop at home that i rarely use, but both computers are hooked up to the same router, though not networked. What is the best method for backing up my laptop hard drive? Should I buy an external hard...