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  1. matthew_rm

    Help, Onkyo 805 DolbyHD and DTS HD

    Im new to the high def world, and need some help. I upgraded my old Denon 2802 to an Onkyo 805 for the new surround formats. (And better everything I own a sharp blu-ray disk player. I hooked it up via HDMI. I put in a disk, and select the DolbyTrueHD or DTS HD track in the menu, and press play...
  2. matthew_rm

    Confusing HD sound formats

    Hello all, So years ago, in Jr.high I decided I loved home theater. I started building my system which I own today. Back then it was very easy to understand formats and connections. Here is my system, and Ill ask my question(s) Denon 2802 Klipsch Ref3II mains, (soon to be RF7's) KLFC7...
  3. matthew_rm

    Cut-off on Denon 2802?

    I have a Denon 2802, and while looking at the menu, I noticed that my main towers are "cut off at 80HZ." I also checked too make sure my main speakers were set to large. I can set my .1 too either LFE or LFE+Main. I do not know if the LFE option only effects movies or not, but it makes no change...
  4. matthew_rm

    2 lasers?

    I have a Sony NS300D DVD player. It has "one laser." One for CD's and the same one for movies. (So I'm told) It seemed to me that when I was buying my DVD player, the higher priced player had 2 lasers. One for DVD, one for CD. Is this how it works? That's why CD's sound SO harsh? Would a...
  5. matthew_rm

    New Mirage speakers are great

    Has anyone heard the new Mirage speakers yet? They are the Mirage Omnisat speakers, but towers and bookshelves instead of the sat's. I can't find any information on the Mirage site, but they are very cool. The towers only cost $1200CDN!! They sound very big. It is very diffrent from my Klipsch...
  6. matthew_rm

    Car audio on the cheep

    I want to put a sub woofer (1 or 2) in the back of my 87 civic 3 door. I can get JL audio, or phoenix gold. My HU is a Panasonic402, and I am using the deck to power the 3 1/2 inch "speakers" in the doors. I can get 2 phoenixgold "tantrum?" 10 inch drivers for $210 CDN. For the sub(s), I...
  7. matthew_rm

    Car audio questions

    I should post this someplace else, like the "Car audio forum," but the people at HTF seem nicer, and smarter;) I drive an 87 Honda civic. I bought a Panasonic head unit (the 402) and will install it in no more then 2 weeks. The front speakers are Factory 3 1/4 two way's. I'm thinking of...
  8. matthew_rm

    Sinclair audio

    Has anyone heard the new "Sinclair audio" out of Canada?? New, but for how cheep it is I think it looks pretty good. I am mostly asking about their only 10 inch sub. Heard it once. Sounded pretty good for $420!
  9. matthew_rm

    My old car

    Can I put premium fule in my 87 civic? (The car is getting slower, needs an oil change) I also want to put fule injector cleaner in. Should I just get an oil change? Will fule make a diffrence in THAT kind of a car?:) I will do an oil change in the next couple of day's. Thanks for any help.
  10. matthew_rm

    New to DIY

    Well, I need to know what kind of tools I will need to build a simple sub. It's going to be a box, and I want it to have a nice finish. Really, all I need is a tool to make a ROUND hole. I am going to learn how to mount the drivers layer. I will be asking more on the BB when I have the right...
  11. matthew_rm

    Denon 2802

    I have a few questions about my Denon 2802. 1. Why is it that when playing a CD on my Sony DVPNS300D DVD player, and change from optical to RCA, they sound the same. (I know, cheep player) 2. What DAC's are in the Denon 2802? 3. Should I buy a player like the Denon 5 disk changer which I...
  12. matthew_rm

    Should I buy an Amp for 2802?

    I own a Denon 2802 and am looking into getting a parasound Halo amp for my Klipsch RF3II's. Does anyone think that this is a good idea? Will I notice a diffrence? I read here on HTF and a member said the amp was TOO warm. If that's true I think it would be a great match for the Klipsch. -Is...
  13. matthew_rm


    Im 16, live with my parents and have a klipsch ref/denon HT in a small bedroom. I need a place to sit, that isn't the floor, or crappy bed. I can get: 1. A leather chair I "love" for my self and make friends and family sit on floor or cheep chairs. 2. A loveseat or couch I "like" for the...
  14. matthew_rm

    What is PCM?

    On my Denon 2802 and Sony DVD, I see PCM. WHat is it, and how/why should I play/use it? Thanks for any help!:b
  15. matthew_rm

    How much would you pay for Klipsch?

    I went to my Klipsch dealer today and asked about the RSW10 and RC3. (I have RF3's) RSW10-$1700.00 CDN RC3-$530.00 CDN Im going to edmonton next week. Do you guys think I can get a better price for the RC3? (I dont want the RSW10 now, just asking about the $$$) Thanks!:D
  16. matthew_rm

    The BEST CD player

    I know many talked about players on this BB play everything. DVD, SACD, DVD-A, ect. But I would like to know what the best player for around $700 CDN is to play CD's. If it will pplay SACD, DVD-A or what, doesn't matter. Just I really need a nice warm CD player;) -gear Denon 2802 Klipsch...
  17. matthew_rm

    Best under $900CDN player

    I have a Denon 2802, and Klipsch RF3's. I love the combo, but I have a Sony DVPNS300. Low end. I want a good DVD player, OR a good CD player. For under$900 CDN, what is THE best player I can get. I care the most about CD's. Picture on the sony is fine with my RCA. When I upgrade the TV (If...
  18. matthew_rm

    I bi-wired my Klipsch

    I do not really notice a big diffrence. It's diffrent, but thats most likely because I moved stuff getting behind the RF3's. I have a Denon2802. Should I run the wires into Speaker A and B? (Right now they are in Speaker A on the amp) Is that bi-amping? Thanks for any help:)
  19. matthew_rm

    Klipsch RSW10

    I need a sub, but I have a small room. There are many subs that would "fit" in my room, but from the ones I can here they sound like sh*t.:angry: Has anyone heard the Klipsch RSW10? I have RF3's, so need a loud sub. I will take quality over quality any day. What about a carver nightshadow...
  20. matthew_rm

    Paradigm Servo-15?

    I need to put a sub in my small bedroom to keep up with my Klipsch RF3's. I like very deep, loud bass, but I like it to sound VERY good as well. How much does a Servo 15 retail in CDN dollers? Also, how much did you pay for yours? Thanks for any replies;)
  21. matthew_rm

    New DVD/CD player

    -my bedroom system I now have a Denon 2802 (love it) and Klispch RF3 II's. I also own a Sony NS300 DVD player. (Sony rears) I do not have a high end TV. I want a new player for DVD's and CD's and anything else it will play. Music is the biggest reason for this. I want better. Warmer...
  22. matthew_rm

    "nos" Octane Booster?

    For $24.99 at Canadian Tire, you can buy something called Octane Boost. What is it? How do you use it? Is it good for your car? What does it do? It says it can increase "octane effect" by as much of 7 points. Thanks for replies!:D
  23. matthew_rm


    Does Dahlquist make good speakers? I don't want any, but they have a 10 inch 400watt class D sub for $598. The, "QX125" Has anyone heard it? Would one or two of these keep up with my Klipsch Ref??:D
  24. matthew_rm

    Denon 5600

    Im a high school student with out lots of money. I bought a used Denon 5600. I need to know if I should keep it. I don't have it in my home yet. --- How will it compair to the HK520, or Denon 2802? I know it has only 5.1 DD and DTS, but that's fine. (It's for the Bedroom.) How will it...
  25. matthew_rm

    Technics is gone, so..

    I'm not a technics fan. I heard the Technics 1050 on Klipsch RF3's, and that turned me off. However, I have allways wondered whay the gold and silver ones sounded like. hey look so nice, and have good specs on paper. What does anybody think of those? Will Panasonic have recievers that will...
  26. matthew_rm

    Denon Colors

    At the store, I found the Denon's were ugly. A gold-brown color. (I know there's a name) I'm on the site right now and the pic of the 2802 it black. Looks nice;) So do they come in other colors?
  27. matthew_rm

    Yamaha prices.

    Why doesn't the Yamaha site not have prices? Which of their reciever will be in the same catagory as the Onkyo 700, and Denon 2802? Also, how much did you canadains pay for it.-Is there any good sites for CDN people to buy recievers? Thanks
  28. matthew_rm

    More reciever questions

    I'm picking a reciever to go with my Klispch RF3's. I can't decide between Denon 1802, Onkyo 600, and H/K 320. What would you buy? I would like DPl2, and DTS Neo:6. I don't know much about them, but they look cool. I also want it to sound good in 2ch. I would like clean, dynamic sound. (good...
  29. matthew_rm

    For you smartie-pants people

    I need something clever to say. I know what I want to say, but I dont know enough words in my head to say it.(weird) 1. I know a girl who keeps calling me a hipocryt. (chilish) She says she's not, but I know she is. She is also a little crazy. She acts like we are friends, but she hates...
  30. matthew_rm


    Anybody know when this new reciever will be out? What will it have over the current/old 320?? I noticed the new 225 has the same "number of watts" as the 320, but less rated current. Mabey the 325 will have higher rated "watts.";)