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  1. Dean DeMass

    F/S: DTS Demo #3

    I have a mint DTS Demo #3 for sale. Price is $13 shipped. E-mail or post your offers here. -Dean-
  2. Dean DeMass

    F/S: Knights of the Old Republic (X-box)

    FOR SALE I have a mint copy of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic for sale. I will sell it for $37 and that includes 1st Class shipping. E-mail or post here your offers and questions. -Dean-
  3. Dean DeMass

    F/S: Phillips Pronto TS1000

    FOR SALE I have a Phillips Pronto TS1000 for sale. The unit is a refurb and works perefectly. It comes with the original manual, but not box. I will ship it via USPS Priority Mail and the cost with shipping is $65. E-mail me with any questions or offers. -Dean-
  4. Dean DeMass

    DVDs For Sale! New and old titles

    DVDs are in great shape and come with all inserts and cases. Prices include 1st Class shipping. E-mail or post your offers here. 8 Mile (Widescreen/Unrated) - $12 *SOLD* Alice In Chains: The Music Bank - $8 Behind Enemy Lines - $8 Ben Folds Five: Complete Sessions at West 54th - $8 Billy...
  5. Dean DeMass

    The Golden Age of Grotesque

    Now this is what Manson's last album should of sounded like. Holywood had some damn fine songs on it, but as a whole, I was disappointed. Grotesque brings my faith back in Manson. Lots of good jammin' tunes and fun lyrics. I personally think the weakest track on the disc is the 1st single...
  6. Dean DeMass

    F/S: PS2 system, games, and accessories

    FOR SALE: PS2 system with all cables, manuals, and orignal packaging. The PS2 is the Gran Turismo 3 package, so the game is included. Also included is an additional Sony brand PS2 controller, one extender cable, a Sony brand PS2 memory card, a Sony brand PS1 memory card, and an S-video...
  7. Dean DeMass

    F/S: DVDs, including Beatles Anthology & a few games

    For Sale The Beatles Anthology - $43 **pending** Titanic - $13 **SOLD** The Perfect Storm - $8 The Insider - $9 Pleasantville - $10 **SOLD** American Beauty - $10 **SOLD** Dante's Peak (DD 5.1) - $7 Deep Impact - $10 **SOLD Fools Rush In (sealed promo) - $5 Incubus Vol. 2: When...
  8. Dean DeMass

    Anyone catch Leo's Freudian slip on the Screen Savers last night?

    Anyone catch the Screen Savers last night during the Real Deals segment? They were talking about Home Theaters in a Box and Patrick mentioned how surround sound brought soundtracks to life. He then goes on to say that The Lord of the Rings soundtrack sounds incredible. Leo then says "yeah...
  9. Dean DeMass

    Crap, Star Wars: KOTOR pushed back again

    Damn't!!! I just saw that KOTOR has been pushed back from the already crappy July 1st release date to July 15th. :angry: This better be the final delay. -Dean-
  10. Dean DeMass

    F/S: DVDs and a couple of games

    All discs are open but in mint condition. All prices include 1st class shipping. Buy multiple DVDs and save money. :) FOR SALE A.I.: Artificial Intelligence (Widescreen) - $12.00 SOLD American Beauty - $9.00 Armageddon: Criterion Collection - $20.00 SOLD Big Trouble in Little China...
  11. Dean DeMass

    FS: Buffy Season 3 and a few games

    For Sale: Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 3 ($33) Mech Assault (X-box) ($30) Tony Hawk 4 (PS2) ($20) Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (PS1) ($20) SOLD All prices include Priority Mail shipping and everything is in mint condition. -Dean-
  12. Dean DeMass

    F/S: Buffy: Seasons 1-3

    For sale only. I am not interested in any trades at this time. All prices inlcude shipping via USPS Priority Mail. Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Complete 1st Season - $23 SOLD Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Complete 2nd Season - $35 SOLD Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Complete 3rd...
  13. Dean DeMass

    The Legend of Zelda: OOT (Gamecube)

    Since people are finally receiving the Zelda bonus disc (I got mine last week), I thought I would start a discussion thread about it. I've played through it a bit and here are my initial thoughts on it. The Positives: * 480p * Controls are just as responsive as the N64 * Cleaner graphics...
  14. Dean DeMass

    Great X-box Live news about NFL2K3

    Don't know if you Beta users saw the e-mail form MS, but they have fixed the dreaded Pause bug. There is now a 90 second timer that counts down when you press the Pause button. If you don't un-Pause the game within 90 seconds, you are given a loss and the other team is given a Win. Here is...
  15. Dean DeMass

    Buffy (X-box) for $29.99

    Amazon.com and Link Removed has Buffy the Vampire Slayer for $29.99. If you don't already have this game, I would easily pick it up for this price. IMHO, it was worth the $49.99 price tag that it formerly had. -Dean-
  16. Dean DeMass

    *** Official "JACKASS: THE MOVIE" Discussion Thread

    Only a few days to go until this Oscar Contender is released. :) I know people here have to be pumped for this. Johnny Knoxville was on Howard last Friday and they were talking about some of the bits in the film, and it sounds funny as hell. Howard then got an advance screening of Jackass...
  17. Dean DeMass

    Packers vs. Bears (MNF)

    Well, as a Packer fan, I never tire of seeing Brett Favre pick apart the Bear defense. :) However, last night was different. It meant a lot more because the Bears are not getting the lucky wins like they did last year. They continue to show that they are a very mediocre team with a great group...
  18. Dean DeMass

    Problem with my Toshiba 50h82

    I have only had this set for about three weeks, but last weekend the TV has a slight red tint on the right side of the screen. It stretches out about 3 inches from the edge and it takes up about 1/2 of the height of the screen. Also, at the bottom of the right hand corner, about 3 inches up...
  19. Dean DeMass

    I saved a life last night!

    I feel real good this morning. I saved a life last night, a wonderful dog named Libby who would have been taken by animal control today and put to sleep. My aunt and uncle's neighbor was a local cop, but now he is sitting in jail for a couple of years. He had two wonderful dogs named Sandy...
  20. Dean DeMass

    Fantasy Football (Non HTF leagues)

    I had my draft this past Saturday night for the FFL that I run and here is my team. Keep in mind this is an 8 team league, so everyone has 4 or 5 great players. QBs: Kurt Warner (my keeper), Kordell Stewart, Danny Wuerfell RBs: Eddie George, Anthony Thomas, Fred Taylor, Clinton Portis...
  21. Dean DeMass

    Halo remix of "The Matrix"

    I saw this ove at DVD Talk. This video is spectacular. The guys who make these have way too much time on their hands, but I hope they keep doing Halo videos. :emoji_thumbsup: Link Removed Just right-click on the link and select Save-As. The file is about 121 MB, but well worth the wait...
  22. Dean DeMass

    NFL2K3 to be released early!

    According to Gamespot, SEGA will be releasing NFL2K3 earlier than expected. The game will now be released on August 13th, along with the new Madden game. You can read about it here. This means that the X-box will see all three of its big football titles released within the next two weeks. this...
  23. Dean DeMass

    Dogma Documentary finally coming to DVD!

    The removed documentary from last years Dogma Special Edition is finally coming out on DVD. According to DVD File it will be on the release of the View Askew film, Vulgar. Click here to read about it. I cannot wait to see this documentary. :emoji_thumbsup: -Dean-
  24. Dean DeMass

    "Hands-on" impressions of Bounty Hunter

    Gamespot has posted a hands-on impression of the new Star Wars game, Bounty Hunter. Click here to read them. It sounds like the game is coming along nicely. Hopefully it lives up to its expectations. I have personally been waiting for a Star Wars Bounty Hunter game for a long, long, long time...
  25. Dean DeMass

    Should I feel guilty?

    I am watching one of my good friends Yellow Lab for the week. Now he is usually a good dog but in the last couple of days he has just driven me up the wall. My two dogs really don't like him because he is a very horny dog and my two are females. They are both fixed, but it doesn't seem to matter...
  26. Dean DeMass

    Gamespot gets "Hands On" with Buffy

    Gamespot has a hands-on article for the highly anticipated Buffy the Vampire Slayer for the X-box. They got to play it for about a half an hour and they seemed to like it. I finally downloaded some movies of the game, and it looks to be a very fun game. We shall find out soon. -Dean-
  27. Dean DeMass

    New Star Wars: Bounty Hunter pics!

    Gamespot has some new pics up for the Star Wars Bounty Hunter game. So far the game looks promising. Click here to see them. -Dean-
  28. Dean DeMass

    ARHHHH! TNN showing Robocop instead of Divas Undressed

    TNN advertises the hell out of the WWE Divas Undressed episode (lingerie show), and instead Robocop is on. WTF? :angry: Is this happening in every market or just Chicago? Even my guide on DirecTV says that it is supposed to be on. What gives? -Dean-
  29. Dean DeMass

    Eternal Darkness Commercial

    Did anyone catch the commercial for Eternal Darkness last night during the Hockey game? It was different than all other Gamecube commercials. No stupid cubes and no stupid setup. Just gameplay footage. It was nice to see all the gameplay footage. Does anyone know if this commercial is online...
  30. Dean DeMass

    Happy Birthday Vince Maskeeper!!!!

    Happy 26th Birthday Vince. I remember my 26th Birthday just like it happened a bit over a year ago. Wait, it did happen just over a year ago. :) Anyways, Happy Birthday to the guy nobody would suspect to be a music genius. ;) P.S., I still disagree with you on Lateralus. :D -Dean-