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  1. wally

    Guitar Hero (Les Paul) Guitars on Rock Band for PS3

    I've read that you can use the Les Paul Guitar Hero guitars with Rock Band 2 on the PS3. Anyone able to confirm?
  2. wally

    Palm device to Blackberry

    Anyone make the Palm OS device to Blackberry jump? It looks like it's possible to migrate the contact/calender data from the Blackberry website, but wonder if it works as advertised. I currently have a Palm Tungsten E and am considering the Blackberry Curve.
  3. wally

    On-Line Multiplayer Question

    I'm new to console gaming and never thought I'd like the "shoot/carve 'em ups" till I received Assassin's Creed (PS3) for my birthday. I've just finished that and I'm kind of hooked. I purchased Call of Duty 4 and was wondering if it would be a waste of time after I finish that one to explore...
  4. wally

    Enough Already

    I’m just thoroughly disappointed and have decided not to make a decision in the near future. I have been ready to pull the trigger twice on a PS3 since December, even had one in my hand at BestBuy. While I’d like to see BR prevail, I’d happily plunk down my $$$ for an HD-DVD player and begin...
  5. wally

    Help! PS3 Info Overload.

    OK. I’m just confused on moving to HD media for movies. I’m getting close to pulling the trigger on a PS3 with my spring bonus. Thought I had a good handle on things, but there is so much info here I’m not so sure. I’m looking for a bridge until I can swing either an HDMI switching receiver...
  6. wally

    Background Video

    Starting to plan for our annual winter open house. This year we will add our soon to be completed basement HT. Since I don’t want guests to bog down watching a movie, yet want to “show off” our new HD theater. I was wondering if anyone knew of a DVD with cool background video. Something that has...
  7. wally

    Wire Termination

    Just about to finish our basement so cable order should be going out in a few days. Wondering about speaker wire termination. I’ve got in wall runs to the sides and rear (7.1 setup) and was wondering if I should use one of those spiffy wall plates where my cable exits at the receiver end...
  8. wally

    Yippee, Tosh XS34 up and running!

    Just received the Toshiba XS34 last night. Only had about an hour to play, but I was able to play a prerecorded DVD, record/play to/from the HDD, and DVD-RAM. Build and picture quality look good. I currently have it hooked to a 20” Sony WEGA in our bedroom. I’ve never had a DVD Recorder or...
  9. wally

    PQ on DVD Recorders

    On my travels through other boards, I've read that the Picture Quality of DVD Recorders is not all that good for pre-recorded movies. If I assume that to be true, it's probably not a good idea to rely on a recorder (Toshiba XS35) as the only DVD player in my system, even though it's...
  10. wally

    Speaker runs and electric wiring

    So I’m doing my basement and have it all framed in. Just received my speaker wire from Blue Jeans Cable and am ready to do the runs. My contractor is using the metal studs with the pre-drilled holes. My question; can I route the speaker cables through the same hole as the electric cable or can...
  11. wally

    DVD Recorder with IEEE 1394 input

    I’m in the market for a new DVD recorder. I’ve seen several models with a 1394 input. Having a digital camcorder with Firewire, I’d like to explore how this works (any editing possible) and if anyone had experience with this feature. Ideal would be below $400 Any suggestions?
  12. wally

    DVD Recorder w/IEEE 1394 (Firewire)

    I’m in the market for a new DVD player. Progressive scan is a given and I’d like to keep it below $300-$400. I’ve seen several models with a 1394 input. Having a digital camcorder with Firewire, I’d like to explore how this works (any editing possible) and if anyone had experience with this...
  13. wally

    Speaker Watt Ratings

    I’ve been planning on purchasing the Denon 2105 for a basement project I’m working on. Because of a store liquidation sale this week-end, I was able to upgrade to the 2805 for less than had budgeted for the 2105. Without thinking, I jumped at it. My question is I’ll be driving Klipsch RS-25s...
  14. wally

    Wall mounted surround placement

    The drywall in my new basement will be going up shortly and I have a question of where I should mount my surrounds. I’m purchasing the Klipsch RS-25. Should they be behind the listening position? In-line? Need to purchase and pull the cable soon. Thanks, wally
  15. wally

    Total “Serious TV” Newbee

    Considering I currently watch an 8-year-old 27” RCA, my planned move to a Sony KDF-55WF655 is becoming a bit daunting. My wife has fallen love with this set (I know, major accomplishment), but I feel like I have a case of pre-buyers remorse. I’ve been trying to read up on reviews/technology...
  16. wally

    TV on w/ no signal

    My wife is “Remote Challenged” and has a difficult time turning things off with our Sat Receiver Learning Remote. To try and make it easier on her, I said she just needs to turn off the TV (requires hitting the TV button and power button on remote) she isn’t getting it and is just turning off...
  17. wally

    Help me say Bye-Bye Charter Cable

    Charter cable has taken enough of my money and I’m ready to go satellite. Thanks in advance. Looks like DirectTV vs. Dish Network is similar to DTS vs. DD. Correct? Looks like I can use my existing coax installed for cable. Do I receive Digital Audio? Do I need a phone jack for each...
  18. wally

    Normandy Beaches from London

    Two weeks from today I’ll be winging my way across the pond for a week in London. Other than a day or two work, I’m free to see the sights. Anyway, I’d like to cross the Channel and visit some of the D-Day beaches. Anyone have experience with this. I will not have a car so must rely on a tour...
  19. wally

    Is NEIGHBORS out on DVD? (Consolidated Thread)

    Anyone else up for this 1981 release with a flip-flop of traditional roles with John Belushi as the staid conventional career man, and Dan Aykroyd as the over the top wacko new neighbor. Hello Columbia!!!
  20. wally

    Charter Digital Cable Volume

    Over the last few weeks I’ve noticed a great volume disparity between many of my channels. When switching from a comfortable listening level on i.e., Discovery or a network channel to one of the HBOs, I can hardly hear the HBO. This occurs on all my sets and we haven’t added set top boxes or...
  21. wally

    American Air TransAtlantic Video Entertainment

    I'm traveling to London next month and Seat Guru lists American 777s as having 14 chanels of in seat video plus AirShow. Anyone know what Airshow is?
  22. wally

    American Movie Classics Promo

    While surfing last night I stopped in to watch a few minutes of Sands of Iwo Jima on AMC. During a channel promo they talked about upcoming movies being shown P&S and then again in letterbox. They advertised the letterbox version as “Getting More of the Movie” or something like that. Anyone else...
  23. wally

    Progressive Scan Player

    I searched for the answer to this, but was unable to find it. Sorry if I should have looked further. I'm targeting fall for an upgrade to my TV and am also considering a DVD changer. I've looked and a progressive scan player should be in range of my budget. My question is, do I need to look...
  24. wally

    Problems with Universal’s Free DVD Offer

    I played JP III last night, one of the discs I received from the offer, and there is a problem with the last 3-4 minutes of the movie with stuttering, skipping and blotches of pixelation. I inspected the surface of the disc and it appears to be in perfect shape. The rest of the movie is fine...
  25. wally

    Universal’s Free DVD offer

    Just curious if anyone know if the free DVDs offered by Universal in the January 2003 offer are the same as what is on the store shelf. I just mailed my order today. I guess you can’t go wrong either way for two DVDs for $2.95 S&H, just wondering! Yes 14 of the 16 discs offered free are...
  26. wally

    Serious Criterion Request

    Any chance 12 Monkeys will join the four Terry Gilliam titles already in the Collection? If not, is the audio of the DTS bare bones version significantly better than the CE? wally
  27. wally

    DVD Profiler Problems?

    Anyone else having troubles refreshing online profiles? When I try, I get a green check mark and "skipped" in the status column.
  28. wally

    Sites for New Release Schedules

    I'm looking for a few good sites that list up-coming DVD releases. I know there are quite a loads coming in the near future and would like to start $ planning. I know this has been covered, but my "Favorites" list got zapped and I tried an unsuccessful search.
  29. wally

    Blazing Saddles and 2010

    Strange combination I know, but picked up Wrath of Kahn yesterday and was wondering how these two discs were. Any word on upcoming SEs?
  30. wally

    The Journey to Perfection.

    Does anyone else worry that the passion for our hobby is dulling some of our passion for films? I watched Traffic last night, non-Criterion version, and several times during the movie I caught myself thinking, “Oh oh, was that some scratching in the dialog from the center speaker?” Yes...