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  1. Bruce Cadotte

    Hoya FL-D Filter for Sony VW10-HT Projector-What Size?

    I have heard good things about this filter helping with the Black level on this Projector and i would like to buy one but i need to know the size,Thanks.
  2. Bruce Cadotte

    Outlaw 1050-No Longer A Good Bargain?

    I think with Outlaw working so long on the 950 they have not worked on what will always out sell a pre-pro and is a new receiver,the 1050 is now very outdated and now overpriced check out the Integra DTR-6.3 at http://www.integrahometheater.com/dtr6353.pdf the integra rep was at the home...
  3. Bruce Cadotte

    Cheap and Great Long Component Cables for Projector

    After testing and using my new projector on a table in front of the screen(about 10-11 feet away)i decided to mount it to the ceiling. i needed about 25 feet of component cables from the DVD Player to the Projector vs. the 12 feet of "Better Cables" Component Cables i was using when the...
  4. Bruce Cadotte

    That is IT!!! If no Outlaw 950 by 2/15/02 then...

    i've had it,waiting for the 950 since middle of last year, now that i am done with my basement remodeling job(i have received my projector,my amps,panasonic 91K dvd player, dish 6000)today i was told that my screen will be in on monday,so with my vacation starting on 2/16/02 guess what i...