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  1. Chad Ferguson

    Looking for some not so Hot Wings recipes

    Maybe its been the hockey games but I'm on a chicken wing craze!!! Lately I have been making wings with a bottle of Franks buffalo sauce and just dump the whole bottle in and cook them for 2 hours at 350 and then broil just to give a slight crunch. Now the chicken falls right off the bone...
  2. Chad Ferguson

    Can anyone name this character?

    I found this at a garage sale and i was curious if anyone knew who this character was?
  3. Chad Ferguson

    Can a Steam Vacuum replace a regular vacuum

    I was lookliong at buying a steam vacuum cause my old vacuum recently died. «i was looking at this hoover one. http://www.epinions.com/reviews/pr-Hoover_F5912-900_Steam_Cleaner Jusat curious if this is acceptable. «Also is there any risks involving constant use of steam cleaning...
  4. Chad Ferguson

    Hot Wings recipe

    I was hoping that someone here has a super hot wing recipe. My girlfriend and her brother have yet to reach their limits for something hot so I wanted to cook something most likely in the form of wings that really makes them sweat!! Does anyone have any recipes they know are tried and tested for...
  5. Chad Ferguson

    Upcoming film strike?

    So I work in the film business as a grip but I'm trying to understand who is striking and what are the odds or it happening or getting resolved. Can anyone enlighten me on the topic at all? Thanks
  6. Chad Ferguson

    Cribbage Question

    Just curious we are having a fight here about a Crib rule. If the last card played equals 31 they get 2 points, if its the last card of the whole round do they get one more point? Thank you
  7. Chad Ferguson

    Razr itunes freezing

    So I just bought this Razr v3i and the second day the itunes part of this freezes. It just shows me a loading screen and uses a lot of the battery. I get this enough from windows I dont need this from my phone. Does anyone know a solution, itunes program cant fix this. Or if someone can lead me...
  8. Chad Ferguson

    Imax movies

    Just curious if there was a list for movies coming out on the Imax this year? I just saw that V for Vendetta and I noticed that Poseidon is coming soon. I really loved the experience and I can't wait for more of them. Thanks
  9. Chad Ferguson

    Moving to Canada?

    I have a friend that lives in Austria and he wants to move into Canada. We both went to Film school together in Vancouver and he had to go back but now he is looking for a way to live and work here legally. While he is an Engineer in Austria he doesn't want to do that for the rest of his life so...
  10. Chad Ferguson

    Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

    Just curious if any news on this release? Loved the movie and I can't wait to see it again.
  11. Chad Ferguson

    Spool of Speaker wire

    Just curious where I can buy online a spool of speaker wire for a decent price? Anything help would be great, thank you.
  12. Chad Ferguson

    Looking for affordable Front Projection set up (newbie)

    So I just recently thought this up and I realized I could easily set up a Front Projection set up in my room. Length wise, wall to wall its 17.5' and Side to side the image could be Height = 103'' and Length = 80'' From my research so far here are my goals. I woudl hang the projector from the...
  13. Chad Ferguson

    CRT-based RPTVs going out of style.

    I went into Future Shop today to buy myself a Toshiba 51 RPTV. He had none in stock and when I asked if they were getting anymore in he said no. So then I asked about the Sony's, and the Hitachi's, all no's. Seems to me that RPTV is not going tobe sold anymore and that DLP, LCD, and Plasma's...
  14. Chad Ferguson

    Souvlaki PItas

    I just recently discovered I have a huge taste for souvlaki Pitas. NOw it just hit me instead of buying I could probably make them! Now my only limitation is I dont have access to a BBQ. Now I take it I need Souvlaki, Tomatos, Onions, and pitas. Now what do you guys use to make Taziki sauce...
  15. Chad Ferguson

    Cowboy Bebop Remixed

    Just curious if anyone has had the chance to purchase this Volume 1 title yet? More importantly compare it to the original and see if its worth the upgrade. I heard rumors of added footage as well but I don't believe that. A 5.1 soundtrack could sound amazing though!! Thanks
  16. Chad Ferguson

    WIdescreen LCD and Anamorhpic video

    I bought a Dell laptop that comes with a great looking 17'' 16:10 aspect ratio monitor. Just curious what player to use to get the movies to be anamorphic cause they just seem to have to much black bars when I view them on it. right now I'm using Windvd. Thanks
  17. Chad Ferguson

    Fistfull of Dynamite

    Just curious if a Region 1 version of this is coming out anytime soon or have I totally missed its release? THanks
  18. Chad Ferguson

    PDA purchasing

    I'm looking at buying a palm pilot or something like that and I just wanted to state what I wanted to do with it and see if you guys can suggest which one to get. Basically the main reason I'm getting it is to organize my days/life. Kind like a notepad for a things to do lists. Also a scheduler...
  19. Chad Ferguson

    Looking for a price on a Denon AVR-3300

    Not sure if this is the right forum but I have a Denon AVR 3300 to sell and I was just curious if anyone had any idea at what I should sell it at? When I bought it a couple of years ago it was over 3 grand but I'm not sure what the price drop is on something like this? 7 Video hook ups like...
  20. Chad Ferguson

    Moving to Montreal

    Coming up soon i'm moving to Montreal from Regina, Saskatchewan. I dont know where to begin here so I'll just ask away I guess. First off, I kinda want to live Downtown, apartment, where is a good place to search? Secondly I'll be looking for work, and my french will not be fleunent when I get...
  21. Chad Ferguson

    Lain box sets?

    I was just recently thinking about buying this series but then I noticed that there is more than one box set out there? Am I best to just go with the signature series box set? Is the series in 4:3 format or widescreen? Any info would be great, even better review of the discs. Thanks
  22. Chad Ferguson

    Perfect Blue

    I was recently thinking about buying this movie but then I thought I heard that a rerelease was in order. A 10th year edition or something like that? Does anyone know? Whats the current release like? Thanks
  23. Chad Ferguson


    I just cancelled my Cell phone cause I had such a cheap phone and the coverage wasn't all that great. I recently looked at the price of pagers and it's very cheap, and so are the plans compared too. Just curious if anyone here still uses them and could tell me if they are a good purchase. I...
  24. Chad Ferguson

    Chappelle's Show Season 2?

    Just curious if any release date has been announced? Thanks
  25. Chad Ferguson

    Water Heater problem

    I just recently moved in to a house and the water heater on last 3-4 minutes for a shower hot water wise. Now, I was just recently told that there is an item you have to replace every year, like a fuse or something. Can anyone give me a hand with this? Thanks
  26. Chad Ferguson

    Black problem

    RIght now I own a Toshiba 51H84C and an LG 7832. I'm using component video and upconverting the signal in the dvd player to 1080i. After switching from my very old dvd player to this I noticed some problems. 1. When I get the player to send out a 480p or 720p signal I notice some red bleeding...
  27. Chad Ferguson

    Ghost in the Shell 2

    Just curious if anyone has bought this title today? Perhaps a review if you could cause I can not find one anywhere. Also, any chance they included english subs?
  28. Chad Ferguson

    Convergence setup

    I'm sorry but I don't seem to understand how it works. I go to do it manually on my Toshiba 51h84c and I have no idea what to do. I select one of the targers, and then I'm it seems to give me the option of colours or something. Could someone please just give me a basic understanding what to do...
  29. Chad Ferguson

    Magic Focus success?

    I just recently bought a 51H84C Toshiba TV and I asked the salesman/personal friend about buying a calibration disc. He states that Toshiba is a head of the game and that the Magic Focus button is pretty dead on and is all I need? Is this true in any shape or form? Thanks
  30. Chad Ferguson

    50ft-100ft Optical cord?

    I'm moving into a new place right away and the set up looks like my computer will be in it's own room. I'm used to having the option of hooking it up to my reciever which is in the main room. For this I need somewhere in 50-100 foot cord. Where can I find this? And quality of cord doesn't mean...