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  1. Ari

    Onkyo 705 or 706?

    It's time for me to upgrade my receiver and I've narrowed it down to either the Onkyo 705 or 706. Differences of the two are as follows: Onkyo 705: 3 DSP chips Audyssey MultiEQ XT 3 HDMI inputs 720p upconversion $450 Onkyo 706: 2 DSP chips Audyssey MultiEQ 4 HDMI inputs 1080p...
  2. Ari

    New receiver or a sub??

    I'm in the process of updating the HT which has remained untouched for the past almost six years. I've gotten a new Panasonic 58" plasma and two new DVD players: a Panny BluRay and an Oppo. The rest of the system has remained the same. I've got a DD/DTS HK receiver, Audio Refinement 3-channel...
  3. Ari

    Upconversion: Panny BD35 vs. Oppo 980

    I'm in the process of updating the HT and got myself an Oppo 980 to play my SD discs and was waiting for the price of a Panny 58" plasma to drop. I checked Amazon and saw it going for a good price and $300 off if I got a Panny BD35 to go with it. I jumped on the deal and now have two players...
  4. Ari

    Out of HT for ages & need a new DVD player

    I set up my HT around 5 years ago and forgot about it while raising two kids. Now my DVD player is dead and I need to replace it and I see BluRay HDMI and whatnot and am confused. My current setup consists of a Toshiba 57HDX82 RPTV that does 720p and only has composite, S-video, component and...
  5. Ari

    Extending WiFi range

    I currently have a broadband/wifi setup at home. I'd like to extend the signal over to a guest house at the other end of my property (around 200 yards away). What would be the best way to do this?? Hi-gain outdoor antennas at both the main house and at the guest house?? A bunch of bridges?? Any...
  6. Ari

    Beach wedding slideshow music

    I'm putting together a slideshow for a friend's beach wedding. I'm looking for suggestions that are elegant, stylish and exotic. Any suggestions??
  7. Ari

    Stopping XP from trying to connect

    I used to have a wired ethernet connection going to my PC running XP Pro. I had to move things around so I now use a wireless USB adaptor instead. One annoyance is that XP keeps on thinking I don't have an internet connection and the dialer keeps on popping up when I'm surfing (I use...
  8. Ari

    Networking help

    I'm trying to get file sharing to work between my desktop PC (wired ethernet) and iBook (wireless). I've managed to build myself a pretty convoluted network and no one from tech support of the different products that I'm using can seem to figure out a solution. I'm on DSL and my DSL modem is...
  9. Ari

    Seoul: itineraries & hotels

    I'm looking to visit Seoul for 3-4 days in early May. I'll be travelling with my wife and son (16 mos. by then) and are looking for suggestions on where to go for sightseeing, shopping, eating, etc. I'm also looking for hotel suggestions. After looking at hotels.com/expendia it's a lot more...
  10. Ari

    Criterion recommendations

    It's been a long while since I was on acquisition mode for Criterion titles (got married, bought a house, new baby, new business, etc.). I'm looking to get updated on Criterion releases that I missed and am looking for recommendations. I'm not a Criterion "fan" per se...there are certainly some...
  11. Ari

    Korea in April/May

    The family will be doing a trip in late April/early May (I know it's early--but that's how I plan trips) and we have Korea as a stopover so I thought of spending around four days there. I'll be travelling with my wife and our kid who'll be 16 months old by then. None of us have ever been...
  12. Ari

    Travel destinations w/ toddler

    The family will be going on vacation towards the end of April 2006....I know it's a long time away but I tend to plan stuff early....this will be the first time we'll be travelling with our baby and we're looking for some destination suggestions. The baby will be around 16 months old by then...
  13. Ari

    Grand Canyon on Christmas Day?

    Some friends of mine are planning a day trip to the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas on Christmas Day. It's a group of four adults and four kids. What would be the best way for them to get to and from the Grand Canyon and how should they go about touring it?? Would it be a better idea to rent a van...
  14. Ari

    Networking a Mac and PC

    I purchased my first Mac recently, a 12" iBook. My desktop is currently running on XP Pro and I've got it hooked up via ethernet to a Linksys wireless router. I have no problem getting the iBook (wireless) and my PC (ethernet) to share an internet connection. However, I'm having trouble getting...
  15. Ari

    Temporary housing in CT

    I'm going to be needing temporary housing from September till January in Connecticut. It needs to be a 2-bedroom as close as possible to Norwalk. Towns like Stamford, Wilton, Ridgefield and Westport are fine as well. The cheapest rate I could find is something like $2400/month in Ridgefield...
  16. Ari

    Phantom emails - virus?

    I run what I consider a tight ship, computer-wise. I have the latest Windows updates and I run AVG, also with the latest updates. However, for the last two days one of the Yahoo groups that I belong to have been receiving emails from my account. I know I didn't send those emails out so I'm...
  17. Ari

    Baby monitors

    My wife and I are having our first baby soon and are starting to outfit the baby's room. One of the things we're sorting out right now is a baby monitor. I'd like to be able to send audio and video to both a TV and the PC. I like the TV option for home monitoring and the PC option for when...
  18. Ari

    Ghost problems

    I recently installed Ghost 2003 on my PC and am having trouble "Ghosting" my computer to my external USB hard drive. Everything is fine during the Windows portion of the backup and when it reboots it recognizes the external HD. When it gets to the Ghost DOS interface however, it just freezes...
  19. Ari

    Reinstalling XP: pointers please!

    Due to a partitioning problem, I'm going to format and reinstall XP Pro. I'm going to backup my documents, outlook mailboxes, downloaded programs, favorites and desktop. Any other things that I overlooked?? Any other tips??
  20. Ari

    Disk management help!

    I set up my XP Pro machine around a year ago without much thought on disk management/partitions. It's currently set up this way: 80GB HD partitioned as: 10GB System (C) 10GB Programs (D) 55GB Files (E) NTFS, Dynamic, Simple XP indicates that my system disk (C) only has 1% free space...
  21. Ari

    Tools for XP

    I was downloading and trying out various programs today and in the process really messed up XP. My computer got really unstable and would not go beyond the logon screen in XP. I gave it a few tries and finally was able to go to System Restore and I was able to roll back to my previous settings...
  22. Ari

    Unable to delete folders

    I'm in the process of rearranging my My Documents folder and need to move/add/delete certain folders. There are a few folders in My Pictures that I am unable to delete. There's a popup that says: "Cannot delete xxxxx: It is being used by another person or program. Close any programs that might...
  23. Ari

    Nova Scotia, PEI & New Brunswick travel advice

    My wife and I have around five or six days vacation in early April and we were thinking of going to Nova Scotia, PEI and New Brunswick. I realize that's quite a lot of area to cover so I was hoping to get some concrete advice with regards to a suggested itinerary. Must-dos, must-sees...
  24. Ari

    Air mattresses

    Can anyone recommend an online source for air mattresses?? What brands do you recommend?? I keep on seeing Coleman, Sevylor, Serta and Intex but have no idea what's a good buy (Aerobed is too expensive).
  25. Ari

    Slow image loading in XP

    I just put together an XP Pro machine and images take so long to load!! When I click on My Pictures, it takes several minutes for the images to load, even if it's just thumbnails or icons. The images are downloaded from my 4MP digital camera and are in .jpg format. Here is what I have in my...
  26. Ari

    Granite for flexy?

    I'm starting to draw up plans for my fourth flexy. The first three were typical MDF or plywood racks which I thought were a pain to paint and finish. For my next rack, I'm thinking of using slabs of marble or granite. Is there any reason not to use it? I have quite a bit of leftover granite...
  27. Ari

    Subwoofer location problem

    Due to WAF, I am forced to locate my subwoofer against the rear wall of the room right behind the main seating area. My wife has said that this is the ONLY acceptable location for the sub. It looks perfectly fine where it is but my problem is how to run the wire from the receiver (front of the...
  28. Ari

    Receiver's "sound": from amp or pre/pro?

    I'm going to be buying an HK receiver whose sound I just love. However, I will be hooking up a three-channel amp for the fronts and center. I was wondering if I'll be in danger of losing the HK sound that I love with the use of external amplification... Is a receiver's sound quality dependent...
  29. Ari

    A week in London

    I will be spending a week in London in March/April as part of my honeymoon. It's been 8 years since I've last been there so I only have a vague memory of the place... I need suggestions on good restaurants to check out and day trips to make. Any other recommendations on things to do and...
  30. Ari

    In-ceiling speakers: Help me pick!

    I'm in the process of looking for in-ceiling speakers to do surround duty for my new house. The HT is in an open area and the wife will NOT approve of anything but in-ceilings. My current choices are the following: NHT CS6.1 (or CS6.3) ~$200 ($350 for the 6.3) (86.5dB) Polk RC60i ~$180...