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  1. Mark C.

    Sony SCD-C222ES owners..a few questions

    I'm curious, since I've never seen one of these units up close, how does the changer work when you set it to random and have a mixture of Redbook CDs and hybrid CDs in the tray? Does it play only Redbook? Do you have to manually push a button and tell the player you want to listen to a certain...
  2. Mark C.

    Yamaha S2300 is great, but it's going back

    I purchased Yamaha's universal SACD/DVD-A DVD player a few weeks ago just to see what all the shouting was about. I got a pretty good deal on it--$750 as a demo and closeout (the dealer, Magnolia HiFi, will no longer sell Yamaha because it's competing against its parent, Best Buy). I have...
  3. Mark C.

    FS: Rotel 976 pre/pro and CAL CD player

    I just brought home the Rotel RSP-1066 to add to my HT, so it's time to move some high-quality gear out. I've owned the Rotel RSP-976 pre/pro for a year and a half. Great 5.1 unit, with imputs for DVD-A. Has composite, s-video and component switching along with Dolby Surround, DD and DTS...
  4. Mark C.

    Earthquake: Caution, watch for falling objects!

    I'm not sure where to post this, so I guess I'll try here. We had a good-sized quake last night, 5.2 on the Richter. We live very close to the epicenter, and our house shook violently, but only for a brief time. Apart from pictures and vases falling, we came out OK; just a lot of jangled...
  5. Mark C.

    Helping a friend; First-time HT

    Quick run-down: A friend of mine just moved into his retirement home. He wants a home theater, but his idea of home theater is a 10-year-old JVC surround receiver with a Bose system. Since he just purchased a 40-inch Sony Wega, he's now considering new speakers and a receiver. Problem is...
  6. Mark C.

    Michael: No widescreen?

    I know, it's a Travolta movie, but it's probably the only Travolta movie I like. And my wife loves it. But there doesn't seem to be any widescreen versions out there. Any word whether there will be a reissue of this movie in widescreen?
  7. Mark C.

    I don't know how she did it, but....

    Somehow, my wife managed to reset my Rotel RSP-976 processor to factory default settings just as I got home from work tonight. "You're going to hate me,'' she said. She was just trying to switch modes from stereo to Dolby surround. "It's your fault,'' she assured me. "You never showed me how to...
  8. Mark C.

    DishNetwork looks great, but only mono audio

    I had Dish installed today, and I must say the picture looks much better than my old analog cable. The audio, however, is another story. I'm only getting a mono track (through my center channel). The installer was, of course, of no help in re-setting my system. The first thing I did after he...
  9. Mark C.

    What do you think of my gear?

    OK, it's taken me nearly three years, but I think I have created a primitive web site with photos of both my HT and my 2-channel setup. My HT is weird because I have no place to put the TV except in a corner, creating a sort-of "V'' layout in relation to the main R/L speakers. Prime viewing...
  10. Mark C.

    Rotel pre/pro: is this a good deal?

    I have the opportunity to purchase from an authorized Rotel dealer the RSP-976, a demo unit, for $800 plus some shipping. This pre/pro lists for $1,200. Is this a good deal? Thanks in advance.
  11. Mark C.

    Marantz DVD players

    Excuse this post, but the search function isn't working and I need some feedback. I don't read too much about Marantz DVD players on this site, but I'm considering a buy. The unit I'm looking at is the DV-7010. I don't have an HDTV-ready set, so progressive players don't interest me at this time...
  12. Mark C.

    External amplification: I'm convinced

    I thought I'd do a test this weekend, adding an external 5-channel amplifier to my HT setup. I was curious whether I would truly hear a difference. BOY OH BOY! OH BOY! I heard a difference. My current setup: Nakamichi AV-10 DD DTS, 100W x5 and 120W x 2 (I've had it more than two years now and...