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  1. Doug Fogle

    Looking for a pre/pro-sites for info?

    Is there someway to get a list of various pre/pros features and an overview of various ones?There are two features that I must have-BM through the M/C inputs and EQ,preferably auto.Auto EQ seems to be getting almost standard in mid=priced rec. but not pre/pros,while even the manf. sites of...
  2. Doug Fogle

    sub reference level

    Okay,I've got a really stupid question so be kind.What exactly is reference level in terms of dbs?In other words what should I be measuring on my ratshack meter to know I'm playing at reference level on on my system>I know I normally play lower than reference so I wasn't overly concerned but now...
  3. Doug Fogle

    LiteOn "secret menu"

    Okay'very briefly...do you need to be able to access this to playback commercial DVDs in 1080i?And,if so,how do I find out how?This is the only thing holding me back from buying this unit-I want to be sure I can watch movies in 1080i.
  4. Doug Fogle

    Questions on LiteON 2001

    Okay.Ive read the whole thread on this and have a few areas I'd like clarified.Started a new thread because of the length of the other.Here goes...1)Will the 2001 upscale to 1080i straight out of the box or does it need the firmware updates to disable macro?The other threads are confusing on...
  5. Doug Fogle

    Best sub for hybrids

    Okay.both svs and Hsu seem to make great subs and I'm not trying to cause a "mine is better" flame war.But does either of these have an advantage when linked with ribbons?i.e. is one "faster" and thus better able to mesh?Hsu mentions on their website they match well with ribbons,which is why I...
  6. Doug Fogle

    okay maggie owners-help me decide!

    first off,Ilive about 100 miles from the nearest dealer so it is hard for me to demo maggies.I did go hear the 1.6QR and have never been more impressed by a speaker.My question concerns them and the 1.2QR.How much diference is there and which would be better suited for me?I have a 14'by 28' room...
  7. Doug Fogle

    Radia X7

    Does anyone know about these speakers?How do they compare to the X3,which is the only Radia I can find info on?
  8. Doug Fogle

    Dunleavy speakers

    Are these so good it would be worth risking buying unheard?I'd rather not without hearing first but theres no chance of that since they went kaput.I'm talking SCII-what would you compare their sound to?
  9. Doug Fogle

    Info On Vienna Acoustic

    Search function is disabled right now so I thought I'd just ask.Any opininos on these,esp. in the $1000-$2000 dollar range?They sound interesting but I know nothing about them.Any info would help as I continue to search-esp.comparisons to Paridigm,Monitor,Phase Tech...
  10. Doug Fogle

    Phase Tech speakers

    Okay,what does anyone know about these?Heard the 9.1 today and was very impressed.But $1800 is beyond what I wanted to spend,esp. when paridigm st.60's can be had for about $1200.Still,they were nice-a lot of what I like about paradigm these speakers had too,and after listening to them the...
  11. Doug Fogle

    Paradigm 60/Monitor Silver 7

    Well.I'm just looking for input here-If yoy had achance to buy monitor silver 7 for $300 cheaper than paradigm 60's,would you?I like them both,but for different reasons and can't decide which I would be happier with in the long run.Any thought from those who've compared them or been long term...
  12. Doug Fogle

    PSB Stratus or paradigm studio?

    I feel the beginning of another quest here.I'm running mon.series all around and am thinking about upgrading to either studios or another brand=starting with the fronts and moving the 9's to the sides for now.Can't replace the whole system but since what I buy now will effect what else I...
  13. Doug Fogle

    anyone ever hear of RTR?

    I have a pair of RTR 240D's that have been around since at least the 70's.Bought them used a long time ago and on whim recently hooked them up as rears in my system.To my humble ears they sound pretty good,so I thought I would ask-anyone ever heard of this brand of speakers?
  14. Doug Fogle

    modest upgrade for paradigm system

    currently running mon.9 for front,adp-350 for sides and mon.3 for rears.Would like to go direct for sides and have two options: buy 9's or 7's for sides, or move 9's to sides and replace with mon.11 or 90p upfront.My listening is about 60-40 music-movies,and the music listening is about 80-20...
  15. Doug Fogle

    display settings for phillips 963

    Just calibrated my tv(toshiba 55H70)with video essentials and was surprised how much higher the contrast and brightness setings are with the 963.I had a toshiba 5109 and expected to raise the settings some,but not this much.So.I'm looking for some reassurace that I'm not damaging my tv-anyone...
  16. Doug Fogle

    DVD-A on a budget

    Been thinking about the toshiba 4800 or the pan.82 as a dvd-a player option for around $200.Does either one have clear superiority in audio?How about bass mgt?Can I get the benifits of DVD-A at this price point or should I widen my search?