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  1. RogerB

    Potential Moulin Rouge DTS Problem

  2. RogerB

    Potential Moulin Rouge DTS Problem

    603 days since Peter acknowledged this thread and still no response.
  3. RogerB

    DIY Film Reel table - pics and directions!

    Great job, Tim. I've been putting this off but thanks to your directions, I think I'm ready to give it a shot.
  4. RogerB

    Cool Album Covers

    Koo Koo
  5. RogerB

    Potential Moulin Rouge DTS Problem

    I have a JVC XV D723GD DVD player, a Denon 3801 receiver and a defective Moulin Rouge disc.
  6. RogerB

    Potential Moulin Rouge DTS Problem

    456 days since Peter asked for examples of this problem.
  7. RogerB

    Any Kurzweil Owners Out There?

    Just two years after letting me build my dream home theater, my wife let me buy a Kurzweil Mark 12i digital piano. We drove up to Chicago to pick it up this past weekend. It sounds awesome. It makes me sound better than I am. I'm finding that a lot of the MIDI files on the Internet (the free...
  8. RogerB

    I pride my self-control but...LONG

    "Remember not only to say the right thing in the right place, but far more difficult still, to leave unsaid the wrong thing at the tempting moment." - Benjamin Franklin
  9. RogerB

    Just a couple of off-the-wall questions

    Brian, Finally! Someone who makes sense. Danny, That was my point. Corporations pay their taxes and stay out of jail.
  10. RogerB

    Just a couple of off-the-wall questions

    The answer to #1 is YES. 5.3 million corporate tax returns were filed in 1998 and the IRS collected $213 billion in corporate taxes. Q: Who sent the IRS $213 billion? A: Corporations
  11. RogerB

    Funny Video Clip

    I think the action of her body is that of an elderly woman being jerked off her feet by a huge dog.
  12. RogerB

    $1000 watch-help me choose

    I bought a watch like this Ebay - Gucci Watch about a year ago on Ebay. It retails for $695. You can find it online for about $400 (if you trust them). I paid about $200. It was brand new. I like a good bargain.
  13. RogerB

    Name this movie....

    Thanks for the ideas, guys. I'll have to go through these with my wife. Scott, thanks for the clarification on the Herbie movie. It does help to know the correct year! Not sure why she wants to know other than she has remembered it all this time. She absolutely HATES horror movies now.
  14. RogerB

    Name this movie....

    It wasn't Carrie or Jennifer. The only other thing she can remember is that they went to the theater to see Herbie the Love Bug (1982) and snuck in to see this instead....but she's not positive about this.
  15. RogerB

    Name this movie....

    Need help finding a movie title. My wife remembers seeing this movie in the early 80's. She would have been in her early teens. There was a woman having dreams/visions of a red room (the room and everything in it was red) and being chased. At the end she was running and jumped over a guy she...
  16. RogerB

    Anyone ever take Paxil or other drug?

    Your doc might prescribe Xanax for infrequent anxiety. From psyweb.com: Used primarily for short-term relief of mild to moderate anxiety and nervous tension. Alprazolam is also effective in the treatment of activity depression or panic attacks. It can be useful in treating irritable bowel...
  17. RogerB

    9/30/02 - CSI Miami Question

    Thanks! I definitely like the Las Vegas crew much better. But it is a cool show and it is in HD so.....
  18. RogerB

    9/30/02 - CSI Miami Question

    I missed the last 15 minutes! Can someone please tell me how it ended? THanks!
  19. RogerB

    Fear Factor 9/30/02

    Missed it. I would've had to change the channel anyway....I can't watch most of the eating stunts.
  20. RogerB

    I think I'm falling in love...

    Yeah!!! Like home theater, you can never stop working on a marriage.
  21. RogerB

    Potential Moulin Rouge DTS Problem

    274 days since FOX requested details on this problem and still no reply. TWO HUNDRED AND SEVENTY FOUR ! ! ! !
  22. RogerB

    Warren Zevon diagnosed with terminal lung cancer

    My brother died of inoperable lung cancer three years ago following an 8 year battle. He was a smoker and a fireman. The constant chemo treatments took a tremendous toll on his body. In the end he told his wife he was tired of fighting and three days later he died. I pray that Warren doesn't...