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  1. J

    Around The World In 80 Days (1956)

    It was released on dvd in 2004 and again in 2018 by Warner Archive.
  2. J

    Trapper John MD

    With Trapper John being a Fox series, the chances of a dvd release are practically non-existent.
  3. J

    The Pruitt's Of Southampton

    It's owned by MGM. A lot of their shows are in the hands of Warner Brothers. So there's a chance. Albeit a slim chance. Warner Archive seems to have given up on classic tv and with their current folding into Warner Media, it's unlikely.
  4. J

    Babylon 5 coming to blu-ray?

    This just posted today at thedigitalbits.com: Also, we’re starting to hear rumors that Warner Bros. Home Entertainment is cooking up a Blu-ray release of the classic Babylon 5 TV series, which would presumably involve some kind of upsampling and remastering. But a number of European retailers...
  5. J

    Babylon 5 coming to blu-ray?

    We have to remember that Warner Brothers owns Babylon 5. Asking Mr. Straczynski to be part of a new release would be a courtesy. Not a necessity.
  6. J

    Babylon 5 coming to blu-ray?

    Ok something is up. I just listened to the most recent Warner Archive podcast. They were reading listener letters and there was a question about the possibility of B5 getting a release on Blu-ray in the proper aspect ratio. The moderator said that while Warner Archive is not involved, others are...
  7. J

    CBS Home Video/MOD RIP

    Approximately 2 years ago I asked Warner Archive about that and they replied that they don't have the rights.
  8. J

    Shows are left in the Warner Archives (1950s-70s)

    I had asked Archive on Facebook a couple of years ago about the Blue Knight. They replied that they had both the miniseries and the regular series and planned to release them. The miniseries has a terrific bluray release. But no sign of the regular series. They’re classic tv releases seem to...
  9. J

    CBS MOD DVD for 2019?

    Thanks for the info! Probably won't happen then.
  10. J

    CBS MOD DVD for 2019?

    I keep hoping we’ll get a release of 12 O’Clock High.
  11. J

    Dan August - The Complete Collection

    Not sure. Check their website.
  12. J

    Dan August - The Complete Collection

    Ordered it from VEI the day it was announced. They shipped it within a few days. Got it in about a week. VEI shipping early ahead of the street date.
  13. J

    Dan August - The Complete Collection

    Definitely better the Cannon and Barnaby Jones. Not up to the gold standard of Five 0, Mission Impossible, Mannix and Streets. But not much below those in picture quality. August looks great!
  14. J

    Dan August - The Complete Collection

    Yep. Corrected myself in the very next post. I’ve watched 3 episodes and they are uncut.
  15. J

    Dan August - The Complete Collection

    4 disks total. Picture quality is excellent.
  16. J

    Dan August - The Complete Collection

    So I stand corrected. I checked a few other series from the same time period and they also run approximately 50 minutes per episode.
  17. J

    Dan August - The Complete Collection

    Just received the set. The good news first: all the episodes, including the telefilm House on Greenapple look great. The telefilm runs an hour and 53 minutes. So it seems to be uncut. On the downside, the hour episodes run between 49 and 50 minutes. For a series from 1970, this means these...
  18. J

    When are We going to see a Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea Blu-ray Release?!

    Not to worry. The Disney buyout is for the motion picture side only. They aren’t interested in the television, news or sports side of Fox. Those will still exist independently of the deal.
  19. J

    Jackie Gleason Color Variety Shows Time/Life...

    Received the set today. I’ve watched the first 2 episodes and did a spot check of the rest. The bad news is that the run times are all over the map. The high end being 50 minutes and low end being 30 minutes. This indicates that every episode is cut. From what I’ve seen, the edits involve the...
  20. J

    Mr. Novak, NBC TV Series 1963-65.

    Apparently it was being planned to coincide with the release of Tim Burton’s feature version of Dark Shadows on blu-ray. But when that film tanked, it was decided that it wouldn’t be worth the additional cost to restore Night of DS. Sit they’re just released the theatrical cut.
  21. J

    Movin' On: Official Release coming Sept 20, 2017

    THe Blue Knight is coming later 2017/early2018 from Warner Archive.
  22. J

    Movin' On: Official Release coming Sept 20, 2017

    I contacted Allied Vaughn to find out if these were uncut or not. To their credit, they contacted the owner of the content Pro Classics for verification. Pro Classics provided a rather non-commital answer: “To the best of our knowledge, these versions are the same as what NBC aired during the...
  23. J

    Movin' On: Official Release coming Sept 20, 2017

    Before I put down $40 per season, I would really like to know if these are uncut.
  24. J

    Green Acres Complete Series 10/17/17

    Received the set today. After a quick spot check of seasons 4, 5 and 6 I'm happy to report that the episodes are uncut.
  25. J

    The Real McCoys

    Buyer beware! Or at least, be aware. Received this set. After a spot check, some episodes are uncut. But most are cut. As far as being remastered, i would hate to see unremastered episodes.
  26. J

    Flipper's coming to Blu-ray

    Just received both sets. After a quick spot check the video quality is very good. Colors are vibrant. No remastering on these. So dust and scratches are evident. 10 -25 minute episodes per disk. Despite the dust, this is the best the series has ever looked.
  27. J

    Angie: The Complete Collection Coming from VEI

    VEI really needs to stop putting the words "the complete collection" on these releases.
  28. J

    The Magician - Bill Bixby

    What was the running time of this episode?
  29. J

    The Magician - Bill Bixby

    I just hope these will be unedited or time compressed. One never knows with VEI.
  30. J

    Time/Life Press Release: Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In: The Complete Series

    Checked an episode guide. Bee Gees did not appear in that episode.