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  1. Carl Johnson

    South Park: Season Fifteen

    You wrote a 42 page episode? Wow. If you can dedicate yourself to writing it then it's worth my time to read it. Will get to it within the next few days.
  2. Carl Johnson

    Starting from Scratch

    I'm using an Emac running 10.3. Over the past year the computer has been getting progressively slower. I ran some system utility programs which suggested that all of the hardware was working properly so I decided to take on the pain in the behind process of backing up all of my files and...
  3. Carl Johnson

    Error message when networking a Mac with a PC

    I'm having a problem using my network to transfer files between a Mac and a PC. I've managed to set up a folder on the desktop of the PC that shows up in the network menu of the Mac, and I have no problem transferring from the PC to the Mac. On the other hand when I try to transfer files from...
  4. Carl Johnson

    Windows XP question

    This afternoon I'll be troubleshooting my computer illiterate brother's computer. When using XP where can I find a list of the programs that automatically start running on startup, and will I be able to remove programs from that list? Thanks
  5. Carl Johnson

    Seeking job advice, railroad freight conductor?

    CSX railroad is about to offer me the position of freight conductor. My search for a job was spurred by the fact that my current employer, a local military defense contractor, has been laying people off and our director of operations has been dropping hints that the entire facility may be...
  6. Carl Johnson

    Networking a Mac and a PC

    Now that I've got my Mac up and running if it's possible I would like to set up a network that would let me access the files on the PC with the Mac. I was sitting here dreading the thought of burning the 80gb worth of files that are on my old computer to CD Roms and figure there has to be an...
  7. Carl Johnson

    Minor problem with my new used Mac

    On a few of the websites that I've visited my Mac refuses to acknowledge my clicking on a certain link. When I tried to leave a comment on a friend's blog, use the click here to see the messages that have been posted in response to you since your last visit link on another site, and leave a...
  8. Carl Johnson

    I'm getting a Mac

    After spending a while debating whether the operating system on my new computer should be XP or Vista I've decided to go way out in left field and get a Mac mini. The last time I used an Apple computer was playing Oregon Trail in jr high so my information is a bit out of date. My top priority is...
  9. Carl Johnson

    Thinking about forming a corporation

    I bought liens on a few pieces of property at a local tax sale. It will be about a year before the lien comes due and I can petition the court to have the properties transfered to my name but between now and then I was thinking that it would be a good idea for me to form a corporation of some...
  10. Carl Johnson

    Should I hold out for Vista?

    My five year old computer that's running Windows ME is dying a slow painful death. Thanks to advice that I've received here at HTF I've decided to select my new system from Dell's refurbished pile. After price important factors on which system to buy are RAM (at least one GB preferably two)...
  11. Carl Johnson

    Seeking advice for my build to order PC

    I'm debating what features to include in the build to order PC that I'm going to order from tigerdirect.com. I know enough these components to make a decision on my own. processor Intel Pentium D Processor 945 3.4GHz Dual Core memory 1GB DDR400 PC3200 Memory (1GB x 1) hard drive 320GB...
  12. Carl Johnson

    How popular is your last name?

    This is quite possibly the most addictive PG rated site that I've happened upon over the past decade. Just type in a last name in the blank and it will tell where it ranks in popularity. I came in second place :) http://www.pbs.org/cgi-registry/pov/...t?name=johnson
  13. Carl Johnson

    Starting from scratch

    My employer is about to auction off some surplus computer hardware. The catch is that that the hard drives will be wiped of any and all software. What would I have to buy to get one of these systems up and running? While pricing new copies of Windows XP they all seem to have a disclaimer stating...
  14. Carl Johnson

    Disappointed with Fry's

    Yesterday I was in Fishers Indiana with some time to kill so I stopped by Fry's Electronics. The visit was disappointing. While there was lots of nice equipment in the store the presentation was as bad as I've ever seen. I've been thinking about upgrading the sound system in my truck so the...
  15. Carl Johnson

    Seeking an odds calculator for Texas Hold em

    I'm trying to expand my poker knowledge base before my friend from work throws his next poker party. I've played hold em online a thousand times and a couple of times more with real cards. I want to have the ability to approximate the odds of winning a hand based on the number of players at the...
  16. Carl Johnson

    Beware, that new flat screen TV might be an oven door.

    Ignore the calendar, this is not an April's Fool. A rash of oven-door thefts may be linked to a recent case in which a woman bought what she thought was a flat-screen television, only to discover that the package held an old oven door, police said. :D...
  17. Carl Johnson

    Check Fraud

    I have in my possession what most likely is a counterfeit money order. Someone responded to my rental listing by claiming to be in Europe but from Saudi Arabia. He's going to be staying in my town and would like to rent my house sight unseen. The deal was his dad would send me a money order to...
  18. Carl Johnson

    'intellivision lives' compilation for Xbox, PS2

    About a month ago I was in some random video game store checking out the coming soon list and happened upon the coolest thing ever, intellivision lives. I've been salivating at the thought of getting my hands on 60 classic games for the bargain price of $20. The release date has come and gone...
  19. Carl Johnson

    CPU locks up loading Yahoo Games

    For a couple of weeks now every time I try to load Yahoo Games the CPU locks up on me and I have to manually hold in the power button to restart. I've played plenty of games without having a problem but something has changed. I ran my anti viral program and came up with nothing. My second guess...
  20. Carl Johnson

    Website creation software

    I bought a domain name and while I'm supposed to use FTP to create the site I can't make heads or tails of it. Can anybody suggest a program that I can download or buy to simplify the process?
  21. Carl Johnson

    Building an FTP homepage from scratch

    My cable internet connection gives me the option of building an FTP homepage for free but I'm not sure where to start. When I downloaded the necessary tool it opens up with two vertical columns one says Local File System which shows the contents of my hard drive and the other says No Host. I...
  22. Carl Johnson

    food labels and liquor

    Does anybody know why liquor isn't labeled with nutrition facts like everything else in the grocery store? I've been cutting calories and the only way I was able to find out how many calories were in a can of beer was online and even then I had to break out a calculator(49 calories in...
  23. Carl Johnson

    Change my name outlook express

    This feels like a silly question but I can't figure out how to change my name as it shows up in the from column. When I first signed up I used a nickname and I've been told that at first glance it looks like spam and I can't figure out how to change it. thx
  24. Carl Johnson

    Miles of Boredom tour stop one.... Prisoner of War

    A couple of weeks ago RayKk started the Miles of Boredom tour. He claimed that Prisoner of War (XBox) was so bad that he would ship it to anyone who was willing to post a review and keep the chain alive by paying to ship it to the next in line. The graphics are uninspiring, at best they would...
  25. Carl Johnson

    Jackson 5 Pop Up Video

    I'm having this flashback of a Jackson 5 video that featured whips, chains, and a man in a gimp costume. Does anybody remember the title to that song?
  26. Carl Johnson

    Rooftop TV antenna hookup

    I just moved into my first house (happy happy joy joy) and it came with this attic TV antenna connected thru these four pronged circular jacks (::) that are in every room. At Radio Shack they didn't have anything that would connect directly to the jack so I got a $2 converter which has two...
  27. Carl Johnson

    30 most recent posts

    The 30 most recent posts link is gone, if possible it would be nice to have it back..... thx
  28. Carl Johnson


    My computer, an HP Pavillion with an Athalon processor and 128mb of ram must be rebooted several times a day because the system resources get so clogged that it crashes. Sometimes I get the following message after which the thing freezes up and I have to push the power button to get it restarted.
  29. Carl Johnson

    HK receiver probs

    I'm starting to have problems with my 3+ year old HK avr-75. I use stereo mode while watching TV or listening to music. About a week ago I started hearing static and popping sounds and then stereo mode just stopped working. All of the wiring seems to be as it should but no more stereo. I...